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Emmanuel Macron Antichrist?

Was the photo of Emmanuel Macron having “horns” on his head on Time Magazine’s cover deliberate?  Only the photographers at Time magazine know the answer to that.

Cover of Time with Emmanuel Macron <click to see cover

For those of us who understand from the Word of God that a leader will emerge in Europe who will become Antichrist, this photo is more than a bit disconcerting.

I have written a couple of articles on this man. He seems to fit the bill in so many ways to be a Prime Candidate for the devilish position.

Macron Declares He Will Govern Like a Roman God

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But now with the cover of Time clearly displaying horns on this man’s head, along with the words “The Next Leader of Europe” – this story has been taken to a new level.

Could he be Antichrist?

I will post excerpts from the Time Magazine piece with my commentary indented in blue:




In December, if they accept the invitation of the President of France, leaders of 100 countries will descend on Paris to ramp up the global fight against climate change. But in a striking omission, one major name is not on the list: U.S. President Donald Trump. When TIME sat down with President Emmanuel Macron in the Élysée Palace on Nov. 7, he said the U.S. leader would not be among the guests at his Dec. 12 summit, “except if you get this big announcement coming from himself that he has decided to join the club.”

So, the president of France has taken a role of leadership in the “Climate Change” global  farce.  Interesting. Climate Change, formerly known as “Global Warming” has always been the vehicle by which the Globalists will dominate and control of the world’s economies. Up until now, the U.N. has been at the helm of this plan. Now, we have a world leader.

The “club,” of course, comprises every other country on the planet, now that even Syria has pledged to join the Paris Agreement on climate change, which was negotiated in the French capital in 2015 to drastically rein in carbon emissions and stave off disastrous global warming. Since Trump alone has rejected the agreement and vowed to cancel the U.S.’s climate commitments, much of the responsibility for leading this club has fallen to an erudite young Frenchman who has only just begun his career as an elected politician. Climate change is the most global of all the world’s problems, but it is hardly the only one: there are nuclear threats, far-right nationalism, jihadi terrorism and technological disruption. For all those, too, the French President is eager to discuss what his country can offer. And although he says he’s not seeking to become the leader of the free world, he can sound like he is.“Today, de facto, we are part of the global leadership on climate change,” he says, speaking in his excellent English, a very rare thing for French leaders. “I want us to be part of the global leadership on the economy and on finance, on the digital environment. I think we have a very important leadership to play on multi­lateralism.”

Yes – it does indeed sound like Emmanuel Macron was groomed for his position among the world’s globalists. He has lofty plans. Did you know that he worked under the Rothschild’s dynasty as an investment banker?  

Six months to the day since Macron swept to power in the most astonishing election in modern France, he welcomed TIME to his office to weigh what his presidency might mean, not only for the 63 million people in France or even for the European Union’s 508 million, but around the world. It is a question worth pondering when the current U.S. President has retreated into “America first” policies, and Europe’s usual de facto leader, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, is struggling to build a coalition after a disappointing election. Britain, meanwhile, is in shambles, muddling through its painful exit from the E.U.

Can you even imagine if Hillary had prevailed in the 2016 presidential election? The entire world would be present at this meeting!  Is it not obvious that the Lord intervened to stay the hand of this globalist machine?  At least for now.

Edging into the vacuum is Macron, 39, a passionate globalist deeply read in history and philosophy, whose victory formed a counter­narrative to the assumption that, in the shadow of Brexit and Trump, the E.U. would fall to right-wing nationalists. But in a Europe where millions of people were killed in 20th century wars waged by authoritarian strongmen, assuming the leadership of more than one country remains a freighted proposition. “The classical French answer would be to say yes,” he says, when TIME asks him about his ambitions to lead the Continent. “But I think it would be a mistake … I don’t want to be the leader of Europe. I want to be one of the leaders, and this new generation of leaders, totally convinced that our future is a European future.”

Macron declares that he doesn’t want to be the leader of Europe – only one amongst others.  I don’t believe him. I do not believe he is the type to share glory with anyone.

The very fact that such a role is even possible for Macron was thought exceed­ingly unlikely just 18 months ago, when he was the Economy Minister with not much more than ambition to his name. Shockingly young in a land of gray-haired political grandees, Macron nonetheless rose to the top in less than a year. He quit the government in August and formed his own movement, En Marche! (On the Move), to replace President François Hollande, who declined to run again as his popularity flatlined. Macron campaigned on an ambitious message no French citizen had heard in generations: forging an entirely new system for a modern France.

The Time writer speaks of how unlikely it would have been just 18 months ago, when Macron was merely the Economy Minister – and that now this 39 year old has his sights on all of Europe.  I do not see that as “unlikely” as nothing happens randomly of this magnitude.  This was planned by those who basically run our world.

Nonetheless, millions of people responded to him. Macron surged ahead of the traditional socialist and conservative parties in the first round of voting in April, going on to defeat the far-right, anti-E.U. Marine Le Pen in a second round. “He was the new kid in town, bright and charming,” says Edouard Lecerf, deputy director general for the French consulting firm BVA. “From the beginning, it was a fairy tale.”

One part of that fairy tale was Macron’s personal life, which has drawn much attention. As a teenager, he fell in love with Brigitte, the (then married) drama coach at his high school, who is 24 years his senior. They married in 2007, after she had divorced her husband, with Macron thanking the guests at their wedding reception for supporting their “not completely normal” love match. Brigitte Macron, now 64, has seven grandchildren, a head-snapping version of the modern blended family.

A fairy tale?  Perhaps this would better be described as a nightmare.  But certainly not for us, brethren.

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Brethren, only God knows the identity of the coming Antichrist. Certainly, there have been through the years countless number of potential candidates. But with all world events converging and much of what is happening lines up perfectly with God’s Word – it seems we must take a harder look at this man, Emmanuel Macron.

If he is the Antichrist, it is inconsequential for us. We will be be Raptured by our Lord Jesus.

But I just might print out this article and keep it with my “Left Behind” letter and other materials which might help those who are here for the Tribulation.

Shalom b’Yeshua


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