Mar 5, 2018

Bombogenesis, the Beast from the East, Windmageddon, and More

Extreme weather: All across Europe this week, “The Beast from the East” storm brought blizzards, ice, sub-zero temperatures and strong winds. By the end of the week, Storm Emma combined with this system. Wind gusts were strong enough to topple trees and damage buildings. 55 people lost their lives.

On Monday, five people died in a storm system that stretched from Texas to Canada, spawning tornadoes and floods, and leaving a path of destruction from the Upper Midwest to Appalachia.

At week’s end and into the weekend, the East Coast US experienced the massive Winter Storm Riley, also labeled “bombogenesis” and “the BEAST” with heavy rain and snow in the Northeast. High winds labeled “Windmageddon” reached from Maine to Georgia. There was coastal flooding, millions lost power, and nine people lost their lives. On the West Coast, a major winter storm swept through California, bringing heavy snow, rain and mudslides. Two ski resorts had avalanches, leaving one known dead and two injured. At this writing, searches are still ongoing.

Earthquakes: In Papua, New Guinea, due to remoteness of the location, the extent of the catastrophic devastation from the 7.5 earthquake is just now emerging. Entire villages are flattened or buried.

Famine: The people of Venezuela voted for Socialist Hugo Chavez 11 years ago, and the end results of Marxism/Socialism are in full effect. Political protestors are being imprisoned in the Maduro regime that is transforming the country into a military dictatorship. Prisoners are eating pigeons and rats to survive and they’re being fed raw pasta with feces. Citizens are killing starving zoo animals for food and competing with abandoned dogs to eat from trash cans. Millions are starving and there is a migration exodus of Biblical proportions.

Wars and rumors of wars: Israel’s IDF and US troops will hold a massive, joint air defense exercise this month. Next door in Gaza, a drill was conducted for Hamas and other forces to prepare in case of war with Israel. Satellite images near Damascus show a new, permanent Iranian military base that might house missiles capable of striking Israel, and Iran has a large concentration along Israel’s border. Also, Iran is planning an “Hourglass Festival” in April dedicated to counting down the destruction of Israel.

Muhammad Hussein, so-called grand mufti of Jerusalem, warns of war if the US opens its embassy in Jerusalem, which is scheduled to open May 14, 2018, the 70th anniversary of Israel’s rebirth as a nation.

Besides France, Britain says it will consider joining US military strikes against the Syrian government if there is conclusive evidence that it is using chemical weapons against its own civilians.

Turkey’s President Erdogan held a rally to build support for his military invasion into Syria. He brought a 5-year-old child in a military uniform onto the stage, admonished her for bursting into tears, and proclaimed, “If she is martyred, they will lay a flag on her (casket), inshallah (if Allah wills it).”

China is increasingly becoming a serious threat to the West. Its Communist Party ended term limits for current leader Xi Jinping, paving the way for him to become president for life, a move reminiscent of Mao Zedong’s rule. His murderous reign lasted from 1949 until his death in 1976. We know what history shows about the corrupting influence of too much power by a government or an individual.

Putin said Russia would regard a nuclear attack on its allies as an attack on Russia itself and would immediately respond. Russia claims to have a new, nuclear-powered missile which travels at 20 times the speed of sound, can reach all over the world, and can’t be intercepted by anti-missile systems.

Treachery and the Liberal Agenda: Speaking of Russia’s technological advances, a shocking set of emails shows Clinton collusion to transfer Western technology to Russia. Read details at:

George Soros poured nearly a million dollars into the campaign of a Democrat running for District Attorney in Texas. Governor Abbott said, “Soros is officially messing with Texas…He’ll stop at nothing to make Texas liberal. We must muster the resolve and resources to fight this takeover attempt.” Also, Planned Parenthood will spend over $20 million in an attempt to defeat Republican candidates in the fall’s midterm elections.

Deputy Chairman Keith Ellison of the Democratic National Committee was keynote speaker at the annual fundraiser for the New York chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR)—a Washington-based front for the terrorist group Hamas (“Palestinian” branch of Muslim Brotherhood). The theme was “Empowering Muslims: Defending Our Freedom” (aka plan of taking away freedom of Western nations and the world for the cause of Islam, as commanded in their Qur’an).

