Willingly Ignorant :: by Daymond Duck

The Bible talks about people making themselves willingly ignorant of the fact that the world was covered by a great flood (2 Pet. 3:5-6).

Scientists have found solid evidence that there was  great flood on our planet. Sediment deposits, marine fossils on mountains, evidence of water  in deserts, water marks on mountains, population of earth would be greater  if man evolved billions of years ago, and there had been no flood to wipe them out, etc. But some scientists and political leaders choose to be willingly ignorant on this subject. Some even work to prevent the facts from being discussed and taught.

But this problem of people making themselves willing ignorant is far greater than one subject (the Flood). Many people bury their heads in the sand and deliberately choose to ignore the facts on a variety of issues.

For example, it seems that some of the best known leaders in the world today, have voluntarily decided to blind themselves to the cause of Islamic terrorism. Pres. Obama won’t even say the words and he has even had them scrubbed from military training documents.

In the United States, the terrorists that attacked the World Trade Center in New York City (the first time and the second time), those that bombed the Boston Marathon, those that attacked Pamela Geller’s Mohammed drawing contest in Texas, the shoe bomber, the underwear bomber, the Fort Hood shooter, the gunman that attacked the naval facility in Chattanooga, the couple that killed 14 people in San Bernardino, the man that killed dozens of people at the gay nightclub in Orlando, etc., etc., etc. had one thing in common: Their Islamic religion.

None of these terrorists were Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists or Atheists, or any other religion.

None of them shouted “Jesus is great,” or “Jehovah is great,” or “My Hindu god (or goddess) is great,” or “Buddha is great,” etc. But many of them shouted “Allahu Akbar” or similar words in reference to their Islamic faith.

Worldwide it has been reported that Muslims have launched an average of five terrorist attacks a day every day since 9/11/01. That is more than 25,000 Muslim terrorist attacks in about 15 years.

The motive for these 25,000 terrorist attacks varies, but there is one overwhelming motive that outnumbers all of the others put together.

Many Muslims believe it is their religious duty to kill non-Muslims (the infidels) and doing so will earn them a place in their perceived “paradise.”

There are two candidates running for Pres. of the United States.

One has never held a political office before. He has many flaws and some call him an Islamophobe—but he is actually a realist. He believes it is dangerous to let Muslims into the United States from terrorist countries if they have not been thoroughly vetted and found to be safe.

The other has held several political offices. She also has many flaws, but  she is not an Islamophobe. She is willingly ignorant, incredibly stupid and/or deeply corrupt because she is one of those world leaders that have blinded themselves to the undeniable facts about Muslims.

She has Muslim advisors and staff. She accepts millions of dollars from Muslims for her campaign and charities and wants to increase Muslim immigration to the United States by more than 500 percent. Hillary Clinton is on record saying, “Muslims are peaceful and tolerant people having nothing whatsoever to do with terrorism.”

This failure to see a connection between Muslims and terrorism should concern Americans because Muslims recruit and train terrorists in every country to which they migrate. They have already started recruiting and training people in the United States.

This should concern Jews, because Muslim terrorists are attacking Jews in many nations (France, Germany, etc.). Attacks on Jews will increase in the United States.

This should concern women because spreading Sharia Law is the goal of some Muslims and doing that destroys women’s rights by turning them into second class citizens, beating them, raping them, not letting them drive, etc.

Hillary Clinton’s husband, Bill, has served as honorary chairman of an “education” group in Dubai called GEMS. They teach Sharia Law and they have given millions of dollars to Bill and Hillary’s Clinton Foundation.

This should concern Millennials because they and their children will most likely have to deal with an increase in mall attacks, car bomb explosions, airplane hijackings, beheadings and more. Planes have already been hijacked in the United States (on 9/11/01) and there have been one or two beheadings.

This should concern gays because some Muslim groups such as ISIS regularly kill gays. Many died at the Pulse gay nightclub in Orlando.

This should concern all people (Asians, blacks, whites, Hispanics, etc.) because Muslim terrorists attack non-Muslims regardless of race, creed or color. Muslims who do not tow the radical Islamic ideals are also at risk. The attacks are about spreading the most barbaric principles of the  Islamic religion.

Get informed and don’t listen to those that make themselves willingly ignorant on what is going on.

Prophecy Plus Ministries
Daymond & Rachel Duck