Close :: By Daymond Duck

I have often said (and heard people say), “I think the Rapture is close,” “We are SOOO close,” “I don’t see how the Rapture could not be close,” and more.

No one knows the day or the hour of the Rapture, so it is important to understand some of the reasons why people think this way.

First, many students of Bible prophecy know that the Tribulation Period will begin when the Antichrist confirms a covenant (peace agreement) with many for one week of years (7 years; Dan. 9:27).

There are differences of opinion, but some of these people believe in the pre-Trib Rapture (the idea that the Rapture will take place before the Tribulation Period begins (Zeph. 1:15; I Thess. 1:10, 5:9, etc.).

They know that Pres. Trump has promised to release his peace proposal in the next few weeks. A peace proposal is different from a peace treaty, and it is different from the Antichrist confirming a treaty; but a breakthrough could turn Pres. Trump’s peace proposal into a peace treaty in need of confirmation.

History is littered with failed Middle East peace proposals, but reports that Saudi Arabia has ordered PA Pres. Mahmoud Abbas to accept Pres. Trump’s proposal or resign means that things could be very different this time.

One of the big obstacles has been Arab refusal to recognize Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish nation. It now appears that some of the Arabs have changed their position.

If a peace treaty is on the horizon, the Rapture is close.

Second, in that day (at the end of the age), war will break out between Israel and Syria (Isa. 17:1-14).

In late Nov. 2017, at Israel’s request, Russia delivered a warning from Israel to Syria: If you let Iran set up bases in Syria, we will attack them.

In early Dec. 2017, Israel attacked bases in Syria on at least two different occasions; and on Dec. 4, 2017, Israel’s Ambassador to the U.S. said war on Israel’s border could be just weeks (not months or years) away.

If war between Israel and Syria is just weeks away, the end of the age is close.

Third, on Dec. 6, 2017, Pres. Trump signed a Proclamation to recognize Jerusalem as the undivided capital of Israel and to move the U.S. Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

Although it will probably take a while to settle the issues surrounding the borders of Jerusalem and the controversy over the Temple Mount, many influential Jewish groups believe Pres. Trump’s Proclamation was a major step toward rebuilding the Temple.

But rebuilding the Temple is something that many evangelical Christians think will happen after the Rapture and very early in the Tribulation Period. They believe the Jews will accept the Antichrist as their Messiah, and the covenant he confirms will give them permission to rebuild the Temple (Jn. 5:43).

Anyway, if Pres. Trump’s Proclamation is a major step toward rebuilding the Temple, it is a major step toward the Rapture, because that will take place first.

Fourth, Mark Zell, head of the Republican Party in Israel, said Pres. Trump’s Proclamation “is part of a larger plan to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons.”

In the latter years and latter days (Ezek. 38:16), a war called the Battle of Gog and Magog will break out between Israel and Iran (Ezek. 38-39). Troops from Iran and her allies (Russia, Turkey and others) will die on the mountains of Israel.

As noted above, Iran has recently established bases in Syria, and Israel has attacked them. Iran is also striving to build nuclear weapons, and Pres. Trump’s Proclamation appears to be part of a plan to stop that.

When this war breaks out, the latter years and latter days have arrived, and the Rapture is close.

Fifth, when asked about the signs of His coming and the end of the age (Matt. 24:3), Jesus responded, “Now learn a parable of the fig tree (Israel); When his branch is yet tender, and putteth forth leaves (starting to grow), ye know that summer is nigh: So likewise ye, when ye shall see all these things, know that it is near, even at the doors” (Matt. 24:32-33).

100 years ago, there was no Fig Tree nation of Israel. However, on Nov. 2, 1917, England’s Balfour Declaration called for the creation of a homeland for the Jews.

70 years ago, on Nov. 29, 1947, the UN Partition Plan called for the creation of a homeland for the Jews in Palestine. The Fig Tree nation of Israel came into being on May 14, 1948.

50 years ago, on June 5-10, 1967, the Six-Day War took place, and the Fig Tree nation of Israel grew by capturing East Jerusalem and the West Bank; but the UN refused to recognize that these areas were part of Israel.

On Dec. 6, 2017, Pres. Trump recognized that East Jerusalem belongs to Israel.

In 100 years (1917–2017), the Fig Tree nation of Israel has grown from a barren wasteland to a thriving nation of more than 7 million people that is the envy of the world.

This truth alone (the official expansion of Israel’s borders and development of the nation) causes many students of Bible prophecy to know that it is near (close), even at the doors.

Prophecy Plus Ministries, Inc.
Daymond & Rachel Duck