Wither the Last Days Revived Roman Empire after Brexit? :: by Dare Tuitt

Many Bible prophecy watchers are scratching their heads today and wondering what happens next to the Last Days Revived Roman Empire, in the wake of the Brexit vote to leave the EU.

Here’s what we know:

The vote is largely symbolic and globalist leaders in the EU and in Briton, could choose to ignore it.

The EU could go full Machiavelli, punish the UK economically during the mandatory 2-year leave policy imposed on all EU members, then orchestrate another vote which could end very differently.

More EU member nations will most likely vote to leave. Already France, Greece and Italy are moving in that direction. This will compound the chaos. When the smoke clears, the EU will be reduced to 10 nations. Sound familiar?

Esau in the EU could arise even stronger and threaten terrorism and civil war in remaining EU nations, in advance of more exit votes, hence consolidate more power in the infiltrated countries.

In lieu of the new chaos in Europe (a sure sign Satan is at work), don’t think for a minute his globalist minions aren’t moving to expand and consolidate power elsewhere. The last bastion of globalism is the United Nations. Recall where Obama wants to plant himself next after leaving the White House.

Perhaps the breakup of the EU is the pivot point Satan is using to orchestrate the final world economic collapse, pushing every nation to band together under the UN banner to combat the fallout. Or perhaps instead of world economic collapse, another startling development could threaten world order, such as the alien presence is finally revealed? Of course, we know those “aliens” are really demons masquerading as ETs.

However Satan directs the next moves, I suspect the kitchen sink will be used to justify military-imposed world governance as an antidote to all the chaos now compounding all over the globe. After all, Revelations describes the Antichrist first and foremost as a military leader, riding in on a white horse to calm the waters and the oceans (the nations) and restoring “order.”

Just the other day Javier Solana was the point man in drumming up support for a more aggressive EU military. But which military? Hundreds of thousands of Islamists who poured into EU member nations have simply vanished and are most likely forming a covert takeover terrorist army. Remember, Esau is a “wild ass of a man” and will be at enmity with the whole world. Wherever Esau goes, terror and war always follow.

All the major players are lining up for WWIII. Russia, China and their Middle East confederates are aggressively getting ready for it, while the West dithers and Obama deliberately weakens the US military. The US is not mentioned in Bible prophecy and will need to be removed from being a world player.

Perhaps the Brexit vote and the US Presidential vote this Fall is the Christian West’s last gasp, as many here and abroad see the writing on the wall for their past failures and anti-God activities. This may bode well for a Trump victory, or it could be the last chance the Lord has given those within Christendom to sincerely turn back to Him before the Church is raptured.

Keep your eyes on the UN, folks.

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