Danger Ahead :: By Daymond Duck

With the North Korea threating to nuke the U.S., Russia building up its forces in Syria, and the globalists rushing to establish a world government—there is danger ahead and America is in bad need of godly leaders.

Concerning North Korea, the nation has clearly tested ICBM’s, threatened to nuke New York, boasted of having missiles that can hit anywhere in the U.S. and more.

Some in the U.S. doubt North Korea’s ability to nuke a desired target in the U.S. (other than Hawaii or Alaska). But many of these doubters agree that the rogue nation could be just a few weeks or months away from being able to reach other cities in the U.S.

Vice President Mike Pence warned North Korea that the era of patience is over, and Kim Jong-un warned the U.S. that we are sitting on the knife’s edge of life and death.

The U.S. has banned travel to North Korea starting on Sept. 1, 2017 and it has advised all Americans in that nation to leave by that date.

Concerning Russia, as I understand it, Israel warned Russia that it would not accept Russian, Iranian or Hezbollah troops on its border with Syria and Mr. Putin agreed to keep them away.

Russia now has a few hundred fully outfitted troops a few miles from Israel’s border, but Mr. Putin says he is keeping his agreement because they are police, not troops.

On Aug. 2, 2017 DEBKAfile reported that Russia has airlifted 2,000 mercenaries into Syria to join 3,000 others that were already there. Russia has also brought in an unspecified number of Muslim troops from the Republic of Ingushetia. So, Russia has new troops in Syria that are not Russian, Iranian or part of Hezbollah.

Concerning world government—leaders from all over the world have agreed to the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. This is basically a globalist scheme to create a world government by 2030.

On July 25, it was reported that the UN has started advancing its plan to establish a one-world, one-track school system with textbooks that promote the 2030 globalist agenda.

Concerning America’s need for godly leaders, on July 31, 2017, it was reported that Ralph Drollinger of Capitol Ministries is conducting a weekly Bible study at the White House and about a dozen members of Pres. Trump’s Cabinet are attending.

The article mentioned several Cabinet members by name, but I will just mention one: Education Sec. Betsy DeVoss.

Mrs. DeVoss attended a Christian school that was established by her church. She is a committed Christian and a strong advocate for school choice. She and her husband have a foundation that has giving millions of dollars to hospitals, schools, missions and more.

God is good. He often meets the needs of His people before they even ask.

The White House Bible Study caused me to wonder if God put these Christians in office at such a time as this because He knows all about America’s great needs?

Did God give America a strong Christian secretary of education that advocates school choice because He knew that the UN will be pushing a one-world, one-track, non-Christian, no-choice school system, and we need someone that will resist it?

Pray for America’s president and cabinet. There is danger ahead and at such a time as this, America is badly in need of godly leaders.

Prophecy Plus Ministries, Inc.
Daymond & Rachel Duck