Peace for Our Time :: by Matt Ward

Neville Chamberlain, September 30, 1938:

This morning I had another talk with the German Chancellor, HerrHitler, and here is the paper which bears his name upon it as well as mine…we regard the agreement signed last night…as symbolic of the desire of our two peoples never to go to war with one another again… I believe it is peace for our time. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Go home and get a nice quiet sleep.

Grand Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Husseini Khamenei of Iran talks in depth, and often, about Israel; openly describing her as a “cancerous tumor.” He is clear that his own hopes rest in a future Middle East without this great “enemy” or “foe” as part of it. In his opinion, Israel has no right to exist as a nation state and should be destroyed.

Khamenei talks with regularity of Israel being wholly illegitimate and often characterizes the tiny Jewish State as a merciless occupier who is crushing the beloved Palestinian Muslims in Gaza and West Bank. Apparently he weeps over the Palestinian people regularly. Khamenei views the Jewish nation as a bastion of American influence in the region and it is destined to soon be removed (or so he believes).

Khamenei genuinely believes that Israel, the right arm of the “Great Satan America,” will soon be erased from existence and this American sphere of influence will be replaced by an Iranian one. Khamenei is working hard to make this aspiration a present day geopolitical reality.

His publicly announced time scale for this whole scale slaughter is said to be within the next twenty years. Khamenei’s public statements about Israel, America and the Middle East reveal an expansionist foreign policy that has clear references and an intent to a future genocide against the Jewish people of Israel.

Khamenei is blatant and he is bold. He is also clear, “…it is the mission of the Islamic Republic of Iran to erase Israel from the map of the region.” This is genocide he is referring to and as a statement of intent, it doesn’t get much clearer from a national leader.

Yet the world says nothing.

The EU, so forthright in its constant harassment and condemnation of Israel for any and all perceived infringements or violations, remains in the main, utterly silent. What short memories the Europeans have. It wasn’t more than seventy short years ago that Europe was spilling the blood of its youth all over the world in defense against this same type of tyranny. How soon they seem to have forgotten…to their shame.

America, under the current administration not only stays quiet on this issue but worse still, is allowing Iran to develop nuclear weapons. It will be these same nuclear weapons that Khamenei will to use as leverage to ultimately try to destroy tiny Israel.

These nuclear weapons will ensure Iran’s future regional hegemony. America, under Obama, by allowing these weapons to be developed is guaranteeing his own loss of power and influence in the Middle East.

There is no equivocation about Khamenei’s intent regarding Israel or America, as Barack Obama and John Kerry often subtly imply. Khamenei describes the tiny Jewish state using the most specific language possible.

When he uses the terms “annihilation,” “fading out” and “effacement,” what other conclusion is to be drawn other than that he genuinely wants to destroy Israel. When he calls America “The Great Satan,” what other conclusion can be drawn other than that he genuinely hates the United States of America?

Yet in negotiations, Obama and the rest of the world continue to deal with Iran as a moral equivalent to the United States. Never once has Iran been held to account for the abhorrent statements made by its supreme leader, its presidents or her prime ministers.

The Ayatollah Khamenei’s vision for a future annihilation of the Jews in the Middle East is every bit as vicious and brutal as anything to which Adolf Hitler ever aspired. To Khamenei, Israel’s very existence necessitates its need for destruction. In the eyes of Islam, any land once conquered, remains Islamic land, and the existence of a Jewish state on land formerly conquered and controlled by Islam is a deep offense to Islam itself.

Israel’s control of Jerusalem is another thorn in Islam’s side, according to Khamenei. Indeed, it   is one of his “most cherished wishes” to one day pray in Jerusalem. That is not going to happen while Israel exists as she does today.

Crucial to the fulfillment of these horrific aspirations of removing Israel and replacing current American influence in the region with an Iranian one— is the development and acquisition of Iran’s independent nuclear capability. It is the very backbone of Khamenei’s entire strategy. Without nuclear weapons and the deterrence they provide, Iran and Khamenei can achieve nothing.

