Feb 19, 2018

Feb. 19

Much to Pray For This Week

Lawlessness: In Florida, sources say the FBI was notified in September that a YouTube user named Nickolas Cruz was threatening to shoot up a school, but the FBI says they couldn’t identify the YouTube user. Are they too busy with the deep-state agenda to have the time?  He’d been kicked out of three schools, police had been called to his home 36 TIMES, and his social media profile/posts were a huge clue to his mentality.

Students weren’t surprised that this happened. Liberals blame politics, mental illness and gun control, but the problem is the state of society. We didn’t have the mess we’re in now when God was honored in homes, schools and the justice system. Students used to come to school, leaving rifles in their vehicles to go hunting after school; they didn’t carry them in and kill other students. Now millions of babies are aborted; homes lack discipline; schools promote everything ungodly; courts lack justice; there’s no respect for law; violence and perversion are promoted; and churches are in apostasy. The devil has been allowed to take over.

Okay Public Schools in Wagoner County, Oklahoma allow dozens of staff members to carry concealed weapons, and say it has worked to prevent these kinds of tragedies in their schools.

It’s a good thing a mother in Blakely, Georgia had a gun when a sex offender broke into her home with her 12-year-old daughter there. While fending him off, she managed to pull a gun and shoot him. And if that mother in South Carolina had a gun in her purse, she could have at least had a chance to stop the stalker who pushed her and escaped with her little girl. Criminals will get their hands on guns. As we know, Chicago has tough gun laws yet has an extremely high rate of gun violence.

An American flag at a Utah high school was torn down on Thursday and replaced by the flag of ISIS. The words “ISIS is comin” were spray painted on the school’s wall. Investigators believe that someone tried to write “ISIS is coming,” but was forced to flee before finishing.

Hundreds of migrants with iron rods and knives turned Calais, France into a war zone.

Socialist Agenda Creating Lawlessness and Famine: In a mass exodus, thousands of Venezuelans headed for Colombia to escape the hunger and soaring crime in the Socialist country. Millions have already escaped to Columbia and Brazil, which has had to send extra soldiers to their borders at this point to stem the flow. When you vote for socialism, this is how it ends, as “real” history has shown.

 Perversion: An airline employee in California, aptly named Denice Miracle, likely saved two girls (aged 15 and 17) from a sex trafficking plot. They were trying to board a flight to New York with no adult guardians. The first-class tickets were purchased online with a credit card that didn’t match the names the teens provided. Miracle called the authorities, after which the teens admitted the tickets were purchased by a man named “Drey” whom they met on Instagram.

This stranger told them that if they flew to New York for the weekend, he’d pay them $2,000 to model in a music video. Authorities located “Drey” on social media, but after making contact, all of his accounts went dark. When deputies informed the teens that their tickets had no return flights, they became defensive before finally accepting what could have happened. The girls had told their parents they were spending the night at a friend’s home.

The affluent Fairfax, Virginia school district is one of the largest and most leftist in the nation and has long promoted the LGBT agenda, and several years ago began promoting the transgender agenda. Austin Ruse, whose day job is to monitor the UN, attended the sex-education committee meeting of the School Board and called it “a horror show and a Soviet one at that.” The Family Life Education Curriculum Advisory Committee for kindergarten to 12th grade came up with over 80 hours of sex-education, which included “straight-up pornography.”

In the curriculum, “oral sex” is introduced to 12-year-olds, and 13-year-olds are told about “anal sex” 18 separate times in one year’s lessons. One committee member, democrat activist Daniel Press, calls Christians the Taliban and mocks Jesus. Ruse advises parents to opt their kids out of Family Life Education and take over the school board. He said, “Sexual Stalinism…has no place in the education of our children.”

At a Texas middle school, 12-year-old students were given an assignment to rank how comfortable they were in scenarios such as: “Your dentist is HIV positive.” “A friend invites you to a gay bar.” “Your sister invites her new boyfriend home to dinner who is a female-to-male transsexual.”

A teacher at Ferndale High School in Washington State sent a letter to parents informing them that his health class would begin Sex Ed class with several of the lessons taught by a teen council that is an arm of Planned Parenthood. A former member of these baby-parts sellers says they have an abortion quota to meet and sexualizing young children in schools is part of their agenda. They also teach kids about oral and anal sex, promote homosexuality, and tell them there are many genders.

Under California’s Proposition 57, roughly half of the state’s 20,000 sex offenders in prison could qualify for early release.

Apostasy: False Teacher Rob Bell claims “Jesus would be mortified that someone started a religion in his name.” He said, “The Bible has caused so much damage; in many ways, it’s often been an agent of dragging everything backwards.”

Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, which broke from the Southern Baptist Convention, will hire homosexuals for staffing positions. A number of churches affiliate with CBF and SBC. Catholic LGBT supporters and numerous left-leaning Protestant churches in the US and Canada supported the LGBT community by wearing “glitter ash” on their foreheads on Ash Wednesday. Last year over 200 churches and faith groups participated.