Except for Fox News (which presents both sides) all other major TV news operations are liberal, even though the country is considered to be center-right politically. Most of the mainstream news media is in league with the opposition party, the liberal Democrats.

Twitter and YouTube are scrubbing videos and tweets that don’t follow the “official narrative” on the Florida school shooting, besides removing conservative comments on other subjects.

An article from Zero Hedge says “California wants to take citizens’ guns for two reasons: First, it takes power from the citizenry. Liberals love that. Second, gun rights are important to normal Americans because the fact that we maintain arms means we are not mere subjects. We are citizens, with the power to defend our freedom. Liberals hate that…”

California officials seem to care more about illegals than their own citizens. Libby Schaaf, mayor of Oakland (a “sanctuary” city), gave a heads-up to illegals that U.S. Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE) was preparing to arrest illegal immigrants. Schaaf vowed that police are prohibited from cooperating with federal immigration officials. Speaking of California, a study by U.S. News ranks the state last among US states in quality of life. One need not wonder why—on many levels.

United Airlines says it will stop offering a discounted rate to NRA’s annual meeting and asked the NRA to remove its information from the website. Companies that are against the NRA (which has killed zero people) support Planned Parenthood which murders 320,000 unborn babies a year.

“Peace and Safety” Plan: A “Palestinian” report claims to know the contents of the U.S. deal framework as follows: The Trump administration will reveal its peace plan at an upcoming conference in Cairo. The US would recognize an independent “Palestinian” state with Eastern Jerusalem as its capital on condition that the disputed old city is administered by an international custodian. (The old city is home to sites holy to Judaism, Christianity, and claimed to be by Islam, although the word “Jerusalem” appears nowhere in the Qur’an.)

Last days return to Israel: A mega Aliyah Fair is coming to New York City. Three more are planned for March in the US and Canada. The organization hopes to inspire more North American Jews to make Aliyah. Many already have from all over the world, as prophesied in the Bible for the last days.

Surveillance Society: So many devices watch us, listen to us and track us everywhere these days. The latest? A Google Clips camera, placed in a room, will automatically capture random happenings using artificial intelligence and machine learning to guess when it’s best to take a shot.

In a number of UK schools, live footage from improperly configured surveillance cameras is available on a website that hosts content from CCTV cameras throughout the world. It also shows content from hundreds of private homes and businesses.

In the US, there is a mysterious court in an unknown location, fortified with biometric hand scanners, wooden and metal doors and walls reinforced by concrete, where eleven powerful court judges approve wiretaps, data collection and government requests to monitor suspected terrorists, spies… and American citizens. They’re given sweeping power under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA).

Antichrist Global Government coming: António Guterres, Former Socialist Party PM in his native Portugal and now UN Secretary General, has plans for global mass migration in which countries will need to “welcome” foreign migrants. He calls on world governments to get rid of nuclear weapons.

Persecution: South Africa has become a murderous Communist regime. The government voted to seize and redistribute white-owned land without compensation. However, white South Africa has been created by historical forces of over four centuries; they paid for and worked the land. Over 70,000 whites have been murdered in South Africa, and thousands of the persecuted just petitioned Pres. Trump to allow them to migrate to the US. Horrible persecution and murders have been going on for a while as this disturbing article from 2012 shows:

In 2010, South Africa’s ruling regime passed legislation demanding all firearms be re-registered. Then they turned down half of the registrations and forced farmers to turn in their guns. Many believed it to be a prelude to genocide. And they were right!

Terrorism: At Joint (Military) Base Myer-Henderson Hall in Virginia, 11 people fell ill after opening a letter in an administration building. Three had to be hospitalized.

In Leicester, England, three men bombed a building, killing several people (3 from the same family) and wounding others. Authorities say the suspects came from different parts of the country. They claim there’s no evidence of terrorism, but won’t release names of the suspects…at this stage.

Apostasy: The British government is taking out ads looking for seven “pagan” chaplains to minister across the nation to Wiccans and Druids behind bars.

The Catholic University of Dayton in Ohio put “husband” and “wife” on a list of words students shouldn’t use. Most Catholic universities in the US have embraced the “progressive” liberal agenda. According to a nationwide poll, despite some awareness of Christian persecution, US Catholics say they are less concerned about Christian persecution than about human trafficking, poverty, climate change, and the global refugee crisis.

