Invasion U.S.A. :: by Jim Torres “Towers”

Years ago I had a role in the opening scene in the Chuck Norris movie, Invasion U.S. A. It was an action movie. I portrayed a boat captain who was quickly dispatched by evil Russian forces.

Today we have a very real invasion, an invasion of Muslims from different parts of the world. That leads me to wonder, who will win the war of evangelization, Christians or Muslims? Already Islam has a head start in our country in jails and prisons, and is more than willing to convert former Christian-leaning people with their brand of hateful religion.

Like I mentioned before in my last article, they are coming to our shores at OUR expense in droves and bringing Islam with them. There are going to be hundreds of thousands if not millions in the next few years. What will we Christians do since they are not as reticent to express their faith as we are about expressing ours?

Sunday, a Bible teacher at my church read an open letter from a German person telling of the invasion of Muslim refugees from Syria. He said that the Germany they once knew would be no more. The teacher said, and I quote, “I’m glad it isn’t happening here in our country, ha, ha, ha.”

Without hesitation I stood and told the class of about a hundred that it IS happening here and NOW! I had just been in a part of the country where they are being resettled and had seen it with my own eyes.

I also told the class about my brother telling me of the Muslim invasion in Lansing Michigan. The teacher didn’t say another word. Apparently this man is so involved in his theological studies that he doesn’t know what’s going on in the world today.

They will arrive here with nothing and we Americans will foot the bill for food and shelter. One of the bad aspects of this debacle is that Muslim men can practice polygamy and can have up to twenty children according to Sharia law. There is nothing wrong with helping our fellow human beings, but why won’t the other surrounding Muslim nations take them in?

They have the resources and abundant land, not to mention the same ideals and faith. There is a word in the Muslim faith, it is Al Hijra, which means taking over another country by means of infiltration, proliferation and subversion. Could this be some kind of sinister game plan to topple our country?

I may be wrong, but it seems to me that Christians are taking these things all too lightly. Those who are waiting for the Rapture and twiddling their thumbs may be in for a rude awakening, and may have to endure some tough times ahead, during these times of sorrow as our God-given rights are being eroded. In the meantime, we are being invaded on several fronts.

On another front, Satan is mounting another invasion; that of a one faith system.

I recently met and spoke with a secular writer who just wrote a book titled The God Secret. (Which is no secret at all, if you understand that the Bible reveals who He is and what are his purposes.) This self-confident Englishman told me that soon all people would worship one God (the Antichrist?) and that all would be well with everyone and that we would all live in peace and perfect bliss.

He wasn’t talking about the God of the Bible or about Christ either. He was talking about the coming one world government and one world religion

We shouldn’t expect life to remain as usual or to get any better since we are constantly on the brink of all out war. In fact, there are skirmishes in the Middle East and Africa and around the world right now. For the first time in world history mankind has the capacity to annihilate all life on earth with weapons of mass destruction, and is willing to do so at Satan’s request. Utopia!

Not on your life. Humanity will be facing hell on earth and probably, very soon; the time of great tribulation mentioned in the Bible. We won’t have peace until the Prince of Peace arrives to set up His kingdom.

On yet another front, while shopping at Home Depot, I overheard a distraught woman talking to a salesman about the collapse of morals in our country. She was referring to men and women killing their children throughout the country for no apparent reason (if there ever was a reason).

She was so distraught that her eyes were glazed over and she looked near a mental breakdown. I expected her to collapse right there and then. The salesman listened intently and he, too, was very concerned about the state of our nation in agreeing with her. He was beginning to mirror her concern but tried to be a little more restrained.

I reached for my wallet to get my calling cards out, but by that time she was already walking away. I approached the man and told him I had overheard the conversation. I asked if he was a Christian. “I most certainly am!” he replied. I continued on, “Well then you should know that the things that are happening were foretold in the Bible.”

We talked a bit and I gave him my card. Afterward, the man thanked me with all sincerity and a glimmer of hope. It was as if a light went on in his head.

Sales of anti-depressant drugs are up 400 percent since the late 2000s. Suicides are up too, mainly among young people; and murder is rampant. It doesn’t surprise me that people are coming to their wit’s end as they witness the moral decay surrounding them.

Without God’s moral compass many of us are no better than wild beasts intent on destroying ourselves and one another. Surely, we are in a spiritual battle for the souls of mankind.

All of this anxiety and fear is happening needlessly for those who don’t know Jesus Christ in a personal way. Jesus offers a peace that surpasses all understanding, freedom from guilt, freedom from worry, freedom from anxiety and hope for the future.

The only requirement is that you learn of Him and live according to His will. He doesn’t expect much of us since he knows what we’re made of. But in spite of that, He desires an intimate relationship with each and every one of us.

Jesus said, “Come to me all ye who labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest. Learn of me, for I am meek and lowly of heart and you will find rest for your souls.”