Rules for Radicals :: By Jim Towers

Definition of radical: very different from the usual or traditional. (Merriam Webster Dictionary)

We should all have heard by now of the liberals’ playbook Rules for Radicals.  In it liberals are taught how to fight dirty with lies, deceit and subversive action. The author of the book, Saul Alinsky, was a Chicago thug and atheist who espoused a quasi communist doctrine.  He wrote about how to achieve the goal of supplanting existing civil order with the godless liberal agenda of “whatever makes you happy is right and good.” Life is fifty shades of gray.

This evil godless man was Hillary Clinton’s idol and also one of Barack Obama’s heroes. These two people were so well indoctrinated by the book that they abide by these “rules” to this very day. One of the things that they were taught is to have tenacity enough to wear the opposition down with relentless falsehoods. Months after Trump won the election they continue to harangue him. This book had to be devised by Satan himself since it is self-serving and oblivious to the concerns of others.

Radical liberals are demanding that we succumb to their will. Screaming and hollering invectives at all who oppose them, they are going the way of the French Revolution and will soon even begin turning on one another, even as Muslims are doing—Sunni against Shiite. Soon, “The Lord will have them in derision,” as stated in Scripture.

Those of us who are trying to live honest, law abiding lives are being assaulted on all sides by lesbians, gays, pedophiles, communists, Muslim extremists, and plain all out crazy people. They hate our ideals of righteous living and minding our own business. They want to destroy our way of life and impose their twisted God-hating will on us. They’ve even gone so far as to exploit our children by teaching transgenderism as a new way of thinking and living. Their demon inspired premise of tolerance is ugly and deceptive.

Last night I read about transgender men dressed in drag reading stories to little children in libraries and public schools. In the accompanying video I viewed they asked the little children if they wanted to be a transgender when they grow up! Naturally, some of the impressionable children said “Yes” while others looked on in confusion. We have become a very sick society, thanks to the liberal agenda of tolerance, no matter how obscene.

Meanwhile, Muslim extremists are now going so far as to eat the arms and legs of their victims. I saw the actual photos, photos of severed arms and legs lying on a table ready to be carved up for stew. Truly the gates of hell have been opened and they will never again close until Christ Jesus returns to rule.

Ironically, the New Testament could also be named “Rules for Radicals.”  The huge difference is that it is diametrically opposed to thuggery, lies and deceit. The New Testament instructs us to be radical with our message of love and concern for others. It tells us that we ought to love God with all our heart, soul and strength and our fellow Man as much as we love ourselves. The healthy mature Christian does so.

We can’t pretend to not know what is going on in the world anymore and ignore it. Life is in our face making demands of us, demands that we can’t ignore. We must determine to rise up against corruption at all costs. We can’t afford to be apathetic or politically correct anymore, nor can we compromise with those who would destroy us with apathy. The very existence of the Christian faith is in jeopardy, and in order to stop it we must be well armed with the sword of the spirit through words and action.

Sadly though, like the Bible says, “My people perish for lack of knowledge” and are ineffective in their witness to others because of it. Knowing and practicing the Word of God is imperative in being a soldier of the cross – and of love and compassion – with conviction. If a person really believes in something he will go out of his way to tell others, even if it means stepping into hell to snatch them out of the flames.

Speaking of hell, I went to a concert at a cultural center featuring instruments such as violins, flutes, cello, French horn and oboe over the weekend.  It began with two percussionists (drummers), a young one in his twenties and an older man in his fifties. With no background accompaniment it was all simply erratic noise, especially since there was no rhythm involved either. The concert was titled, 42nd Street and was supposed to invoke the sounds of New York. It was pure confusion and repetition. It seems that people have forgotten about rhythm, timing and melody. This noise called “music” is a reflection of the confusion and lack of direction in the majority of people’s lives today.

During intermission we went into the art gallery to view what was being passed off as art. It was as if the paintings on display were done in rebellion to God’s idea of beauty and symmetry; what a mess. My five year old grandson could have done better.

The concert continued with violinists playing discombobulated and out of tune chords, and the sounds made my nerves tighten with tension. As we listened and watched the opening movements, one of the violinists began playing with a pencil, of all things, and after a couple of short notes, he threw it dramatically over his shoulder. This action excited some who responded with guffaws and stifled laughter. At the end of this tribute to hell the lead violinist began to use a pencil as well!

This so-called concert could have been staged in an insane asylum. Confusion reigned, and I nearly got up and left—feeling sorry for all the pretentious people I encountered there. Although there has always been pretentiousness among patrons of the arts, it has simply gotten out of hand and confusion reigns supreme. We live in a world of confusion since God was kicked to the curb.


Jim Towers  and  www.thepropheciesmovie and book