Emmanuel Macron: An Apocalyptic Leader? :: By Jan Markell

Just who is Emmanuel Macron? He is the new French President. When a young, charismatic European leader comes along who also is an ardent globalist, we need to pay attention. Macron is a “Europhile” who is solidly pro-European Union but is also a one-worlder.
Frontpage Magazine had a headline reading, “The Globalist Empire Strikes Back in France.” The theme of the article was that in spite of Brexit, the E.U. is alive and well as is the dream of the globalists.    
Macron has been a Rothschild investment banker with zero political experience.  It should be of no surprise that he was backed by chief globalist George Soros. He was trained in the Jesuit school system.
I am one who believes that Europe is the home of the Antichrist. Daniel 9 talks about “the prince who is to come” who will destroy “the city and the sanctuary.” The Romans destroyed Jerusalem and the Temple in 70 AD.
I am not pinning the tail on the Antichrist and suggesting that Emmanuel Macron is the man, but he bears watching. It is a guarantee that he will rise to a prominent position in European leadership. 
He also represents all that is wrong in Europe: Socialism, no borders, immigration madness, Islam exaltation, and Godlessness. Clearly France continues on in their strong delusion and thus welcomed this globalist representative as their leader.
Emmanuel Macron is the consummate establishment insider and came with the “hope and change” rhetoric of Barack Obama, who endorsed him. He was the opposite of Marine LePen who focused on the problems of immigration and terrorism and who criticized the European Union.
Macron is such a globalist that he has stated that “the French culture does not exist.”  He is delusional with regard to Muslim immigrants in France who have nearly destroyed the country. Nonetheless, he won the election promising that France would be “open and welcoming” to immigration from the Arab world. He also pledged to facilitate the construction of Mosques in France.
He, like other European leaders and the Pope, are puppets of the globalists and do their bidding.   Conspiracy theorists and Antichrist watchers are giddy in that he took 66.06% of the electorate.  

Because France — and all of Europe — are Godless and have lost nationalistic pride, they are easily fooled by their resident jihadists. France, in time, could become a Muslim country, which is the goal of the Caliphate.
The spirit of the Antichrist is already raging across Europe and other parts of the world. The lawlessness and violence are difficult to watch daily as the earth reels from birth pangs.
At my 2016 “Understanding the Times” conference, Amir Tsarfati presented a stunning message titled, “Europe: Ready for the Antichrist.” He cited all the ways in which evil is encroaching on the continent and sees this as a precursor to the one who will represent ultimate evil. 
Amir Tsarfati says of Macron, “I believe that in Emmanuel Macron’s case I can very clearly say that we are watching a young, West European leader who was groomed by the ‘one world order’ gang for this powerful position. I am not talking about grooming him to be the Antichrist, but definitely toward leadership of Europe.” 
While this may sound like bleak gloom and doom, if the world is readying for the Antichrist, is God not also preparing to send His Son for the Church in the Rapture?
I encourage you to get the DVDs or CDs with Amir’s message. Find complete sets here.  Or just watch the YouTube presentation below.