Under A Spell :: by Jan Markell

One of the most frequent e-mails I get is asking why American Jews continue to vote for a party that has some leaders who cannot stand the stench of Israel. In the November 4 mid-terms, Jews voted 3 to 1 for Democrats over Republicans.

Barack Obama has not been the first liberal President to dislike Israel. So did Jimmy Carter and Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Bill Clinton was not fond of the Jews or Israel but he admitted that he needed to tap into the “Jewish genius” and thus had more Jewish advisers than any president.

Jews appealed to FDR during WWII to come to the aid of suffering Jews enduring the Holocaust. As I bring out in my “Understanding the Times Fall 2014” conference message, he almost always looked the other way. Yet they voted for him overwhelmingly. He could have saved hundreds of thousands or more but chose to be rather uninvolved. Many said that had he been President during Israel’s founding, rather than Harry Truman, Roosevelt would not even have voted in favor of the independent state.

One almost has to conclude that it is more important to many Jews that they be liberals first and Jews second.

It is important to know that they tend to sympathize with the less fortunate and with minorities as they are a minority and in the past, they have paid dearly for that. They are “discrimination minded” and they are “justice and equality minded.”

A recent online article by The Guardian states that, “On the issue of Israel, only 40% of Jews believe God gave them Israel. This percentage is lower than the general public’s belief and far below the Evangelical conviction.”

The Guardian concludes that “Only 43% of Jews believe that caring about Israel is an essential part of being Jewish.”

Some suggest that this is a part of their spiritual blindness spoken of in the Bible though that should have nothing to do with politics. Others say it is a generational issue in that many Jews have parents and grandparents who came from socialistic nations in the late 1800s and early 1900s. That socialism is a part of their DNA. Soviet Jews came out of Communism although they were persecuted by the Marxists.

Israel was founded on socialistic principles. That is why President Eisenhower was not a friend of Israel as his focus was Communism. He felt sure Israel’s socialism would lead to Communism.

American Jews are in favor of the proverbial “two-state solution” and giving “land for peace.”

Israeli Jews are far more conservative as they are fighting for their very survival. While there is most certainly an Israeli Left, they are more in the minority. Over the years, however, they have elected liberal leaders who have harmed them including Shimon Peres, Yitzhak Rabin, Ehud Barak, Ariel Sharon, and others. A recent poll suggests many Israelis feel the response to terror in Israel should be more peace talks. “Peace through strength” is a fading concept.

Sadly, the stakes have gotten much higher in the last year. America is now trying to “negotiate” with Iran, allowing them a nuclear bomb. We are trying to gain Iran as an ally in the war with ISIS while Iran continues to swear to obliterate Israel. I maintain that there will be a strike by Israel on Iran in 2015. Will that wake up American and other Western Jews? Will they come out from being under the liberal spell?

The Jewish people have a “great awakening” during the Tribulation and they may not have eyes to see properly until then. Great numbers come to faith at that time, although a remnant are doing so in this Church Age.

With that extensive introduction, I encourage you to view the 30 minute video below to better understand America’s abuse of Israel under our current President. Understand that there are consequences to this, based on Genesis 12:3. It should be no surprise that we have unprecedented problems in America now that some of our highest leaders have made our best ally our enemy.