More Preparation :: By Daymond Duck

About two months ago, I wrote an article about the battle of Gog and Magog called “Slowly Shaping Up.” God told Russia to prepare herself and all her allies for that great end-of-the-age war (Ezek. 38:7).

In mid-July 2017, three stories hit the news in three days that caused me to think this is more preparation.

First, on July 13, 2017, it was reported that Russia wants the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) to deploy units of its 20,000-member Collective Rapid Reaction Force (CRRF) to Syria. These troops would come from the six members of the CSTO: Russia, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan.

There is no guarantee that the CSTO will agree to Russia’s request, but the organization is dominated by Russia and the way some people interpret the Bible, God has already said that troops from these nations will go to Syria and five out of six of them will die on the mountains of Israel (Ezek. 39:2-6).

Two of Russia’s allies are: Gomer, and all his bands; and the house of Togarmah, of the north quarters: and many people with thee (Ezek. 38:6). Gomer’s “bands” and the “many people” that will be with Togarmah of the north quarters may very well include troops from the CSTO nations.

Russia and her allies will “ascend and come like a storm” (Ezek. 38:9) which appears to suggest rapid development with turbulence and destruction. It could be a few weeks or months before the CSTO agrees to ascend (and it is possible that they won’t agree), but this could be a good description of how that Rapid Reaction Force will act.

Something that intrigues this writer is the fact that Russia, Iran, Hezbollah and Turkey already have tens of thousands of troops in Syria. Why do they need thousands more? Are they planning to attack someone else (perhaps Israel)? Are they afraid of what the U.S. and her allies might do?

Second, on July 14, 2017, it was reported that Iran has leased an airbase in the heart of Syria, and also that Iran is trying to lease a second base and a seaport. The first base will be used for fighter aircraft and the second base will be used to house about 5,000 troops. The seaport will be used to bring in more troops, weapons and supplies.

Israel is well-aware that she is the ultimate target and has made it plain that she will not accept the permanent presence of Iranian troops in Syria. Israel has informed Russia in no uncertain terms that Israel wants all of Iran’s troops and weapons removed from Syria.

Third, on July 15, 2017, it was reported that Turkey has agreed to purchase two Russian S-400 missile batteries. These are Russia’s latest anti-aircraft systems and they will be delivered in the next 12 months.

Two more batteries of these missiles will be manufactured in Turkey. As a purchaser of Russian weapons, Turkey is clearly moving away from NATO and into the Russian camp.

We cannot be sure when this battle will erupt but considering the preparation that is taking place, it could break out almost anytime.

This much is certain: if this war is as close as it looks, humankind is at the very end of the age.

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Daymond & Rachel Duck