Hard to Imagine :: by Daymond Duck

Can a person be raptured to the wrong planet? Is it possible to be caught up from planet Earth and get misdirected to the psychiatric ward on Planet X? It is hard to imagine, but some of the stories that made the news last week seem unreal to this writer.

First, let’s start with the report that doctors are getting requests from men who think they are a woman to operate on them so they can get pregnant.

Some of these men have had a sex-change operation and they are of the opinion that their dream of being a woman won’t be complete until they can get pregnant. Scientists are trying to figure out a way to make it happen.

(Does the phrase “reprobate mind” come to anyone’s attention?)

Second, it was reported that an affiliate of al-Qaida wants Islamic terrorists to limit their killings to white people. This well-known Islamic terrorist group thinks that killing white people is better because Pres. Obama and his corrupt media won’t give them the credit they desire if the victims are gays, Hispanics, blacks or others.

It is an established fact that several Islamic terrorists, such as Omar Mateen the Orlando murderer of 49, went to great lengths to let the authorities know that they were followers of Islam. They intentionally pointed this out because they wanted Allah and Islam to get the glory for their demonic deeds.

But Allah and Islam didn’t get the glory the murderers desired because the politically correct crowd (Pres. Obama, the Democrats and the liberal media) won’t admit that Muslims kill gays, Hispanics, blacks and other non-whites. That truth is just not politically correct. So they blamed the killings on work place violence, mentally ill people and the like.

But Allah and Islam will get the glory if the Islamic terrorists limit their killings to whites because it is politically correct to kill whites. After all, Pres. Obama, the Democrats and the liberal media believe most whites are conservative Christian Islamophobic gun owners that deserve to die for their hatred of Muslims and others.

(Do the words “racism,” “intolerance,” and “persecution” come to anyone’s mind?)

Third, during the opening session of its recent General Assembly the Presbyterian Church U.S.A. invited a Muslim to pray to Allah.

(Do the words and phrases “blasphemy,” “false church,” “form of godliness,” “departing from the faith,” “left behind,” “depart from me,” “judgment” or “waste of time” come to anyone’s mind?)

Fourth, the police in Twin Falls, Idaho recently arrested three refugees (two from Sudan and one from Iraq) for molesting a five year old girl. Two of them were sent to a detention center for brutalizing the little girl.

Three Islamic thugs molesting a five year old child may not be hard to imagine, but how about this: A lawyer appointed by Pres. Obama is threatening to prosecute people if they criticize Mr. Obama’s immigration policies.

(Do the words and phrases “diabolical” or “demon possessed come to anyone’s mind? This is a man that lectures Americans on how to treat people.)

Fifth, the CIA has been shipping weapons to Jordan for transfer to Muslim rebels that are trying to overthrow Syria’s Pres. Bashar Al-Assad. But corrupt Jordanian officials have been selling some of the weapons instead of passing them on to the intended group. Now, some of these weapons have been used to kill two Americans in Jordan.

(Does the phrase “Fast and Furious” come to anyone’s mind? Can the CIA really protect the U.S. from Islamic terrorists?)

Sixth, the U.S. military is helping Jordan build a $500 million defensive fence on its borders with Syria and Iraq to help protect Jordan from ISIS, Syria, Iraq and Iran.

(Is anyone wondering how the U.S. military can build a fence on Jordan’s border that will keep terrorists out, if they can’t build a fence on America’s border that will keep terrorists out?)

Beam me up Lord. The fundamental change in this place is giving me the heebee jeebees.

Prophecy Plus Ministries
Daymond & Rachel Duck