The Acerbic Occupant :: By Bill Wilson

The occupant of the Oval Office appears as if he is doing everything he can to undermine president-elect Donald Trump. The media has reported that the “president” has established a presidential record by on creating federal regulations and red tape that will cost the American taxpayer over a trillion dollars.

He has also presided over record illegal immigration and “refugee” resettlement from terrorist sponsoring states. He has created diplomatic and foreign policy crisis with his reckless treatment of Israel and harassment of Russia. He has said that if he had a third term he would have won the election, and he is moving down the street to continue living in Washington, DC. A shadow government in the making.

During the presidential debate, Trump said that he would wait and see when asked if he would accept the results of the election if he lost. His opponent Hillary Clinton said this was a threat to our democracy. The “president” said Trump’s remarks were dangerous and undermines “our democracy.”

The liberal talking heads in the media echoed the comments saying that such a remark undermines democracy, threatens the newly elected president, and makes way for a shadow government that questions the very legitimacy of the president. So far, this has been the game plan of the Democratic Party—their leadership has challenged the results of the election, called into question Trump’s legitimacy, and it appears they are establishing a shadow government with the lame duck “president” as the ringleader.

No question that the lame duck occupant of the Oval Office is attempting to undermine the presidency of Donald Trump before he even takes office. The regulations, the immigration policy and the diplomatic crisis are all issues that will have an immediate impact on the new president and will require incredible manpower to undo.

And the lame duck “president” has stated repeatedly that he will be quiet for a time—which remains undetermined, then he will speak out on the Trump policies. Given that he has purchased a home in an expensive DC neighborhood, he has thrown the gauntlet down that we have not seen the last of his “presidency.”

He has broken presidential protocol, deciding that his legacy must continue whether the American people rejected it or not. What this really could be is the aftermath of an incredible coup against the U.S. government. He said he would remake America and left the people to decide what that meant. But he seems to have meant that America would become a revolutionary new Marxist Islamic regime.

Everything was going according to schedule until Trump defeated Clinton. Now he and his cabal must scramble to continue or complete the revolution. They are doing exactly what they accused Trump of doing. Beware and stand strong for as it is written in Isaiah 59:7, “Their feet run to evil, and they make haste to shed innocent blood: their thoughts are thoughts of iniquity; wasting and destruction are in their paths.”

Have a blessed and powerful day!

Bill Wilson