Europe is sacrificing to false gods of “political correctness.” The Islamic call to prayer rings loudly in Halle, Germany five times a day from early morning to late at night, where fireworks are also lit to their false god Allah. Stockholm participates in this, and now towns and cities across Sweden will soon do the same, welcomed by bishops who call themselves Christian. The same report notes that in 2015 Eva Brunne, the first openly lesbian bishop, said she wants churches treated more like a public airport with prayer rooms, removing Christian symbols and marking the direction of Mecca.

Christians are leaving churches in Sweden in droves because of the “progressive” agenda; so now the churches have to sell properties to make ends meet. Sweden now holds the title of rape capital of Europe. Swedish researcher Peder Hyllengren says it’s now a hub of international Islamic extremism, and hundreds of Swedish residents have built up a vast network of jihadi contacts.

Conservative Catholics are shocked at Pope Francis’ embracing of China’s totalitarian government, agreeing to replace underground church leaders with state-chosen hacks. A top Vatican official says “those who best realize the social (aka Socialist) doctrine of the church are the Chinese.” That’s “interesting” since China is actively persecuting Christians.

Francis told the Italian newspaper La Repubblica that the U.S. has “a distorted vision of the world” and that Americans must be ruled by a world government as soon as possible “for their own good.” He has, as we know, also called for a one-world “all paths lead to God” religion under the Rome dome of what it calls “the Mother Church” (Revelation 13 and 17).

Francis chose a “priest-poet” to preach at his Lenten retreat who says Jesus didn’t leave any rules or laws to mankind. This priest is an open promoter of the “critical theology” of Teresa Forcades, whom the BBC calls Europe’s most radical nun. She defends legalization of abortion and government recognition of homosexual marriage and adoptions. Fr. José de Mendonça wrote the intro to the Portuguese translation of her “Feminist Theology in History.”

Christian Persecution: In Ohio, government authorities forced a Christian couple to give up legal custody of their daughter when they opposed the girl’s decision to identify as a ‘boy’ and transition to being ‘male.’ She’s in the custody of her grandparents who say they agree with the child’s decision.

In Texas, complaints from atheists, agnostics and “free thinkers” caused McKinney School District to stop its decade-long tradition of holding high school graduation ceremonies at Prestonwood Baptist Church because the church refused to remove the cross from its sanctuary.

Planned Parenthood’s CEO Cecile Richards will be leaving after firing a final shot. In an email to pro-abortion members, she says Christian medical professionals should be forced to perform abortions.

In Nigeria, Islamic gangs stormed through 15 villages, destroying churches and massacring Christians. In the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Islamists have killed over 800 Christians since Oct. 2014.

Traitors and Treachery: Billionaire open-borders activist George Soros demands that the European Union regulate social media, calling it a public menace that has led people to vote for Trump and against globalist causes. In other words, he wants “conservatives” to be silenced.

 The liberal media are now activists rather than journalists. They shape the news to fit their narrative, and they’re determined to remove our duly elected president from office by using every treacherous tactic they can employ.

CNN reporters are publishing propaganda pieces for a country that openly wants to kill every American. They fawned over N. Korean madman Kim Jong Un’s sister as millions in his country starve to death and are tortured in slave labor camps. The propaganda piece reads: “If ‘diplomatic dance’ were an event at the Olympics, Kim Jong Un’s sister would be favored to win gold.” This is yet another ploy to make our president look like the aggressor.

The liberal left in Israel is trying to overthrow the government, just as deep-state traitors are doing in the US. They’re trying to indict PM Netanyahu on bogus corruption charges.

 Nation (Ethic) Against Nation (Ethnic): The artist who painted Obama’s official portrait is known for painting blacks beheading whites.

 Wars and Rumors of Wars; Isaiah 17/Ezekiel 38-39:  Iran held a military parade, unveiling a series of new homemade nuclear-capable missiles. Israeli Defense Forces are reinforcing missile defense systems along its border with Syria due to the extremely tense situation. Syria’s foreign minister says “Israel will see more surprises…” Israel’s Defense Minister said, “There are no limitations…We will respond to every provocation…This is not the time to bark; this is the time to bite.”

Turkish, Russian and Iranian diplomats held a meeting in the run-up to a major get-together in Sochi in the fall. The three soon-to-be invaders of Israel (Ezekiel 38-39) are sending messages that their alliance is in charge of the region. Russia is the leader of the pack.

Earthquakes: In Mexico, A 7.2 earthquake shook buildings from Oaxaca to Mexico City 217 miles (350km) away. A helicopter surveying the damage crashed, causing 14 civilian deaths on the ground and injuring 15 others.

“Remember also your Creator in the days of your youth, before the evil days come and the years draw near of which you will say, ‘I have no pleasure in them’… For God will bring every deed into judgment, with every secret thing, whether good or evil'” (Ecclesiastes 12:1, 14).


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