Mike Huckabee resigned from the board of the Country Music Association Foundation after one day, saying the industry is intolerant to those with conservative religious beliefs. Prominent music industry leaders criticized Huckabee’s appointment, complaining about his support for gun rights and traditional family values. The Country music industry has surprisingly, for the most part, come out in support of gay marriage, including support from those who claim to be Christian.

George Barna of American Culture & Faith Institute says of its latest US poll, “Our moral compass is broken. We’ve lost it… Christians said we’ve strayed from God’s moral design, and the non-religious say the country is too devoted to traditional, moral principles.” And many church leaders seem to “care more about making people feel comfortable and not being controversial in what’s being taught.”

Satanic influence of drugs: A young man whom police sent to the hospital for a drug-related incident was released the next morning, after which he killed his parents in his college dorm room. Also, a young woman is blind for life after gouging out her eyes while hallucinating from methamphetamines and another substance. She claimed to hear voices telling her to do this so she could get to heaven.

Brutal, unloving, without natural affection: The news this week is full of parental abuse and murders of their children and vice versa, sibling murder, plus other awful abuses, including a home daycare provider who broke a baby’s legs deliberately. She said she’d rather be deported than face prison in the US.

In Pennsylvania, Alex Hibral was sentenced last month for stabbing 20 students and a security guard when he was 16. He used kitchen knives which he refused to drop when tackled. “My work is not done; I have more people to kill,” he said. A note in his locker read, “I can’t wait to see the priceless and helpless looks on the faces of students of one of the ‘best schools in Pennsylvania’ [when they] realize their previous lives are going to be taken by the only one among them that isn’t a plebeian (one of the common people).” His parents and classmates said they didn’t see it coming.

In Long Island, New York, three members of the notorious gang MS-13 showed no remorse in court as they laughed and joked. They murdered two teen girls who were walking home from school. The gang is believed to be responsible for 25 murders in Long Island in the past two years. The Salvadoran gang came to California in the 1980s, and is now in Central and South American countries, and is dispersed through the US.

Corruption: In Florida where the school shooting took place, Broward County Sheriff’s deputies and employees are the subjects of over 66 investigations in which they have been accused of criminal misconduct ranging from drug trafficking and sexual battery to kidnapping since 2012. Forty of these investigations began after Sheriff Israel took over.

Footage has been released of Sheriff Israel (with Arabic-speaking deputies), speaking to the radical Islamic group, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) and being praised for the work he’s done for local Muslims.

The NAACP helped Sheriff Israel’s no arrest policy. Instead of basing a school’s disciplinary policies on keeping students safe, the Broward County School District adopted an NAACP-advised, social-justice “PROMISE” program approved by Obama.

Broward County Sheriff’s Deputies were supposedly told not to enter Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School unless they had body cameras on, which they did not have. Also, police lost radio transmissions during the shooting.

Perversion: The director of the children’s movie “Frozen” is considering a lesbian relationship for its main character, Elsa, in its sequel “Frozen 2.”

A US study of transgender surgery trends found that the surgeries quadrupled from 2000 to 2014. Some of the rise is due to more insurance coverage for the procedures, including Medicare.

All over the UK, Drag Queen Story Time performs for children, and liberal parents think it’s just fine. When parents at Parson Street Primary School (for ages 4 through 11) complained, the headmaster said “if they don’t like it they should take their kids out of school on an unauthorized absence.” One of the drag queens calls himself “Resident Slag” (a promiscuous woman). Books are dotted through the school about sexuality, and the children learn a lot about the LGBTQ+ agenda.

Those who have transgender surgery in the UK are able to have the event recognized through a ceremony arranged by LifeRites, whose spokesperson said: “To reflect the journey you have made, what better way to have a celebration that will reflect the new you, embracing all that you are and all that you wish to be. The Church of England now has such celebratory services. The ceremonies have been popular in the US for a number of years with a number of religions, including Christianity and Judaism.

The fall of nations has always followed the same pattern. As it was in ancient times, so it is today. “And I will give children to be their princes, and babes shall rule over them (those who are unqualified to lead). …The shew of their countenance doth witness against them; and they declare their sin as Sodom; they hide it not. Woe unto their soul! for they have rewarded evil unto themselves… The Lord standeth up to plead, and standeth to judge the people” (from Isaiah 3).