Feb 26, 2018

Feb. 26

2 Timothy 3 Last Days Prayer Needs

Miriam Webster Dictionary not only defines “traitor” as one who commits treason (betraying one’s country; attempting to…overthrow the government) but also “one who betrays another’s trust or is false to an obligation or duty.” This article from Conservative Treehouse/Last Refuge is eye-opening!

Following the Obama program, “Broward County schools intentionally created polices from 2010 through 2016 that culminated in the 2018 mass school shooting in Parkland… Five years ago we warned Broward County Florida school board members this could happen…when you stop arresting students for clear criminal conduct and then lessen the school punishment therein.” Read more at: https://theconservativetreehouse.com/2018/02/19/school-shooting-was-outcome-of-broward-county-school-board-policy-now-local-and-national-politicians-weaponize-kids-for-ideological-intents/

These shenanigans have been occurring in other cities as well. https://web.archive.org/web/20170902084938/http://publicsource.org/these-districts-fought-the-school-to-prison-pipeline-can-pittsburgh-learn-their-lessons/

Orwellian society/Big Brother: Obama spoke at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Conference to discuss his “future plans.” Media has been barred from reporting on his remarks. Dave Hodges of the Common Sense Show reported that there are three stages being employed to take down the US and plunge it into a modern-day version of the Soviet Union: Stifle all conservative speech, take the guns, and take away the dissenters.

NBC’s Chuck Todd called for abolishing the Second Amendment, citing liberal New York Times columnist Bret Stephens (staunch leftist and anti-Trump activist) who argued that having the right to bear arms in the Constitution is unlike any other western democracy (no mention of a Republic, which this country was created to be).

At a Conservative Political Action Conference speech, NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre suggested leftists are too focused on pushing [more] gun control to redirect their energies and fight for school safety. He said, “…It’s a political issue. They care more about control. Their goal is to eliminate the Second Amendment and our firearms freedoms so they can eliminate all individual freedoms.”

NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch said at the CPAC meeting that she wouldn’t have been able to exit the previous night’s town hall meeting without security, where over 5,000 people were in attendance. They cheered the confiscation of firearms, and people rushed the stage screaming “burn her.” She said, “They call Trump a tyrant but say they want him to also confiscate our firearms? Try to figure that one out.”

Project Veritas undercover videos show Twitter employees admitting they “shadow ban” right-leaning accounts, banning them from the platform without letting them know. Olinda Hassan, Policy Manager for Twitter Trust & Safety explains, “We’re trying to ‘down rank’ sh..ty people.” Twitter employee, Pranay Singh, admitted to mostly targeting Republicans.

Wars/rumors of wars: (Isaiah 17). For a week now, missiles have “dropped like rain” in Eastern Ghouta where Damascus was founded. Rescuers said the bombing wouldn’t let up long enough for them to count bodies. Russia claims only military are targeted. A lie. Everything civilians need to survive has been targeted. Several hundred civilians are dead and many others wounded.

Erdogan, Islamist president of Turkey (who wants a revived Ottoman Empire), intends to wipe out Kurds in Turkey and Syria, and is now threatening Greece. “The things we have done so far [pale in comparison to the] even greater attempts and attacks [we are planning for] the coming days, inshallah [Allah willing],” he said. Yet the pope, who also has global designs, warmly welcomed Erdogan for a long visit? Muslim Turks have for centuries persecuted Christian, Yazidi and Jewish inhabitants.

Mohsen Rezaei, secretary of Iran’s Expediency Council, asserted that “If they [Israel] carry out the slightest unwise move against Iran, we will level Tel Aviv to the ground and will not give any opportunity to Netanyahu to flee.” We can assume that the Iranian, Russian and Turkish alliance isn’t aware of the fate that awaits them in Ezekiel 38/39.

In Front Page Mag, Raymond Ibrahim warns that if Mohammad cannot beat the “infidels” on the battlefield, he’ll outbreed them. “Mohammad” is either the most popular or one of the most popular names for boys in the Netherlands, England, and throughout Northwest Europe. He said, “Muslims see their offspring as their contribution to jihad—the “struggle” to make Islam supreme—since more numbers equate more influence & power. The naming of “Mohammad” is a cryptic reminder of whom they want their sons to emulate—the founder of Islam/jihad.”

One-World Government: (Rev.13).Top globalists, Communists and Islamists from around the world gathered for a “World Government Summit.” Big Government, trans-humanism and globalism were claimed as the solution to basically everything. The merger of man and machine to become “cyborgs” was a key theme. George Soros is a huge pusher of Communist global government. He has publicly stated that the [mass-murdering] Communist China regime should “own” the new world order and that it has a “better functioning government” than the US.

Idolatry: The UN is promoting idolatry. First it was re-creation of the Roman triumphal arch that once welcomed travelers to the Temple of Baal. Then it was re-creation of the statue of the goddess Athena (in mythology, at her birth, she sprang from the head of Zeus fully grown and armored). Now the UN is playing a key role in the image of a third pagan god—goddess of sex and extra-marital relations.

Rabbi Assur of Israel’s Sanhedrin warns: “This has always been the goal of idolatry, beginning with Egypt and continuing with attempts of Rome and Greece to spread paganism across the world. Now we are seeing its modern manifestation…The New World Order promotes that everything is one: genders are all the same, there are no borders between nations—they believe everything is one, except God.”

Author Joseph Farrah said, “The question confronting us right now is: Why would the United Nations be involved in resurrecting these occult images and icons of the past [that] represent the false gods of child sacrifice and all kinds of abominations and perversions?”

