White Genocide In South Africa :: By Geri Ungurean

White Genocide In South Africa: How the Prayers of God’s People Resulted In A Miracle

In March of this year, I wrote an article after receiving a cry for help from a Rapture Ready reader for the atrocities happening in his country of South Africa. The article was read by thousands of people from so many different countries.

Here is the original article with the email from our brother in Christ:

White Genocide In South Africa: A Plea For American Christians To Pray [1]

Today I received a follow up email from this brother in Christ:

“Hi Geri,

I wrote you a while back concerning the national Prayer day in South Africa on 22 April 2017. Just an update on the event.

This event has burst at the seams and has grown incredibly big. Without press attention (obviously they never advertised it) the parking tickets (which are free and include the number of people in the vehicle) yesterday, already passed the 1.7 million people. This number consists only of people driving to the event.

On the official website, it is reported that 400 aeroplanes have been fully booked. It is announced that there is not enough landing space for the helicopters that are arriving.

Water has never been found on the farm, but after drilling, water bust forth from the first 4 holes drilled (praise God)   (emphasis added)

Most Christians in this country are very exited about this event. Shamefully though some denominations are refusing to allow their people to attend

I just hope and pray that people will be going with the expectation of meeting with Jesus, and that when the event is over that peoples lives will be changed so that the gospel will go forth with might and power and not stop there.

Geri, I truly appreciate you spreading the word of this event in the USA. We are all Gods children and should support each other as you are doing.

It’s going to be great to see you in heaven one day.

Come quickly Lord Jesus, Your children, together with creation groan for Your return

God bless you,


Brothers and sisters in Christ – this event is tomorrow!  Please be in prayer the entire day as the government of South Africa is Communist and hostile toward Christianity!

Significance of the number “Four” as in the first four holes springing up with water on the farm where this event will be held:

I found this very interesting

From Patheos.com  (excerpt)

The Four Rivers of Eden

“Just as in the New Jerusalem that descends out of heaven, there were four rivers in the Garden of Eden (Genesis 2:10–14).  These rivers names were Pison, Gihon, Hiddekel and the Euphrates and their names in the order given mean “increase,” “bursting forth,” “rapid,” and “fruitfulness” which is relevant to the Garden of Eden and the New Jerusalem or the Kingdom of Heaven that will come down to earth after Christ’s return and His judging the world (Rev 21).” [2]

Brethren, pray for safety for all people taking part in this miraculous event.  Pray for those who do not know our Savior to be born again. Pray that news about this gathering will spread far and wide!

Rejoice with all of us at God’s hand being so evident on this event tomorrow!

Shalom b’Yeshua



[1]  https://grandmageri422.me/2017/03/10/white-genocide-in-south-africa-a-plea-for-american-christians-to-pray/