Going, Going, Gone :: by Daymond Duck

When the auctioneer says “going . . . going . . . ” buyers know that he is close to saying “gone” and the bidding will be over. The auctioned item will no longer be available.When the baseball announcer says “going . . . going . . . ” fans know that he is close to saying “gone” and the chance to catch the ball will be over. The fielder will no longer be able to get the batter out.An atheist billionaire called George Soros has given millions of dollars to help Sen. Obama get elected to the office of Pres. of the U.S.

A group called DCLeaks hacked into Mr. Soros’ e-mail and found a 2014 document that they made available through Twitter. The section of DCLeaks’ website that contained this information suddenly and mysteriously went offline.

The document in question was prepared by Mr. Soros’ Open Society Justice Initiative (part of his Open Society Foundation). It called for international (not U.S.) regulation of the Internet and favored treatment for Mr. Soros’ Open Society groups (control of the Internet, but not Mr. Soros).

It is now being reported that Mr. Obama is planning to give the Internet to the UN at midnight on Sept. 30, 2016. This will give Mr. Soros the international regulation he wants (or bought) from Sen. Obama and some say it will eventually end freedom of speech and freedom of religion.

Pres. Obama denies that the Internet will be affected, but that can’t be true if Mr. Soros gets the favored treatment he wants (or bought) for his Open Society groups. And what is the purpose of international regulation (international surveillance and control), if nothing is going to change?

Here is the problem: The international regulation that Mr. Soros (and others including the UN, Russia, China, etc.) want could just as well be called censorship. They think the public knows too much. They want to stop anti-establishment or politically incorrect information on the Internet.

They want to control who puts information on the Internet and to shut down people and groups that are posting things they don’t want the public to know.

Like the atheistic Mr. Soros, they want favoritism for their views and censorship for anyone who disagrees with them.

Information that supports world government, world religion, open borders, global warming, gun control, abortion, same-sex marriage, LGBT rights, etc. will be allowed, but information that goes against these things will be called “hate speech,” “Islamophobia,” “homophobia,” etc. and it will not be allowed.

Among other things, this is the one-world religion and the persecution of believers shaping up. It is atheistic control over what pastors and ministries can put on (or find on) the Internet. It is freedom of speech and freedom of religion going . . . going . . . gone on Sept. 30, 2016.

Lest some think people wouldn’t censor the Internet, let’s quickly consider some things that have been in the news in just the last few days.

Google is blocking some of the searches for information on Hillary’s health.

YouTube (owned by Google) has new rules to punish those that make anti-establishment or politically incorrect statements.

CNN is editing out the word “crooked” when it reports on Donald Trump’s tweets about crooked Hillary.

John Kerry recently said the media should stop reporting on terrorist attacks so the public won’t know what is going on.

The leaked Soros e-mails tied him to the dismissal of Glen Beck from Fox News and the dismissal of Pat Buchanan from MSNBC.

It is only a matter of time until Christians may not be able to get (or post) reliable information on the Internet, but atheists will.

If Soros had the ability to get Beck and Buchanan fired, he has the ability to get other major media reporters fired. This means the major media news programs will also be unreliable.

Many Christian TV programs will have to become “politically correct” or they will be shut down.

The truth will no longer be available. People will believe lies. Freedom of speech and freedom of religion is going . . . going . . .

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Daymond & Rachel Duck