Progressives :: by Jim Torres “Towers”

Most so-called progressives just don’t get it. They are caught in a dilemma of their own making, most of them simply for denying the existence of God and His Christ our Savior. Everyone around the world is on the alert and scared or at the very least apprehensive, as well they should be.

The surprising thing is that some women and men in this country really believe we would be better off by complying with the demands of ISIS and are willing to invite them into our country without reservation. Most liberals simply yawn and get on with life, yet they’d be the first to go to trial, if you can call it that, under Sharia. How foolish.

If Islamic terrorists ever overrun us, so-called progressives, too, will be persecuted, dismembered, imprisoned or taxed, and homosexuals will be thrown from the highest buildings (even though many terrorists are homosexuals themselves). I might add that feminists will be killed by stoning, since women are nothing more than fodder for the sexual desires of these evil men called ISIS and others with that same ideology.

Yet this is being achieved by misleading many bleeding heart liberals who know nothing of the Scriptures, much less biblical prophecy; all the while claiming there is no God. I’d like to know who they’re going to be crying out to if that time comes.

Also with the clash of cultures in our society, mistrust, spying and collapse of morals and our constitutional rights, we have a lot to contend with. We older Christians, who should know better, are taking things all too lightly as well. All the while our freedoms and Constitutional rights are being taken away incrementally while we nod off.

Half hearted Christians, along with the doomed, have been sidetracked by other diversions, thereby taking our eyes off things that really matter. They too are seeing things with a worldly view and becoming politically correct as well.

The majority of us are afraid to speak out and challenge the enemy within our borders. And so, radical Islam continues to make threats and inroads into the United States. And even though there may be some hollow threats made right now, they may not be so hollow in the future. That’s why terrorists are called terrorists, they fully intend to put fear into us and cripple us by it.

Although we know that it would take a substantial military force to bring down our country, a few nuclear devices called EMP’s could help make their threats of taking over a reality. (The follow up to my movie The Prophecies 2016 is the sequel The Aftermath, which is about what we can expect from these evil men should they manage to get their hands on EMP weapons to attack us.)

Nevertheless, God is good enough to begin revealing to true believers and upright folks the intent of Satan’s henchmen—thereby steeling us for what lies ahead. Slowly but surely he is unmasking the lies, plans and turmoil that the adversary is ushering in to bring down our once Christian country and subdue the world. By reading Bible prophecy we can get a pretty good handle on what’s happening in our world currently and why.

It is self-evident that Americans have brought this calamity on ourselves by turning our backs on God and His Christ. A verse in Ezekiel 14 tells: “Son of man, when a land sins against me, I will stretch out My hand against it…..” and isn’t that what’s happening today in our country?

In the meantime, followers of Christ are beginning to see the instigators of the culture wars for what they are—unregenerate progressives, secularists, thugs and liars. Their intent, with Satan’s prompting, is to tear the Christian fabric of our society to shreds. They have been going about it systematically and almost unknowingly to the general public.

Many have been lulled to sleep by Satan’s diversionary tactics, namely pleasure and greed. Soon football will be televised all day Sunday. Movies and television are becoming more and more sensual, further alienating us from God as we barely give Him a thought or even acknowledge His existence.

The culture wars are on and gaining steam with Blacks against Whites and thugs against policemen. Killing and wanton mayhem rule the streets in all of the big cities, as well as Chicago and Washington DC; and these are places where guns are outlawed! Surely someone had it right when they said, “If law abiding citizens lose the right to have guns then only criminals will have them.”

Just to give you an idea of where we stand today, there was a video on the internet of a number of black teens beating a homeless white veteran to death on a sidewalk with a hammer, a club and by kicking and stomping on his head, all the while laughing as they did so.

It was a brutal and heartless attack and they appeared to relish what they were doing. I don’t know the back story, but nobody deserves to be beaten to death by laughing black teens (both boys and girls or anyone else for that matter.

Again, this is what was prophesied by the apostle Paul to Timothy. We are now living in that period of time. With the clash of cultures in our society, mistrust, spying, apathy and the collapse of morals and our constitutional rights we have a lot to contend with. Like it or not we are in a spiritual battle like never before.

Case closed.


Jim Torres “Towers”