War :: By Thomas J. Miranda

War is one of the oldest curses ever invented to defeat an enemy, conquer more territory or to further an ideology over its victims.

But, where did war come from?

The beginning of War goes back to the time of creation! The Angel Lucifer, a.k.a. Satan, decided that he was better than God and persuaded one third of the Heavenly Host to join in his War against God. You know the rest of the story.

But unfortunately, War, like oxygen, will be with us to the end. Most wars begin with satanic credentials. Aspects like greed, coveting, jealousy, and intrigue are all part of the total picture.

I am convinced that all significant Warmongers must have their base in satanic culture. Consider people like Hitler, Tojo, Lenin, Stalin and others with all the elements of satanic possession that drives them to carry out their ideologies and horror that they inflict on humanity.

Unfortunately, humans never learn from past mistakes and continue to blunder into continuous wars as though it is a part of human nature. When World War I started, it was a ‘war to end all wars’. When World War I was over, the planners and shakers were already planning World War II and even had selected the adversaries.

More evil than war are those who profit from wars and who are successful in remaining behind the curtain, and are rarely exposed as supporters of wars so that they can profit from the misery they plan. World Bankers are major planners and financiers of wars. The Rothschild Bank made a profit and a real killing at the end of the Napoleonic War.

The Rothschild’s had a system of communication using carrier pigeons, and succeeded in catching competitors’ pigeons before they reached their home coop. When Napoleon was defeated at Waterloo, messages were forwarded to London reporting his demise. The Rothschild’s intercepted the birds, learned of the defeat, and ordered his brother in London to sell all of his stock. This created a great market crash; and just before the market closed, they bought up all the stock for pennies on the dollar. As a result, the Rothschild’s became owners of the world.

Both Amchel Rothschild and his son, Nathan, have been credited with saying, “Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation, and I care not who makes its laws,” or similar statements. This is the subject of debate; however, it has long been said by many to be the maxim (code of conduct) of the House of Rothschild as well as the foundation principle of European banks and the Federal Reserve System.

As one can see, war is a big financial gain for those who control the money. Billions are spent on armaments to protect against future conflicts against a real or imagined oppressor, and in most cases to little or no avail.

A good example of this folly is the Maginot Line that the French built to ward off any future attack by Germany. The Maginot line features a series of forts several miles apart from Luxembourg to Switzerland and facing East toward Germany.

Great idea!

The only problem with the forts was that they were fixed toward the East; and when Germany invaded France in World War II they came in the back door through Belgium!

I had the opportunity of seeing what is left of the Maginot Line on a visit to France and realize what a waste of treasure on an idea that was outdated from the start, considering the change in warfare tactics and advancements in armaments.

Today billions of dollars of treasure are spent to develop more efficient ways to kill so that enemies can be wiped out. Witness the $100 billion USS Gerald Ford, a giant aircraft carrier to be followed by others. Meanwhile efforts are being made to develop laser weapons, chemical weapons and biological weapons for mass destruction. This tells us that War is in our future.

But what is really terrifying is the real War that is to come! This is the War between God and His enemies. The outcome is already assured (See Revelation), but it will be a War like no other that was ever carried out. That is the Battle of Armageddon. We know where it will be fought, who will be the victor, and the terrifying result of that conflict.

At this time the final scenario is being rapidly prepared. Israel is being surrounded by their enemies. Their enemies are bent upon the total destruction of Israel, and Israel still has not recognized Jesus as their Messiah! Yet, Jews look to God for their salvation and will only turn to Him when their utter destruction is at hand. It is inconceivable that with all the Scripture, the Prophets, and the signs of the times, that the Jews still are bent upon rebuilding the Temple and initiating animal sacrifice.

The last blood sacrifice occurred two thousand years ago in Jerusalem when Jesus was crucified.

Where are the Churches today? Do we hear about this coming calamity from the pulpit? No, we do hear about the latest fundraising efforts or social issues such as Global Warming, which is a hoax, and little is said about the most important event in human history soon to erupt on the earth.

Moreover, Christians don’t seem to bother about End-times talk because of the many instant problems we face each day. The evidence of coming events is clearly listed in the Holy Bible! Prophets like Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel and the Minor Prophets lay out so many details of what is in store for us. Many pastors refuse to spend time on this subject when it would appear that this is their most important task.

The future for God’s enemies is not very bright. The last battle will be the worst in human history. It will be God’s War, but the Victory is assured.

Christians need to gird themselves with the Word of God and prepare for the final War.

Copyright©Thomas J. Miranda