Talk Is Cheap :: By Jim Towers

Jesus said “Talk is cheap,” and indeed it is. But what a privilege it is to be able to put our thoughts into words.  I’ve said it before in previous articles and I’ll say it again: Words have power and we will be held accountable for every idle word at the Great White Throne Judgment,  that is if we haven’t received Christ.

Free speech is one of our basic freedoms here in the United States but it almost faced extinction under the former administration. It was quickly being replaced by politically correct speech; that is to say that we were being muzzled from expressing our opinions about a great number of things, especially religion. Freedom of speech is a power that greatly affects our quality of life.

During the previous administration our basic freedoms were being stripped away by leftists, which are mostly made up of atheists, agnostics, gays and lesbians and those who would destroy our way of life. I don’t want to be a killjoy, but an unbridled tongue can cause a lot of damage. Don’t damage your soul by being deceitful.

Doesn’t the Bible say that there won’t be any liars in heaven? Haven’t we all been lied to on occasion? Today people say they are going to do something and don’t follow through; their actions speak louder than words. It’s hurtful to be on that short end of the stick.

Leftists are also quick to falsify news information or to twist it around to make it say something it’s not. In this day and age lies are so common that most of us are skeptical of things we hear from almost all news organizations. We hard core believers can thank the Lord for the spirit of discernment.

In spite of all the harm the far left has done, we level headed people with a sound mind are letting the far left express their anger about the results of the election, even to the extent that threats of assassination and the destruction of property is being played out, and that without retribution.

Perhaps the left will grow up and rethink their stand on abortion, same sex marriage and anarchy when they see the damage they’ve done to our nation. However, that isn’t very likely to happen unless the Holy Spirit convicts them of sin and the need to repent.

Decency, dependability, honesty, virtue, common courtesy have all gone the way of the dinosaur. Today its political correctness, political rhetoric, (lies) I misspoke, I can’t remember; seldom does one hear the words, “I’m sorry,” “please,” or even “thank you.” Most people don’t even thank God for their food, and those that do in secret wouldn’t dare do so in public, but they’re quick to tell you a lie.

I went to a meeting recently to hear different accomplished speakers and story tellers and I was amazed at the way people view life today.  No Aesop’s fable here. It was like entering a netherworld of oddities. Many of these people were eclectic or eccentric to say the least, and  odd balls to say the worse.

I befriended an elderly lady there and she invited me to yoga and how to heal your spirit classes, being given by someone claiming to be an MD. This same MD gave a speech during which I detected a nervousness that came forth in his well-rehearsed speech; he was holding something back from the audience. What was it? Could it be that he was afraid of being exposed as a deceiver in front of the audience.

Having been in show business all of my adult life I can spot an act a mile away. I know all of the nuances connected with a performance or an outright lie told by someone just by the tone of his or her voice. Facial expressions and body language also reveal a lot about what a person is saying or thinking. I decided that this person was not on the up and up.

That same older woman gave me a flyer inviting me to see a story teller at another event. This guy was being lauded as the biggest liar in the country. Let me give you a little rundown on what this man’s resume/advertisement flier says:

The headline banner says ……KING OF THE TALL TALE.

So and so, the world’s funniest storyteller is a nationally renowned storyteller and five time winner of the…liars contest. With him, the sorry low down lie becomes a glorious creation, a verbal sculpture in which a hundred small fibs, stretchers, falsehoods and prevarications are piled together , shaped and molded into one stunning, awe inspiring cathedral of flapdoodle and bull. —Bob Wells, Duke Divinity Magazine.

Before becoming a full time liar, so and so had a career as a minister. Now he lies religiously.” Who is this Bob Wells of Duke Divinity Magazine?

Now I ask you, am I just a religious prude or was I being assaulted by the devil? Maybe I take the things of God too seriously. In any case this is what the world wants, to lead us astray with filthy jokes and amusing lies while taking no thought about the resulting ramifications. Now this behavior doesn’t appear to be so bad since it’s not a physical assault, but our spiritual well being is at stake. Satan is out to deceive, kill and destroy by any and all means.

It’s true that I’ve never been a jokester and have a serious streak, but before you begin to think of me as a killjoy, I can assure you that I am a man who loves to laugh and sing and even to dance…so don’t even go there.

I often wish I could meet each and every reader face to face and to encourage you to tighten your relationship with Christ and God our Father and to begin to take life a little more seriously, read the scriptures with relish and to become ever stronger in reaching out to the lost. Having said that, I would also urge you not to be cynical or morose either, no one likes to listen to what such people have to say. Try to be a well-balanced person with the help of God and have a good knowledge of the scriptures.

Except for a few believers, no one knows what the future holds for the United States, but I can almost assure you that only a spiritual revival will wake us up. I’m formulating a plan to bring about revival in our area and across the nation, if that’s what God wants me to do. With today’s suicides, war and rumors of war and murder rates soaring, we in this country need revival as soon as possible before our chance slips away.

By the way, there are no movies to report on right now.

The movie business is like all other enterprises with the bottom line being the almighty dollar with very few exceptions; exceptions like some documentaries and a few “Christian” movies.

Christian movies are often made by amateurs and made on the cheap. They often have to hire non-professional camera and sound technicians as well as amateur actors. Then comes the promotional advertising – which is usually nonexistent; it is a very formidable endeavor.

Insofar as movie making is concerned, I am packing it in for now and going on to see what other adventures await me in promoting the kingdom of God.

Love, strength and peace to you all,


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