Why Barack Obama Uses the Term ISIL :: by Jan Markell

In my conference message at the Fall 2014 “Understanding the Times”, I looked at many Presidents of the United States and their blessing or cursing of Israel. I am a strong believer in the Genesis 12:3 blessing and cursing. God does bless the nation, denomination, church, ministry, business, etc., that blesses Israel. He likewise curses those who hammer her or betray her.

The daily reports about the carnage of ISIS in the Middle East are disheartening. The terrorists actually call themselves the Islamic State or IS. The media calls them ISIS. Barack Obama calls them ISIL. What’s behind this?

The “L” stands for The Levant. This is a geographic region that today includes Cyprus, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, parts of Saudi Arabia, parts of Turkey, a part of Egypt and all of Israel. The Levant is a crossroads of Western Asia, the Eastern Mediterranean, and northeast Africa.

Understand that ISIL, ISIS, or IS, has made it clear that Jerusalem is the final destination for the formation and declaration of global domination. The goal line is Israel; the goal posts are Jerusalem.

The Islamic State wants much greater domination by 2020 but the heart of the Caliphate is to be Jerusalem…God’s holy city. The city to which Jesus will return some day. The heart of the Caliphate is the entire Levant but they are marching towards Israel.

So why does Barack Obama insist on calling the Islamic State ISIL? Some suggest he is sending a signal to the terrorists that he is okay with this idea. We don’t know that for sure but when one looks at his overall policies against Israel, it makes sense.

We don’t know if the Islamic State senses they have the U.S. President in their back pocket. It seems obvious. In his speech to the U.S. back on September 10, he said “ISIL is not Islamic.” To defend blatant, ruthless terrorists indicates some sentiment for them and their cause. Of course they’re Islamic. They call themselves Islamic.

Obama has come under fire for underestimating the threat of this “jayvee team” wreaking havoc across the Middle East and threatening the western way of life, and yet he continuously refers to them as ISIL. A “jayvee team” doesn’t go after an entire region — in fact, have ambitions of a global Caliphate. And he and his State Department know their ambitions are The Levant.

We have a weak, ineffective air campaign in that region. A lot of air strikes are at night which limit some terrorist casualties. Are some of our highest leaders on the wrong side of this battle? Or are some just forced into silence?

Israel knows what is going on and she is further reminded that her long-time ally has seemingly switched sides. She senses the betrayal. But this is playing into the predicted biblical scenario that must play out, since according to Zechariah 12, all nations will turn on Israel. If you look at things through the lens of Bible prophecy, you will lessen your despair as the world deteriorates. Admittedly, church pulpits won’t help you do this.

Is it any wonder that America is more problem laden than at almost any other time in her short history? There are consequences for coming against God’s covenant land which He declares as His in Leviticus 25.

“I will bless those who bless you, and the one who curses you, I will curse. And in you all the families of the earth will be blessed” (Genesis 12:3).

Take it seriously. Look at history. Have you ever seen a Hittite or a Jebusite? Civilizations who come against Israel are no more.

America is engaged in risky behavior. The behavior has consequences.