A Super-Surveillance System :: By Daymond Duck

An interesting article by Jasper Hamil recently appeared on Technocracy News. It is titled “U.S. Navy Develops Robot Surveillance That’s A ‘Single Entity With Many Eyes.’”

The article’s content appears to be prophetically significant. The U.S. Navy has  been given a grant of $1.7 million to researchers at Cornell University in order to develop a system of robots and drones that are loaded with surveillance cameras that can communicate with each other.

The surveillance cameras on the ground will be able to communicate with other surveillance cameras on the ground. And those on the ground will also be able to communicate with those in the air.

The cameras and drones in one area will be able to communicate with the cameras and drones in other areas. This will allow the systems on the ground and in the air to follow targets wherever they go.

If a target leaves one area of surveillance and enters another area of surveillance, the robots and drones in the first area will communicate with the robots and drones in the second area—and the surveillance will continue to track the target.

The robots and drones will have many cameras allowing them to watch multiple targets at the same time.

Ultimately, every system of cameras will be connected to every other system of cameras so that it will eventually grow into a vast global system.

And get this: The surveillance systems will communicate with each other “at the speed of light.” The targets won’t be able to move fast enough to escape their watchful eyes.

Also, these interconnected surveillance systems won’t only be for military use.

They will also be for civilian use.

By now students of Bible prophecy are probably saying to themselves, “That sounds like something the Antichrist will use.” Yes is does.

Give him access to a super-surveillance system that can track every step taken by everyone on earth at the speed of light, and everyone on earth will be in danger.

Prophecy Plus Ministries, Inc.
Daymond & Rachel Duck