Enter President Barack Hussein Obama, the single biggest gift to Iran since its “Glorious Revolution,” in 1979.

Khamenei’s strategy against Israel to this point has been one of low intensity warfare. He uses continued sustained threats and asymmetrical warfare through proxy groups like Hezbollah, to force as many Jews as possible to simply give up and leave Israel. His strategy is to scare Israelis to go and live in other safer countries, such as the United States. To this end, Iran’s support of terror in the Middle East and the world in general—is guaranteed.

“From now on, in any place, if any nation or any group confronts the Zionist regime, we will endorse and we will help. We have no fear expressing this… The Zionist regime is a cancerous tumor that must be removed, and God willing it will be.” (Grand Ayatollah Ali Khamenei)

The acquisition of nuclear weapons on Iran’s part is crucial in dissuading any type of strike or punishment against Iran from Israel or the West. In the eyes of Khamenei this strategy is already paying huge dividends.

In distancing America from Israel, Obama is playing straight into Khamenei’s hands by giving a tangible demonstration that this strategy is working. Comprehensively out maneovered and out played at every point, the U.S. president is being used as pawn in the Ayatollah’s long term strategy of Middle East conquest.

Khamenei is pursuing a strategy of engendering “Israel fatigue” in the Middle East and in the world. Khamenei wants a state of continued and ever increasing agitation to exist between Israel and his beloved Palestinians—with occasions of outright war. He wants this because it serves his long term strategic purpose of generating ever-increasing Israel fatigue amongst the traditional allies of Israel.

Ultimately he hopes that Israel will become so alienated that a long term solution or mechanism for removing Israel for the Middle East will either arrive and/or be acquiesced by the world at large. This outcome itself sounds ominously similar to a entire raft of biblical end times, and yet to occur, prophecies.

Despite all these public statements and vitriol, Barack Obama and the administration he leads think it is still appropriate to negotiate and initiate a nuclear deal with Iran. A nuclear deal that Iran is holding America to account to, for alleged American breaches of the deal, despite the fact that they are still yet to sign the actual deal itself.

Madness. Or worse.

Many people today are familiar with Neville Chamberlain’s infamous, misguided and wholly inappropriate impromptu speech, at the head of this article, delivered on the tarmac at Heston Aerodrome on 30th September, 1938 in which he declared, “Peace for our time!”

Few though are familiar with his last words, spoken on his death bed two years later on  November 9, 1940. His dying words are much more of a warning to posterity than his previous unfortunate statement of two years before. His dying words are a sad testament to a broken man:

“It would have all been okay, if only Hitler hadn’t lied to me…” (Neville Chamberlain, deathbed,  November 9, 1940)

Hitler deceived and lied to Chamberlain. Although history has judged him for this error, most now acknowledge that Chamberlain was a good man overcome and overwhelmed by the magnitude of the situation in which he found himself, and the level of threat he stood against.

Barack Obama and John Kerry have no such excuse. They have sought to make a nuclear agreement, which will enable Iran to acquire nuclear threshold status—even when Iran is openly announcing that it intends to use those same weapons against America and Israel in the future.

“Today, you are hated throughout the world. If you don’t know this, you should. The peoples burn your flag. The Islamic peoples all over the world chant: ‘Death to America’” (Grand Ayatollah Khamenei, 2009)

And for those poorly informed enough to immediately suggest that Hassan Rouhani is more of a moderate, consider this recent statement from the “moderate” president of Iran,

“Former President Ahmadinejad was stupid enough to be a wolf in wolf’s clothing, to expose his teeth and nails and alert the west. I can be a wolf in sheep’s clothing. I have all the diplomatic and rhetoric skills to do so.”

Barack Obama and John Kerry are being disingenuous. They know full well that Iran has no intention of complying with the deal they made or any other. They are placating Iran and in so doing, they place America in harm’s way. Worse still, they are putting Israel into a position equally, if not more dangerous, than any time since the Nazi Holocaust.

Unlike Chamberlain, this will in the end be to their everlasting shame.