Keep Going :: By Alice Childs

The Remnant Church
(2 Corinthians 4:1-18)

My brethren, we are ALL beyond weary. We are heartbroken as we see the tide of heresy, false teaching, violence, debauchery, and outright evil rolling in upon us like an incoming tsunami. The false church of Laodicea is rising like a leviathan, while the battle weary Remnant Church continues to fight with flagging strength, waiting, ever waiting for the trumpet blast that will signal to us that it is finally time for us to lay the weapons of our warfare down and leave this sin-cursed place, to move finally and forever Home. Home to a place we’ve never been before, but for which we long with all our hearts.

I know how discouraging it is. Those of us who love the Lord, we who are battling “in the trenches” as it were, are weary to the bone. We daily, even hourly strive to give and live the gospel before a lost and dying world. We try to be diligent to defend the truth and contend for the faith only to have the majority of those we are so desperately trying to reach, to warn, turn on us and revile us. It is heartbreaking and so very tiring mentally, physically, and spiritually.

Truthfully it’s not us they are rejecting, but the Lord Himself, and us by extension because we wear His name. It is both maddening and heart rending knowing what’s coming their way, yet making so little headway with the very ones who need most to know the truth but who refuse it with bitterness and even outright malice.

It is maddening because we are constantly repeating the same things over, and over, and over and yet making very little if any headway with the majority of them. It is heart rending because we know that, even among our friends and families, the vast majority of them are lost and will be left behind to face a 7-year period of time so terrible, so horrible that it is literally beyond their ability to comprehend or ours to describe.

Still, God always has a remnant. There is yet in this world a faithful core who, as long as we are left here, continually and faithfully do our best to sound the alarm to warn those who are perishing. We have wept and pleaded with all that is within us for the lost to come to Christ now, before the rapture occurs, and they are left behind to face the coming time of God’s wrath poured out upon an unrepentant and utterly depraved world.

There is yet a faithful remnant church of watchmen and women on the wall who are daily sounding the alarm – warning that destruction is coming, that judgment is even at the door. Yet for the most part, to very little (if any) avail, most of our warnings fall on blind eyes and deaf ears. Few, at least in America, want to hear the truth.  So yes, fellow soldiers, we ARE tired, but let us never lose sight of the goal. We are going Home, and SOON.

The finish line is not just in sight but right within our grasp. Our fingers are mere inches away from breaking the finish-line tape. Let us resolve to push on just a little bit farther, fellow believers. Never forget that we are “ambassadors for Christ,” and the very last ones to leave a foreign country just before the final assault begins. We are the ambassadors sent into hostile territory as emissaries of their Sovereign God. When the ambassadors are called home, that is when the final assault begins.

So dig in deeper in the trenches, dear weary saints. Keep fighting with the Word and on the knees of our hearts, fellow soldiers of the cross, because the Lord of Glory is rising to His feet. The mighty angel of the Lord has the trumpet to his lips, and all the Host of Heaven are straining with great anticipation to hear the Father’s command of, “Son, go get your bride.”

All of Heaven is electrified with the anticipation of that moment when those “great voices in Heaven” cry aloud, “The kingdoms of this world are become the kingdoms of our Lord and of His Christ…!” (Revelation 11:15)

Oh, wait for the redemption of our bodies, fellow believers! Watch for our Deliverer, weary body of Christ! Listen for that shout, bride of the King! Long for our Blessed Hope, Remnant Church! Look up! Look UP! Our redemption draweth nigh! Our Deliverer is coming, our Deliverer is standing by!

Perhaps today!