A Government Against the People :: by Bill Wilson

This has been a very revealing week for Americans. The recent terror attack in Orlando and the response by leadership has raised questions that none of us should have to ask as citizens of a free nation.

At a time when CIA Director John Brennan warned the Senate Intelligence Committee that Islamic State terrorists are likely to be smuggled into the country through legitimate “refugee flows,” the White House has said it has allocated additional staff and added more processing locations in the Middle East to expedite the screening process of Syrian refugees in an attempt  to bring in at least 10,000 by September 30. This begs the question: Is the current leadership purposely trying to destroy America as we know it?

Also, appearing on Fox News last Tuesday on Hannity, former Homeland Security officer Philip Haney said the U.S. government has willfully deleted critical information that may have prevented the two recent Islamic terror attacks on American soil. He said that in 2012, the State Department shut down an anti-terrorist initiative, demanding’ civil liberties.

Haney said that the attacks in Orlando and San Bernardino may have been prevented if this policy was not in effect. Notwithstanding, it is extremely irresponsible and disturbing that our government would deliberately protect the rights of terrorists at the expense of innocent citizens.

CIA’s Brennan says Americans can expect more “guerilla” attacks by lone wolf terrorists with allegiance to the Islamic State (IS). McClatchy DC reports Brennan said in his prepared testimony that IS is gradually cultivating its various branches into an interconnected network.

The branch in Libya is likely the most advanced and most dangerous, but IS is trying to increase its influence in Africa. The IS branch in the Sinai has become the “most active and capable terrorist group in Egypt,” attacking the Egyptian military, government, foreigners and tourists. Who, during Arab Spring, destabilized Libya and Egypt by supporting al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood? The answer: the “president” and Hillary Clinton’s State Department.

We must actually suspend our disbelief to assimilate that the current leadership is either extremely incompetent or is purposeful in its actions against the defense of this nation and the general welfare of the people. Either way, it has become a government against the people. Moreover, the government’s strategy to prevent additional terrorist attacks is to placate Muslim communities, bring in more Islamic “refugees,” and to disarm US citizens.

Ephesians 5:6 says, “Let no man deceive you with vain words: for because of these things comes the wrath of God upon the children of disobedience.”

The deception in this leadership is so against God that the consequences are likely to be felt by each one of us. We need to effect change or we will suffer the consequences of a government that has become destructive to the very rights and safety of its citizens.

Bill Wilson