Fake News Firestorm :: By Bill Wilson

Just last week the Democrats were saying that James Comey should be fired because of his actions with the Hillary Clinton email investigation that they believe cost her the election. After President Donald Trump fulfilled their wishes by firing the inept ex-“president’s” appointee Comey, they call for Trump’s impeachment. This is a fake news firestorm. The headlines are ridiculous:

“Comey Was Expanding Russian Probe”
“Firing Means Trouble for Healthcare and Tax Plans”
“How to Salvage the Presidency”
“Trump’s Actions are Nixonian”
“Dems Dream of Impeachment”
“Comey Called the President ‘Crazy’”

And the firestorm goes ablaze…

Let’s just boil this down the pith of the matter. The president has the authority to hire and fire in his administration. We have seen this with every president in history. Trump was well within his authority to fire Comey, even just over the very fact that the previous “president” appointed him. Comey got fired for several reasons. Among those reasons were how Comey was playing politics with the FBI; a non-indictment of Hillary Clinton; then a reopening of the Clinton investigation; then disputing Trump’s wire tapping claims (which were ultimately verified); The botching of the entire Russian “investigation” culminating with the ex-“president’s” former Director of National Security testifying under oath that he saw no evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.

Undeniable, however, is the media collusion with Democratic Party leftists in raising false flags about Russia supposedly interfering with the U.S. elections. This is the extreme left’s strategy to prevent Trump from governing effectively and to continue fomenting the resistance to his presidency. It is all part of the plan. Irrespective of whether Comey was fired or if there were some other news items (which there will be), “news” that these extremists can blow out of proportion—their goal is to prevent the U.S. government from functioning and blame it on Trump’s alleged racism, bigotry, Islamophobia, homophobia, misogyny, etc. In short, they are accusing the Russians and Trump of doing exactly what they, themselves, are doing.

The bottom line is that while yelling loudly for impeachment out of one side of their mouths, the extreme left leadership admits out of the other side of their mouths that there is no evidence to impeach. House Communist/Progressive Caucus member Maxine Waters (D-CA) told the Washington Post that she believed “this president colluded with the Russians” and when asked if she had evidence to back her collusion charges, she replied, “No, we have not.”

These stories are a political fake news firestorm created to provide the illusion of malfeasance to sway public opinion and render the Trump Administration ineffective. These people are exposing themselves and the darkness of what many have been calling the “swamp.” Proverbs 19:9 says, “A false witness shall not be unpunished, and he that speaks lies shall perish.”

Let it be so.

Have a blessed and powerful day!

Bill Wilson