Major Escalation :: By Daymond Duck

On Feb. 10, 2017, there was a major escalation of Israel’s conflict with Russia Iran Syria and others.

It started when Israel detected what turned out to be an Iranian drone that was launched from a Russian and Iranian base near Damascus, Syria.

The drone flew over Jordan and crossed into Israeli airspace. It traveled about 90 seconds before it was approached by an Israeli helicopter that destroyed it.

Eight Israeli jets were immediately dispatched to attack the Russian and Iranian base that the drone was launched from.

They also attacked about a dozen other Syrian and Iranian targets in Syria.

Approximately twenty Syrian anti-aircraft missiles from a system thought to be under the command of Russian officers were fired at the Israeli jets.

One anti-aircraft missile locked onto an Israeli jet.

The two pilots ejected, but the jet was hit after it arrived over Israeli territory.

The Israeli jet went down and several Syrian missiles fell in open fields in Israel.

Prime Minister Netanyahu convened an urgent meeting with Israel’s defense and military leaders.

They discussed what to do next and appealed to Russia and the U.S. to try to calm the situation before it broke out into a full-blown war involving Russia Iran Syria and Israel.

Some say that appears to be the end of the conflict, but the Bible teaches that there is more to come.

With God’s help, Israel will defend herself; and at some point it will escalate into a full-blown war. That will be iron-clad evidence that the latter days and latter years have arrived.

In the meantime, about half of Syria’s anti-aircraft batteries around Damascus have been destroyed. Syria and Iran are threatening Israel. Israeli officials are threatening Syria and Iran. Israeli military vehicles with troops and anti-missile batteries have been deployed to Israel’s border with Syria.

Here are four troubling aspects to these events:

1) The fact that Iran (not Hezbollah) deliberately flew a drone into Israeli airspace

2) The fact that Russian commanders may have given the orders to fire the anti-aircraft missiles at Israeli jets

3) The fact that Russia, Iran and Syria may have intentionally scheduled these events to lure Israeli jets into Syria to try to shoot them down

4) The fact that they succeeded in shooting down an Israeli jet (the first in more than ten years)

Here is some of the good news:

1) There was no loss of life or territory in Israel.

2) God will eventually put an end to this conflict by destroying the forces of Russia Iran Syria, etc. on the mountains of Israel.

3) Many people will soon know that Israel’s God is God.

4) The Church Age is almost over.

Prophecy Plus Ministries, Inc.
Daymond & Rachel Duck