Distress with Perplexity ::  By Jan Markell

This is an election like no other. The stakes have never been higher. Many of us have groaned through nearly eight years of a U.S. President who devalues Christian faith, defies the law, violates the Constitution, honors Islam, befriends thugs and dictators, apologizes for America and destabilizes the planet. Lawlessness is Obama’s real legacy.


Emotions are high. People are fired up to the point of physical assault. A recent headline in The New York Times said it all: He Likes Trump. She Doesn’t. Can This Marriage be Saved? Mental health professionals state that Campaign 2016 further destabilized most of their clients as they couldn’t bear the stress of this year’s election.

Both corruption and character flaws have highlighted this campaign season. One journalist rightly said that the whole year has been a “sleeze-a-palooza.”

Perplexity and Turmoil

Luke 21:25 predicts a time that will be characterized by “distress with perplexity.”  This is ultimately played out in the Tribulation and we’re in a run-up to that.  The literal meaning is a time when problems will be so severe mankind won’t have a solution.  Options include weather problems, economic woes, and this year — election issues.

Comments on our Facebook suggest that many are going to sit this election out. Others plan to write in the names of silly characters. Others will vote for a third party. They say it’s all about conscience. This at a time when real issues are legion: Healthcare, life, national security, Supreme Court, immigration, religious liberty and persecution, transgender, and more. Whoever thought bathrooms would be on the ballot? Did they debate this in Noah’s day? Probably.

Is Israel the Key?

The writers of this article would like to suggest that this election is about far more than just a transfer of power. We suggest it really comes down to one major issue: Israel.

Israel is now alone on the world stage, the first time since her re-birth in 1948.  America is not her ally although Barack Obama insists he is. Yet he initiated a nuclear deal with Iran that insures us that Armageddon is on the horizon and that Iran has the capability to obliterate Israel.

God had a plan for America and it was that she would be linked to Israel. What if America’s role in the last days is like Jonathan to Israel’s David? Jonathan loved David as a close friend and brother. He stood with him, supported him, and protected him.

Looking at History

Consider history for a moment:

  • Harry Truman was the first U.S. President to stand with Israel and recognize her as a nation.
  • American technology has contributed to Israel’s growth and defense.
  • The U.S. military has trained and supplied her.
  • American aid has been substantial–a cumulative total of $124 billion.
  • God used a flawed U.S. President–Richard Nixon–to save Israel during the disastrous Yom Kippur War. He rushed needed aid to Golda Meier.
  • Before Barack Obama, U.S. Presidents warned Israel’s hostile neighbors that they would answer to America if they attacked her.
  • Starting with Harry Truman, America became the nation that welcomed Jews to the country. We became a haven for the Jewish people. Here they could prosper and be a blessing to the whole world.

President Truman was one of the very first world leaders to sign onto Israel’s independence in May of 1948.

Dangerous Territory

If this election is all about Israel, we are in dangerous territory. Maybe our election turmoil is really just further judgment on our nation. This was suggested by our “Understanding the Times 2016” conference speakers October 15.

Barack Obama and many on the Left have done everything possible to harm Israel, including meddling in their election a year ago.

Genesis 12:3 warns that God blesses or curses all who come against His people. Joel 3:2 warns that He will judge the nations for their treatment of His people.

The American Left seems obsessed with Israel’s existence. Yet a remnant of believers prays for her daily and who is to say that God will not allow another Jonathan moment for America? God may grant a delay in total lawlessness before the predicted rise of the Antichrist and onset of the Tribulation.

Israel’s last pioneer, Shimon Peres, died recently. The White House initially stated that Obama’s attendance would be in “Jerusalem, Israel.” Six hours later they corrected the statement saying that Jerusalem, was, in fact, disputed territory. Israel has no claim to Jerusalem. Shame on Israel for claiming ownership to the Holy City.

Delay the Decay

God may be asking us to delay the decay and spread the gospel message just a bit longer — but for that to happen, we must vote and vote to stop the Israel-bashing. He may want us to further occupy until He comes.

Israel faces the fight of her life on November 9. Then all election pretense will be over. The cries to harm her, divide her land, end settlement building, and more, will be shrill.

Presidents, kings, fuehrers, generals, pharaohs, and ayatollahs could care less about biblical warnings but God’s people care. We cannot disregard the warnings.

Particularly if this election is all about Israel.

Jan Markell and Jill Martin Rische co-authored this article. Jill is the daughter or Dr. Walter Martin. She is on our radio team and manages our social media. Learn more at www.waltermartin.com.