Paul’s Warnings Regarding Apostasy :: By Dale V. Nobbman

The Bible informs us that more and more people will ‘turn away from the faith’ in the latter days, and this ‘turning away’ is called apostasy.

Today, we are witnessing more and more apostasy taking place with each passing year in America and elsewhere. Apostasy in our current age will continue to increase (because the Bible tells us it will) resulting in an intensifying of mass corruption, and a breakdown of law and tradition in societies.

How do we know apostasy is increasing? In biblical scripture, the apostle Paul informs us all about the signs of apostasy and explains that “in the last days difficult times will come” (2 Timothy 3:1). A list of these signs is provided by Paul in 2 Timothy 3:2-4.

See if the characteristics of more and more people today, as described by Paul, sound strikingly familiar to you in regards to the signs of apostasy manifesting themselves right here in the 21st century.

Paul says people in latter times will become:

1. Lovers of self;
2. Lovers of money;
3. Boastful;
4. Arrogant;
5. Revilers;
6. Disobedient to parents;
7. Ungrateful;
8. Unholy;
9. Unloving;
10. Irreconcilable;
11. Malicious gossips;
12. Without self-control;
13. Haters of good;
14. Treacherous;
15. Reckless;
16. Conceited;
17. Lovers of pleasure, rather than lovers of God.

For some recent examples of un-Christian like behaviors and attitudes, just consider the ugly behavior of some liberal Hollywood stars, top musical artists and entertainers, many mainstream media news people, certain Democrat politicians, and various groups of radical protesters in just the last few weeks leading up to, during, and ever since the inauguration of our new American president, Donald Trump.

Many of the above listed characteristics of people can also be found in everyday society, such as in homes, businesses, public schools, and government workplaces all across America and in other countries.
These characteristics of people in America today are at an increasingly ‘unprecedented’ high level. Unless we see a great revival of Christianity in America and around the world, it appears we should plan on apostasy to worsen until Jesus Christ returns to ‘rescue Christians from the danger of destruction’ prior to the rapture and before the seven-year Tribulation period begins.

To “rescue from the danger of destruction” is one of the four root meanings of the original Greek word “harpazo” from which the word ‘rapture’ is derived.

Jesus Christ will rescue Christians from tribulation destruction, but at a time known only to God.

Do the signs-of-the-times today indicate the time of the Rapture is drawing nearer? The answer is YES!

Are you ready for the coming rapture by placing your faith in Jesus Christ as your Savior?

There is no better time than now!