Why Do We Have “Opposites” on Earth? :: By David Cogburn

Compared to eternity our whole universe exists inside “time.” Time is very different than eternity from an important perspective – “opposites.” What does that mean? God, who is pure Light, is eternal and lives in eternity; and thus, in eternity you can say there are only two realities – living with God in light and life or separated from God in death (eternal separation from God type of death) and darkness. Let’s put this into a color perspective – White and Black, eternal opposites.

Inside White with God, the Bible points out “all things” are eternally “good.” There is no more death, pain or sorrow, agony, hatred, jealousy, etc. In other words – opposites. Everything is good, whereas separated from God is Black, where everything is eternally bad. There is no life, no joy, no pleasure, etc. Everything is the “opposite” of what God is for one simple reason – God is not there. Hell is eternal “separation” from God, thus everything is black and bad. So, in eternity, the two opposites are White and Black or Good and Bad.

However, as humans, we do not live “yet” in eternity but live in a “temporary” universe inside “time,” created by God for the sole purpose of allowing all people who are born with a sin nature to have “time” to come to know God, in order to love and worship Him and become His child to live with Him forever in eternity.

Eternity is White and Black. TIME is gray. Gray is a combination of white and black. As eternity is divided into White is all good and Black is all bad, TIME is a combination of all good and bad together; and thus, we have opposites for everything. We have life and death, pleasure and pain, happiness and sadness, love and hate, good and bad, etc. In eternity with God there is no night or darkness, and separated from God there is no light. Inside “time” we have both – day and night. Each new day presents us with an example of light and life when we are awake and living our lives, and each new night presents us with an example of darkness and death when we sleep – opposites.

The Bible points out that Satan and his followers rejected God and fell from heaven to earth; and at the present time God allows Satan to be the ruler of this world. BUT God is still in control and is still here accomplishing His plan for mankind, and indeed for earth and the whole universe. The Bible says there is invisible spiritual warfare going on at this time, vying for the souls of mankind. Since the world is FULL of opposites, the color of “all” time has to be gray, a combination of white and black.

Since I pointed out that White is the color for God, Black would be the color for Satan, which represents the eternal opposite of God. Since every human being is born with a sin nature, that means our “core” being is “black” in color. BUT, does being human with a black core nature automatically mean that everything we do is bad? Of course not; and the main reason for that is because God and His goodness is in this world along with Satan and his evil. Even the most evil people we can imagine: murderers, tyrants, etc. have some “good” in them when they help others or show love and kindness, as everyone does throughout their life.

The main problem is: Being good and doing good or great things does not remove or change our “black” core sin nature. And that is where and why God stepped in to save us and to change our “core” nature from black to white. God is the One who says that the wages of sin is death – both physical and eternal, but that sin could be “atoned for” or “paid for” by the substitution of a “sinless” sacrifice – that out of “love” would be willing to pay the “death payment” for the sins of the entire world. Of course, that turned out to be the death of God Himself through His Son, Jesus Christ, on the cross.

By Jesus dying on the cross and paying our sin debt, every human being NOW has a chance to have and enter into a personal relationship with God through Him now and forever. When we know that and desire that, we repent of our sins and “invite” Jesus to come into our lives and help us live a life from now on that pleases Him, because of who He is – God in the flesh – and what He’s done for us – died for us to pay our sin debt. When we do that, we receive God the Holy Spirit in us; or, from a color perspective, we now receive a new White core to indwell alongside our black core. We now have a new godly nature in us alongside our sin nature, and our desire is to live a life that attempts to become as White as possible vs. gray or black.

White and black are not individual colors. Color is made up of wave lengths, and white is the combination of ALL colors or all wave lengths. Black is the absence of all colors or all wave lengths. That is why light itself is the combination of all colors, and darkness is the absence of all colors. When we are “born again,” we receive God’s White Light in us to help us and guide us on the rest of our journey on earth and forever. And this is the number one reason God created time – because He knew we would need it in order to be able to come to know Him and change our core nature from black to white.

Where we spend eternity is determined by where we are when we “enter” eternity; and “where” we enter eternity is determined by either our black core nature or our new White and black core nature. The black core nature enters eternal darkness. The White AND black core nature together enters eternal Light and life, with the black core being forgiven through Christ paying for our sins.

There are only two ways to be eternally separated from God – either be created in eternity like the angels, and then fall or reject God from inside eternity like Lucifer and his followers did; OR enter eternity with a black core nature, which simply means your sins have not been forgiven, because we do not have God’s White nature living inside us through the Holy Spirit.

To be eternally saved means we have God’s White core nature AND black core nature inside of us; and when we die our White core nature takes us to God, because our black sinful core nature has been forgiven by God through Jesus’ death on a cross, paying for the sins of our black core nature.

God is Creator of ALL things, and “everything” in the universe revolves around Him. The ONLY thing of “true” importance to each human being on the planet is “Eternity” and where we spend it. Time is temporary and has a beginning and end. The best bumper sticker/slogan in the universe is this: Has God’s SONrise dawned on you yet? If so, then enjoy your new White Core nature now and forever.

Praise the Lord!