A Borderless World :: by Daymond Duck

Satan tried to create a world government at the Tower of Babel(Gen. 11:1-9). He worked through a man named Nimrod whose name means “let us revolt.”

By assisting Satan, Nimrod was revolting against God.

The Almighty stopped this globalist agenda (New World Order) by confusing the people’s language; creating nations with borders; and scattering the people. That, and later the Restrainer, has held back global governance for thousands of years (II Thess. 2:6-10).

As dumb as it may sound, world leaders now want to reverse what God did to restrain world government. They want to betray Him; break up the nations and borders; and once again try to establish a borderless world.

However, a borderless world is a world without sovereign nations. And a world without sovereign nations is a world without theUnited States.

The United States will no longer be the greatest nation on earth because the United States will no longer exist.

The effort is satanic because it will undo what God did when He established borders and nations.

The effort is treasonous because it is a betrayal of the citizens of theUnited States by purposely acting against the sovereignty of theUnited States. It is an effort to subject America’s leaders to unelected globalist leaders.

The Bible says it will happen and those global leaders will be Satan worshippers (Rev. 13:7-8).

It is not unusual to hear people say that Pres. Obama is a traitor to the United States and he is out to destroy America. His habit of apologizing for America, his refusal to say the words “Islamic terrorist,” his placement of Muslims in the CIA and Homeland Security, his release of Muslim terrorists from Guantanamo, his befriending America’s enemies and betrayal of America’s friends, and more have citizens questioning his loyalty. Some even call himAmerica’s traitor in chief and many think he should have been impeached several years ago.

It is also not unusual to hear people say that Sec. of State John Kerry is a traitor to the United States. His Vietnam War record, his anti-war comments and his pro-Communist comments after that terrible event have been the subject of controversy for close to 50 years.

Having said this, on May 6, 2016, Mr. Kerry delivered the commencement speech at Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts and he told the graduates, “You’re about to graduate in a complex and borderless world” (http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/kerry-slams-trumps-wall-tells-grads-to-prepare-for-borderless-world/article/2590596).

Notice that he didn’t say borderless America. He said borderless world (the globalists much-desired New World Order or should we say Satan’s old, old idea). It is a very interesting statement considering the fact that the UN has voted to create a world government by 2030.

Mr. Kerry belittled the importance of borders and walls. He said borders and walls are unwise. And he called the desire of people to retain their sovereignty “nostalgia for some rose-tinted version of the past.”

I will tell you what is unwise (no, surprisingly foolish): not believing the Scriptures, thinking that he is wiser than God or thinking that he can undo what God has done and get away with it.

Of course, Pres. Obama would have to betray America to go along with this, but there is not a doubt in this writer’s mind that he would.

Instead of listening to Mr. John Kerry (a possible traitor) and preparing for a borderless world, those graduates should listen to the Word of God and prepare for the Rapture of the church.

If this year’s college graduates are living in the generation that is going to see the borderless world, this is the terminal generation of the Church Age and most of them will most likely be here when the Rapture takes place.

If they miss the Rapture, they will probably be here when the Tribulation period starts and there is no way to prepare for that. It will be a time of trouble unlike anything that has ever occurred on earth before (Matt. 24:21).

Finally, when the Sec. of the United States indicates that we are living in the generation that will have a borderless world wouldn’t you think that it should cause at least a few people to wake up?

Otherwise, one might think that we are living in the days of Noah when only eight people got saved.

Prophecy Plus Ministries
Daymond & Rachel Duck