America – Pray, or Prey :: by Terry James

America’s enemies are assaulting the nation on every conceivable front. The enemies of which I write are not the flesh-and-blood sort, necessarily. But flesh-and-blood minions are being used by their masters—principalities and powers in high places—as bludgeons against the bulwark of American liberties once thought secured by the country’s Founding Fathers and held sacred until this late date in our history. In biblical terms, these who come against us think they do God a service in many cases.

Daily we are bombarded by reports of the assaults. Christianity and the Bible are on the chopping block of the anti-God progressive executioners. Jesus Christ is at the center of their hatred, just as the Lord forewarned. To hold to the principles and rudiments He lived and taught is to put one’s self at the focal point of the crosshairs of hatred. The United States of America, as it was founded and forged, and has been known to this point, is looked at as prey by the prince of the power of the air who, like a roaring lion, stalks about seeking whom he may devour.

Murder of babies in the wombs of America’s mothers, with the federal government and many state governments urging that all sacrifice the unborn upon the altar of hedonistic convenience, has shed the innocent blood of nearly 52 million since 1973.

The president of the United States, a majority in the U.S. judiciary, many of Congress, and practically all of the news and entertainment media come down on the side of throwing Bible prescription out the window in the matter of homosexuality being an abomination in God’s Holy Word.

Reprobate thinking, thus the  incremental loss of individual freedoms—with Christ’s name prohibited in public places, Christian prayer excluded from more and more public and private venues, and even Christian children held up to ridicule in public school for mentioning Jesus’ name—has  come to be considered normal rather than aberrant.

America’s clandestine spying services, once used to assure the nation was kept safe through keeping tabs on those foreign and domestic enemies who would do us harm now, apparently at the direction of the executive branch of federal government, and with the close cooperation of the Department of Justice, have turned their snooping on private citizens for the purpose of serving political aims. The most feared of all agencies, the Internal Revenue Service, has been proven complicit in the government’s war against the American taxpayer that doesn’t toe the ideological mark politically.

To put it in as plain terminology as possible: America is being preyed upon. The church—all who are born again—must share in the irresponsibility to some extent for the current state of the union, having been derelict in our duty, in my opinion. America needs praying for! –That, along with some old-fashioned, responsible, Christian activism.

Recently, a number of Christian leaders and us at Rapture Ready received a request from my friend, Jonathan Cahn, author of the incredibly successful book, The Harbinger. The book, on the New York Times best-sellers list for months, though fiction in its presentation, is, I’m convinced, a supernatural call by the God of all creation for Christians of America to repent.

Jesus Christ and the gospel message are at the center of The Harbinger’sstoryline. The fact that the Times listed the book on its list of best-sellers is nothing short of miraculous. God’s hand had to be in the writing and distribution.

Because of the request by its author, and because our beloved America is so obviously in need of prayer, Todd and I ask that you consider Jonathan Cahn’s initiative as herein given.

Jonathan writes:

We very clearly know that America is at a crucial moment in its history—in a rapid, spiraling descent and departure from God. What The Harbinger revealed concerning the pattern of national judgment was something that most believers already sensed in their spirits. Countless people across the nation have been asking me “What can we do?”

The Bible is clear that our only hope is God, and that God’s people are called to humble themselves, pray, seek His face, and turn from their sinful ways, that He would hear their prayers, forgive their sins, and heal their land.

In view of this, we have been led to call for a National Day of Prayer and Repentance on 9/11—known tentatively as “9/11 PRAY.”

This has all happened very rapidly, and already, many prominent leaders are taking part, from pastors and believers across all denominational borders to leaders such as Greg Laurie and Chuck Norris, Michele Bachmann, and Promise Keepers. All have expressed enthusiasm and have taken part.

I write to you for this simple reason: that you would pray about being part in whatever way the Lord leads you to participate.

Todd and I have determined to join in the “9/11 PRAY” effort by asking you, our Rapture Ready family, to include in your prayers on a daily basis, the matter of seeking God’s forgiveness as within the keeping of 2 Chronicles 7:14:

“If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”

There are those who would say that this directive is not for America or any other nation, but for Israel of Old Testament times only. I disagree with that line of interpretation. God is directing His people of every nation and generation to turn from their wickedness and to turn in prayer and repentance to Him. God changes not; He is the same yesterday, today, and forever.

The only way America will not fall prey to the wicked one’s plans to destroy her is to pray for God’s forgiveness and direction—then follow through as He leads.

Please join us in this return to the God of Heaven. To become a part of this effort, culminating with the “9/11Pray” event, please let Jonathan Cahn know by contacting the following link:

I prayerfully hope you will take time to join in this most crucial petition to the God who gave you and me this uniquely wonderful nation.