The “Peace” Plan: The Trump team told the Security Council that their Mideast peace plan will be rolled out “in a short time.” Kushner and Greenblatt said “both sides are going to love some of it and hate some of it.” Could it be that God put Trump in place to not only ward off global government until the time is right, but because he’s good at the “art of the deal?” However, a man from the Revived Roman Empire who honors a strange god will be the one to confirm the (Daniel 9:27) treaty. The rapture would surely cause enough chaos for global government to be instituted and for the “man of sin” to step onto the world stage.

Please keep Pres. Trump and PM Netanyahu in your prayers. Leftists in both countries are fighting treacherously to oust these two leaders, coming up with all kinds of bogus claims.

Extreme weather: This week 30 US states were slammed with extreme weather: snow, ice, flooding, hail and tornadoes. Heavy rain, flooding and tornadoes continued in many states this weekend. Hundreds of people have been evacuated, there have been a number of deaths, and states of emergency were declared. Rivers are still rising and more bad weather is expected to close out February in these places.

Fire danger will increase across the US southern High Plains after extreme drought has already shattered 100-year-old records. Gusty winds will whip across these states into Monday evening in a region mostly starved of meaningful rainfall since the fall of 2017. The weather pattern that produced hundreds of daily record highs and dozens of record highs for February in the Eastern US is likely a once in a 100 or 200-year event and doesn’t mean winter is over.

A Twitter animation from the weather agency shows a menacing, dark blue area of bone-chilling cold air enveloping all of Europe in the days ahead. The easterly wind will bring a significant and persisting wind chill. By the end of this 10 days or longer cold snap, which will be noted for its severity and duration, much of Europe is forecasted to be blanketed in deep snow.

A state of emergency was declared in parts of New Zealand, which received heavy rain and wind gusts up to 93mph from Cyclone Gita. Gita hit the Pacific island nations of Fiji and Tonga last week with winds gusts up to 171mph. Tonga suffered widespread destruction and flooding. Extensive damage also occurred in Samoa and American Samoa.

Volcanoes, Earthquakes in diverse places: 25 volcanoes are currently erupting in the Far East and Central and South America around the “ring of fire.” In the US, there are “strained” magma chamber concerns in Yellowstone with a swarm of 200 small earthquakes in the past two weeks. San Francisco has had over 50 small earthquakes in recent days. In the UK, the 4.4 quake they had is unusual for the region and is the biggest “onshore UK event” in 10 years and biggest in the area since the 5.2 quake in 1906. Southern Mexico was struck by another earthquake on February 19. The 5.9 was less intense than the one three days earlier in the same area, which damaged about 1,000 houses.

Perversion: In the US, a proposal would let students in Delaware as young as 5 choose their own race and gender identity without parental approval. In the UK, the Dept. of Health and Social Care said young people have a right “to determine what happens to their own bodies,” including consenting to “sex-change” drug treatments (that can sterilize them and stunt growth). Their government is considering demanding “trans issues” to be “mandatory” in school curriculums and for children under 18 to be able to “change” their gender without parental consent. “Fast-tracked” sex changes are called for.

Defense Secretary Mattis delivered his private recommendations regarding transgender troops to Pres. Trump. A decision will be announced at a later date. Several federal courts have ruled against Pres. Trump’s transgender military ban, allowing transgenders into the military. The president has said we “must be focused on decisive and overwhelming victory and cannot be burdened with the tremendous medical costs and disruption that transgenders in the military would entail.”

Drugs/Pestilence: An investigative unit surveyed 153 blocks of downtown San Francisco, revealing trash littered across every block, 41 blocks dotted with needles, and 96 blocks littered with piles of feces.

Love of most waxing cold: Liberal lefters are blasting the father of a murdered student at the Florida school because he supports Trump. The Justice Dept. charged 200 people with targeting older Americans, cheating them out of a total of over half a billion dollars.

In an Atlanta, Georgia nursing home, a hidden camera video has surfaced from 2014 (that the patient’s family installed), which shows a decorated World War II veteran calling for help six different times while gasping for air before losing consciousness. Nurses took their time responding and didn’t check Mr. Dempsey’s vital signs or do CPR. As one nurse was having difficulty getting his oxygen tank operational, you could hear nurses laughing. An hour passed before emergency services were called. The facility took 10 months to fire the nurses after seeing the video in which the patient died. The facility is still open despite accumulating over 800 thousand dollars in Medicare fines and having its lowest rating of 1.

A human rights report claims that nursing homes across the US are giving elderly patients anti-psychotic drugs as a form of chemical restraint.

Lawlessness: In Massachusetts, 23-year-old Jeffrey Yao, known to police for breaking into homes and vandalizing, walked into a Winchester public library and stabbed a 22-year-old woman to death. He also stabbed an elderly man. His two Facebook pages show that he “likes” an atheist group and Grand Theft Auto video games. Posts of those who attended high school with Yao described him as hostile, hateful and toxic.

In Mexico, four police officers were arrested in the disappearance of three Italians. They were charged with handing the men over to a criminal gang. In much of Mexico, police are often corrupt and in league with cartels.

“And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a debased mind, to do those things which are not fitting; being filled with all unrighteousness, sexual immorality, wickedness, covetousness, maliciousness; full of envy, murder, strife, deceit, evil-mindedness; they are whisperers, backbiters, haters of God, violent, proud, boasters, inventors of evil things, disobedient to parents, undiscerning, untrustworthy, unloving, unforgiving, unmerciful” (Romans 1:28-31).