One Last Reprieve? :: by Jim Torres “Towers”

Praise God for this one last great reprieve from eight years of tyranny. I hope Christians will make the best of it and get our country back on track. Christians barely escaped the gaping jaws of persecution or incarceration from the present administration. As a matter of fact, Hillary would have had Christians all arrested on trumped up charges like hate speech and/or voicing our discontent with her administration. Our liberty was being stripped away little by little by  radical liberals as Christians dozed off in apathy.

God was anathema to the non-Christians who were in control of the government. They wanted to make America in THEIR image and likeness, one of godlessness and lustful pleasure. Money, of course, played a big part in their agenda as well, and their Swiss bank accounts show it.

Aside from all the obvious signs of political corruption, the moral corruption they imposed on the rest of us was even more hurtful; they wanted a godless society with no restraints, a very dangerous ideology.  The so-called Millennial youth are today showing signs of the devastating results of denying the existence of God, and we are responsible for not making them aware of the consequences.

Christianity was already under assault by the Obama Administration and Hillary would have marginalized us even further, if not crushed us all together. It’s hard to believe that these perverts, thugs, pedophiles and outright criminals would have such sway over us, but we brought it on ourselves by being apathetic and letting them even get away with over the top criminality, and the murder of innocent lives—the unborn.

I’m sure God wasn’t very happy with that. That alone is and was cause for him to destroy us outright. Our benevolent Creator gives us the gift of tiny lives and we destroy them on a whim from within their mothers. How evil is that?

As Christians we are supposed to be the light of the world, the salt of the earth AND we are supposed to be imbued with power, love and a sound mind. Yet we cower in fear of our evil fellow man or lead a milk toasty and politically correct life. In doing so we are being complicit with the forces of evil. If ever there was a time to get our act together and get real—it is now.

Since we’ve been given this reprieve we have to make the best of it by putting on our helmet of salvation, shield of faith, breastplate of truth, sword of the spirit and our feet shod with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Time is of the essence and just because we’ve gotten this reprieve doesn’t mean we can just sit back on our laurels and relax or just pray.

Muslims pray four or five times a day with their face to the floor in humble submission to Allah, but they also stand and fight to the death in what they believe in, as ugly as their evil ideology is. We can do no less with the tools and gifts God has given us, some of which are faith, perseverance, strength and assurance that He has our back. God gave us this reprieve to reach   out to the lost once and for all—since he is not willing that any should perish. Inevitably though, His prophetic judgments will take place in the near future.

The rabid agenda of destroying Christianity is still at the door and will come roaring back in if given the slightest opportunity, and in fact, is clawing and growling with uprisings and protests across the nation at this very moment; this from people who were saved from Sharia, (Obama and Hillary’s ideology) many of whom would be been thrown from high buildings or stoned to death for their indiscretions.

This presidential race gave many Christians a good scare and multitudes dropped to their knees in repentance. I know this because I have over a thousand Face book “friends” some of whom were repenting in fear of the outcome of the presidential election – when I asked them to do so day after day.

Please don’t let this last opportunity to advance the cause of Christ pass you by. Judgment still looms ahead.

On a another note, Mel Gibson has done it again. He directed and delivered a movie with Christian values and undertones. The movie Hacksaw Ridgedelivered big time, and as violent and brutal with its graphic scenes of war were, it was textured with romance, love and redemption.

In this true story the young hero was an unassuming Christian named Desmond Doss, a world war two recipient of the Medal of Honor, who saved the lives of many of his comrades as a medic in the army, and did so without carrying a gun. This was a man of true conviction. God must have honored his commitment to nonviolence by saving his skin repeatedly, although Desmond’s was a radical choice to say the least

The Lord honors a man’s commitment to do what he feels is the right thing to do within His parameters. The Christian community needs many more men of conviction like Desmond Doss in these evil days.

If you’re a squeamish church mouse, this gory movie may be too much for you. But for realists living in this real and brutal world, it’s a movie worth seeing. At the end of the movie the audience applauded.

Another film, a documentary titled The Insanity of God was simulcast to churches around the country. The title, I think is bordering on blasphemy, since it could have been handled differently—although the need to use hyperbole is understandable. The message though was good and corresponds with the need for evangelism.

However, we here in America need to hear the gospel as much as anybody in other countries, especially at this critical time in our history. And no one should make the decision for you to be on the evangelical front lines, you alone should make the decision. Don’t put your spouse or children in harm’s way.

“We have not been given the spirit of fear, but of POWER, LOVE and a SOUND MIND.”


Jim Towers

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