Obama’s Betrayal of Israel at the UN :: By Matt Ward

Friday 23rd December, 2016, will go down in history as a day of infamy for the United States. America, under the leadership of Barack Obama, have finally, and irrevocably, betrayed Israel. Choosing to abstain from a United Nations Security Council resolution condemning Israel, which declares all settlements outside the 1967 borders as illegal, Obama has effectively offered up Israel on a plate to her enemies at the United Nations.

How cruel, how tyrannical, that this lame duck president chooses to use his few remaining  days in office to curse Israel. In defiance of all diplomatic protocol, Obama is hoping to present Donald Trump with a fait accompli when he assumes office in late January. At this point, there is nothing President Trump can do to aid Israel. The damage is already done.

Yet the betrayal goes deeper than merely a vote to abstain. Much deeper. The original motion of condemnation against Israeli “settlements” was tabled by Egypt, who quickly withdrew it due to pressure from president-elect Trump.

However, Obama and his team worked to out flank Trump. Obama went instead to New Zealand and Malaysia, getting them to table the motion in Egypt’s stead. Trump was powerless to stop it.

The motion of condemnation was then tabled, the United States abstained, and the remaining UN Security Council members, sensing blood, pounced on Israel.

Israel are now completely isolated, they are legally exposed and have been wholly condemned by all the world. All of this to Obama’s eternal shame.

Amongst other things this vote now means that the Wailing Wall, currently the most holy site in modern Judaism, this morning stands firmly on Palestinian land. The Temple Mount has been ripped from Israel’s grasp and has been given to Islam.

It means that Jews living in Jewish East Jerusalem can now no longer build any homes and occupy their own ancient capital city. It means that Obama, and America because he leads them, have effectively divided the land God gave to the descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

The so called “peace process” is now dead. This vote has ensured the failure of all potential future negotiations. This vote means that the Palestinians will now demand all settlements as their legal land, and that will be the starting point for all their negotiations. All future negotiations for peace will now begin with the understanding that the 1967 lines are the starting point, not the end point.

Before this vote, the best the Palestinians could have hoped for would have been an Israeli retreat to the 1967 borders.

Israel will now be expected, by the international community, to retreat back to the 1948 lines, not the 1967 borders. In international diplomacy, and Obama knows this well, this 1948 line is known by another term; it is known as the Auschwitz line. Any retreat behind this Auschwitz line is militarily indefensible.

Obama, in allowing this vote to progress without a U.S. veto, has knowingly endangered the continued existence of Israel itself as a viable state. He no doubt hopes that one day soon Israel will be forced to retreat behind a border that will not allow for the adequate protection of the Jewish State.

Obama has actively sought to bring about the conditions necessary for Israel’s final destruction.

Barack Obama has cursed Israel. He hasn’t simply abstained from a UN vote; he is actively attempting to seal Israel’s future doom.

God is clear. Whoever blesses Israel will be blessed, whoever curses Israel will be cursed. America, under Barack Obama’s leadership have now, for the very first time actively cursed Israel. A red line has been crossed.

In my opinion, all we can now do  is wait for the judgment that will now fall. It will fall on Barack Obama personally, and terrifyingly, on the United States corporately because he leads them, and there is nothing that  Donald Trump can do to stop it.