An Amazing Six Days :: By Daymond Duck

This week, as I read one remarkable story after another, I thought, “These are amazing days. The rate of prophetic fulfillment is breathtaking. I shouldn’t be surprised, but God is moving.” Consider the following examples:

On July 17, 2017, Vice Pres. Mike Pence spoke to Christians United for Israel. He said, “Though Israel was built by human hands it is impossible not to sense that just beneath its history lies the hand of heaven.”

Later, he added these stunning words, “The State of Israel and her people bear witness to God’s faithfulness as well as their own. How unlikely was Israel’s birth? How more unlikely has been her survival and how confounding against the odds has been her thriving?”

I wouldn’t be surprised if these sensational words had come from an astute prophecy teacher, but the fact that they came from the vice president of the U.S. makes this writer proud to be an American.

Next, Answers in Genesis Christian ministry has built a $100 million Ark Encounter biblical theme park at Williamstown, Kentucky.

On July 18, 2017, Ken Ham, Pres. of the ministry said, “The Ark is lit permanently at night with a rainbow to remind the world that God owns it and He decreed it’s a sign of His covenant with man after the Flood — Christians need to take back the rainbow as we do at the Ark Encounter.”

He said, “We now have new permanent rainbow lights at the Ark Encounter so all can see that it is God’s rainbow and He determines its meaning in Genesis 6.”

“The rainbow is a reminder God will never again judge the wickedness of man with a global Flood — next time the world will be judged by fire.”

I wondered, “Did God put that $100 million theme park there and light it up like a rainbow to remind the world that the days of Noah have arrived” (Matt. 24:37)? “Did God put that ark there to counteract the deception that occurred when the White House was lit up with rainbow colors?” “Did God do that to remind the Revelation 12, total eclipse and blood moon skeptics that He has long put signs (rainbows) in the heavens. His deeds are awesome.

On July 18, 2017, it was reported that Russian troops were preparing to take up positions on the Golan Heights just 3.1 miles from Israel’s border. I hope not, but these may be some of the troops that will die on the mountains of Israel in the latter years and latter days battle of Gog and Magog (Ezek. 38:8; 38:16-39:7).

If so, Jehovah will soon be known as the Lord in the eyes of many nations (Ezek. 38:23). How is that for “amazing?”

On July 14, 2017, three Muslims (the religion of peace) murdered two policemen and injured two others on the Temple Mount in East Jerusalem. Prime Minister Netanyahu closed the Temple Mount and installed metal detectors and surveillance cameras (Who knows? Someday they may video the Two Witnesses).

On July 16, 2017, Mr. Netanyahu reopened the Temple Mount, but the Islamic Waqf urged the Muslims to start a boycott and refuse to pass through the metal detectors. They obeyed.

This meant that there were no Muslim guards on the Temple Mount when Christians and Jews started showing up. The Muslim boycott had backfired. Some Christians and Jews prayed on the Temple Mount. God is wonderful.

Who knows what will happen, but it’s a Jubilee year and if the Jews insist on retaining partial or full sovereignty over the Temple Mount this could eventually lead to incredible events: The rebuilding of the Temple, the resumption of animal sacrifices, exploration of the caves under the Temple Mount, or some other stunning development.

On July 22, 2017, Sean Osborne ( posted an insightful reminder that Jerusalem is in the process of a literal imminent fulfillment. He nailed it. The current violence is a step (a course of action) that should have been expected (because it is prophesied) and that is literally setting the stage for the Tribulation period.

Mr. Osborne astutely refers his readers to Isa. 66:8. Among other things, as I understand the passage and its context, God asks who has heard of a nation (Israel) being born in a day? He asks if He should establish Israel in one day and drop her? Should He move heaven and earth to establish Israel and not complete what He started (not cause the nation to grow, not cause the Jews to multiply in the land; not take the Jews all the way to faith in Jesus, not take the Jews all the way into the Millennium and fulfill His kingdom promises)?

The implied answer is don’t even think that way. God birthed Israel in one day so He can take Israel all the way to the full realization of His promises.

Let everyone rejoice with Jerusalem because God fully intends to take Jerusalem and the Temple Mount through every act of violence including the full force of the Tribulation period. Then, all Israel will be saved, Jerusalem will be established as the capital of His kingdom on earth, and Jerusalem will finally have peace.

The Muslims intend what they are doing for bad, but God intends what they are doing for good.

Yes, Mr. Vice President, underneath all of this lies the hand of heaven.

Prophecy Plus Ministries, Inc.
Daymond & Rachel Duck