Public Schools and You :: By Bill Wilson

Many Americans are asking the question about how they can make a difference and stop the anti-American trend that is engulfing our nation. One place is the local school. Most everyone who owns property pays a significant amount of taxes to support the public school system. And in days of old—not so long ago, really—each community had a large thumb-print on just how the local school was operated, what was taught and the type of teachers who were hired.

Nowadays, with both parents usually working to make ends meet, they have little time or energy to participate in one of the most important areas of their children’s lives—where their children spend a vast amount of their time—the public school.

There probably has been no other influence so life changing to this nation as that of the public school system. And if you are truly interested in changing the direction of this country, acting locally at the school is where you personally can have an impact. You pay, perhaps, thousands of dollars a year to support it and you can have a voice in what happens there.

For example, if parents would have stood firm and massed a strong voice against it, the Bisbee, Arizona School Board would have had a difficult time in 2008 voting to include condoms in the “prom bags” that were given to every student who attended the annual dance.

Or how about the Islamic public charter school in Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota? That school, supported by public tax dollars, was an Islamic colonization school. It taught Arabic as a second language. It set aside an hour each day for Islamic prayers. It served only Halal approved food.

It practiced Islamic washing rituals and required students to remove shoes in certain rooms. And after hours, the TIZA school taught the Koran and busses did not arrive and children were not dismissed until after the Koran was taught. The school’s leaders didn’t fly the American flag; the Imam schoolmaster said he didn’t know how to operate the flag pole. Due to public outcry, the Minnesota Education Department shut down the school in July of 2011. Citizens can make a difference, but not without being armed with the facts, and a legal fight.

Not one penny of our tax dollars should ever support such efforts. But the National Education Association has brainwashed parents by having programs that support the schools and make parents think they are doing the right thing by participating in all their little do-gooder projects. In reality, these very same people are teaching our kids to be sexually immoral, to be anti-American, to be multi-cultural, and that every religion is fine except Judaism and Christianity.

Public schools are a big issue in the current decline and future direction of America. Ephesians 6:13 instructs us to “take unto you the whole armor of God, that you may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all to stand.”

Have you done all?  Are you standing?

Bill Wilson