Illogical Logic Applied to the Jewish Race and Israel :: by Dan Payne

This article is addressed to anyone who does not believe in the promises made by the God of the Bible to a people called the Jews and to a nation called Israel.

This article is also addressed to all who believe in equal treatment by all nations toward all nations as it relates to current world immigration policies.

The world is now witnessing tremendous chaos in the Middle East. Countries like Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya, etc. are being torn apart by the jaws of regional and civil war. Along with familiar antagonists like Iran and Russia, the world’s newest archenemy in human form—ISIS is roaming around the Middle East like a pack of rabid hyenas devouring everything in their path.

You are most likely aware that multitudes of indigenous peoples from those same ancient war-torn countries are being systematically forced to flee their homelands in fear for their lives. A refugee crisis now exists in the Middle East that only looks to be getting worse.

New UN figures suggest more than 700,000 refugees have crossed the Mediterranean into Europe in 2015, dwarfing the number of arrivals during the whole of last year in what has become the worst migration crisis since the end of the Second World War.

I recently viewed a very interesting animated graphic that shows the flow of refugees toward Europe between 2012 and 2015. It uniquely exhibits the incredible multitudes of people flowing from the south to the north.

A question for you: Do you believe that all of the countries that are now receiving these multitudes of refugees from the war-torn Middle East should welcome them with open arms?

Do you believe that wealthier nations have a moral obligation to show kindness toward peoples from other nations who are in danger or impoverished? Do you believe that other relatively safer nations such as the Balkans and other wealthier nations like Germany, Austria, and Britain should caringly receive immigrants from Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya?

Do you believe that they should institute policies that will provide these same refugees with food, shelter, healthcare and all the things necessary to be integrated into their society?

What about America? Do you believe that Middle Eastern refugees should be allowed to come to America? Should we hold our door wide open and integrate the refugees fleeing war and famine into our society like the nations of Europe?

Do you believe that immigrants should have access to the so-called “American dream?” Do you believe that they should be afforded every opportunity to achieve the American dream?

Is there any reason why their future generations can’t someday run for political office including even for president of the United States?

If you answered yes to most of those questions do you also happen to believe in the Bible? Do you believe in the promises that God made toward Israel; that they are eternal promises?

Do you believe the prophecies proclaiming many Jews will return to their homeland after centuries of being scattered throughout the world are still valid for today?

Actually, for the purposes of this article no belief in the Bible or the promises made by the God of the Bible to the Jewish race is required. (There are of course many people who do believe in the Bible but don’t at the same time believe that the promises made by God to the Jewish race are still valid.)

For those of you who don’t believe in the Bible, have you ever contemplated where the Jewish race actually came from? Here are a few ideas for the origins of the Jewish race if indeed the biblical record of their genesis is false: (These are only meant to be tongue-in-cheek as they are of course completely false.)

Maybe the Jews were really an ancient group of disgruntled Samurai warriors who came together to write their own religious text in order to lay claim to the fertile land stretching between the shores of the eastern Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan River.

Or perhaps the Jewish race is made up of a group of Romans who grew dissatisfied with Cesar and decided to take over Palestine and rename it Israel. Maybe they wrote a fairytale and decided to call it the Torah.

Or perhaps “Palestine” was invaded by a clan of Vikings who subsequently integrated their own version of…well, never mind. Again, these outlandish fabrications are meant to demonstrate the absurdity of claiming that the Jewish race and the Bible are not deeply connected.

But even the fact that the Jews and the Bible are completely intertwined is not relevant to the main point of this article.

Here is the main question: If the Jews are just like any other race of people on earth; just like Arabs, Asians, Africans, Caucasians… and if their religion is the same as any other world religion like Hindu, Islam, Catholic… and if the Jews are just like any other group of people who identify themselves as a unique people, group, or race then why aren’t they allowed to be immigrants into a land that is not their own?

Why aren’t they allowed to be accepted into the government of another country called Palestine and play a role in that society and achieve what we in America call the “American dream?” Maybe you could call it the “Palestinian” dream.

Were Jews not at one time fleeing parts of war-torn Europe for their lives in past generations, just like the refugees fleeing parts of the war-torn Middle East today?

Why aren’t Jews allowed to participate in the “Palestinian” dream like all other races are allowed to participate in the “dream” that the countries they are immigrating to have to offer?

If indeed you do not believe in the Bible and the promises that God made to the Jewish race then why treat the Jewish race any different than other races?

Why put so much pressure on Israel to accept those who themselves were and still are unwilling to accept the Jewish refugees from the Second World War into Palestine? Why aren’t Jews allowed to hold political offices in the country that they immigrated into? Why aren’t they free to exercise the powers that go along with holding those political offices?

Do you disagree with the opinion of Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson that a devout Muslim is not qualified to be president of the United States? Do you then believe that anyone, including a Muslim should be allowed to be president of the United States?

If a Muslim person of Arab descent is qualified to be president of the United States then why can’t an Orthodox person of Jewish descent be president of Israel?

The point of this article is to expose the illogical logic that is applied to the Jewish race, compared to the opposite logic that is applied to all other races of the world.

In view of the current refugee crisis, and the actions and exhortations of most world leaders in response to it, one would think that the same logic would apply to Jews in Israel.

Currently, many world leaders are imploring countries that are concerned about the strain that large numbers of refugees would have on their perspective infrastructures to tough it up and open their borders anyway, all in the name of “moral obligation.”

Why not apply the same logic to the Jewish refugees of generations past who fled war and genocide and whose children are now part of the fabric of the land of Palestine?

For the record, the writer of this article absolutely and unequivocally believes in the right of the Jewish people to “occupy” their own ancient homeland called Israel (not Palestine) and the entirety of its rightful capital city called Jerusalem. It has been their land for thousands of years and will continue to be forevermore.