Cheering for Annihilation :: by Jan Markell

Ben Stein has a recent article in The American Spectatortitled, Is This Really Happening? The sub-title reads, “Obama Accedes to Israel’s Possible Annihilation.”

Stein writes, “I really cannot believe what I am seeing in the news about the U.S. and Iran. In 2013, less than 70 years after the end of the Hitler regime in Europe that killed half of all of the Jews in the world, roughly half of the Jews in the world are threatened with annihilation again–and the U.S. administration is not only going along with it, but cheering on the possibility.”

He further writes, “Hitler did not have nuclear weapons, thank God, and there was no tiny little country like Israel where 7 million of the race he hated with such a crazed vengeance lived. So he had to send police and militia and the Gestapo and the SS and local anti-Semites to round up the Jews.

“The Iranians in the recent past, have pledged to destroy the Jewish people in the Middle East. Some of their leaders have boasted that if Iran gets nuclear weapons, Iran will have ‘a holocaust in an afternoon’ by rocketing a few nuclear weapons into Israel.

“Naturally, the Israelis are desperately worried.

“The problem is that Iran has made many promises about stopping the nuclear program. It has not kept any of them. It has not signed the non-proliferation treaty. It has not allowed inspectors in its most secret plants. It has raced on towards nuclear weapons that could, in a half hour or less, cause another holocaust.

“Iran is the world’s leading state sponsor of terror. Many of its top brass have expressed a wish to see an earth rid of Jews altogether. For Mr. Obama to trust these people–the same ones who killed 300 Marines in a terror attack in Beirut 30 years ago last month–to actually change their stripes and suddenly become trustworthy, is deeply naive or worse.

“It’s death for Israel. It’s another Holocaust and the world–except for France–is standing by saying, ‘Go for it, Iran. We trust you.’ There is something biblically horrifying about the whole situation.

“This is no time to reduce the sanctions. If Iran actually destroys its nuclear factories and labs, that’s a better bet. But just for a promise of a freeze to stop the sanctions that can be reversed in hours?

Stein closes by asking, “Have we learned absolutely nothing from Hitler? Will we have the most wicked stain possible on the human race again within one lifetime? Obviously, Mr. Obama is willing to take the chance–with the lives of seven million Jews. Maybe Congress will have more heart.”

Who would have anticipated that America would one day cheer for the annihilation of Israel? But that’s what is happening. And for that there are consequences. Horrific consequences.

Ken Blackwell writes a penetrating article in The Christian Post stating, “Now, the world is distracted and distressed. Financial meltdowns, ethnic conflicts, and a toxic popular culture combine to unfocus our gaze. Iran is proceeding — boldly, defiantly — toward nuclear weapons. The Obama administration clearly has no idea how to prevent this.

“Mr. Obama assures Israelis if they like their country they can keep it. But his word is not to be relied upon.”

Blackwell continues, “Can it be that salvation–at least in this temporal sense–is once more to come from the Jews?Nothing can be clearer than that if the world must rely on Barack Obama to stop the Iranians, they will not be stopped.”

Blackwell concludes, “For these reasons, we need to look to Jerusalem for our security. Once again, the peace of Jerusalem is linked to the fate of the world. This time, let us pray the leaders of the Jewish state do their duty without fear, without interference, and without deference to a muddled leadership in the White House.”

Of course we look to God for our security, but Blackwell is double emphasizing the importance of Israel and our dependence on her rather than Israel’s dependence on America. Our foolish leaders cannot see this. He that keeps Israel neither slumbers nor sleeps (Psalm 121). I don’t think she is going to be annihilated! America may be, but not Israel.

America is currently in a Luke 21 scenario: We have “distress with perplexity.” We have dilemmas for which there are no solutions. There is no way out of the ObamaCare steel trap. No matter which way we turn in the maze, we run into a wall!

How about 80 tornadoes close to Christmas? Is there a message to us in that nightmare?  Perplexity.

Despite the fact that we have a more than trillion dollar deficit, an almost 17 trillion dollar debt, and roughly 100 trillion dollars in unfunded Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security liabilities, we seem incapable of slowing down our spending. Our country will be bankrupt in 5-15 years unless something is done. Perplexity.

The more government expands, the more freedom contracts and less vibrant and healthy our society becomes. This is producing an Orwellian country. Perplexity.

The degenerate and dishonest behavior of our politicians, school shootings, abortion, trashy reality TV, drug use, gang activity, gay marriage and children being born out of wedlock, among many, many other issues, are eating away at the core of our once-solid values. Perplexity.

I believe some of this national decline is directly tied to our support or abuse of one of our best allies, Israel.

Always pay attention to the meaning of Genesis 12:3. There are blessings and cursings involved with the treatment of Israel.

It just never ever pays to stick your finger in the “apple of God’s eye.” No nation, denomination, church, political party, ministry, or individual, will get away with it forever. Behavior has consequences.