Sedition, Resistance, Revolution :: By Bill Wilson

In the wake of the Manchester, UK terrorist bombing, the BBC reports that America’s closest ally in the war on terror, Britain, has stopped sharing intelligence related to the terrorist act with the US. The reason: Unnamed U.S. “government sources” leaked critical information to American journalists long before it was to be public.

Recently, President Donald Trump’s intelligence officers, through “unnamed sources” leaked a false narrative about information sharing in a White House meeting with the Russian ambassador. It is widely reported that the “Fifth Estate” is at war with the Trump White House and holdovers from the previous administration are undermining Trump’s presidency, in what has been labeled a “soft coup.”

Connecting the dots of these stories, one can see a pattern of operatives in government and media working together to render Trump’s Administration ineffective. While Congress may not want to recognize that “progressives” (the modern, more acceptable, name for communists or Marxists) are actually waging a campaign of sedition to overthrow the government, it is becoming increasingly apparent that the unfathomable is reality.

Another indicator, of course, is the media. A study by Harvard’s Shorenstein Center indicated that coverage of the Trump Administration was over 80% negative during the first 100 days, led by CNN and NBC with 93% negative; CBS 91% negative; Fox 52% negative.

Looking behind the curtain in the news media, you will find actual revolutionaries who are committed to the so-called “resistance” that are working with seditious government actors to undermine the US. Case in point is how Breitbart revealed that Associated Press had hired a “reporter” who claimed she was part of the resistance on her Facebook page.

This reporter, Melanie Plenda, infiltrated a closed fundraising event where Trump campaign manager and White House aide Kellyanne Conway was the headliner. Plenda reported the crowd size as a fraction of what it was and invented a false narrative that Conway was received coldly by the Republicans. AP refused to issue a correction for several days.

Exposed, AP “clarified” the story, fired Plenda, but, according to Breitbart, still refuses to “transparently answer questions about the serious breach in ethics and accuracy.” You see, AP is a providing source of news to all the other news outlets, so once a story is filed by AP, all the other news organizations print or broadcast it. A lot of power. A small example here of fake news. The larger issue is the sedition as a result of this “resistance” conspiring to revolution. It is akin to what God showed Ezekiel inside the temple walls in Ezekiel 8:9:

“And he said unto me, ‘Go in, and behold the wicked abominations that they do there.’”

There are many abominations occurring right now against God and country and the common thread is what they call the “resistance.” It is a vile force threatening not only our nation, but also our religious freedom.

Have a blessed and powerful day!

Bill Wilson