Our Proximity to the Tribulation :: by Matt Ward

Futurism is when experts make educated, knowledgeable predictions about where humanity is going in the future. It is a growing and important field used by many national and transnational organizations to help give them an edge over competitors. The military is deeply involved in futurism, trying to gain an advantage over future potential enemies. Banks and hedge funds, also for similar reasons. Nation-states and governments spend substantial amounts of money in futurist-orientated research each year.

Futurists examine trends and attempt to extrapolate where these trends may lead. It is a fascinating field and anybody who spends any time looking at this subject will inevitably come to the conclusion that humanity apparently stands on the brink of change; far more fundamental than any ever experienced in our collective history.

Transhumanism is one such change. The Singularity is another. Strange names of concepts that remain alien to many. These terms will soon be as commonplace to us as “tweeting” and “Facebook.”

The scale of change humanity will witness in the next one hundred years is beyond the ability of most to truly appreciate. Most assume that technological development is constant, and that it is slow. It is not constant or slow. The more advanced technology gets the faster the rate of technological development until it becomes an exponential rate of development. Technological development is advancing faster and faster each and every day.

To illustrate this rate of change think of the following example. The change in technological advancement during the lifetime of a child born today, in 2015, if she was to live a full life and be able to look back to her childhood as an old woman would be the same level of change as a child today going back in time from 2015 to 1750. Such will be the amazing advances made during her short seventy year lifetime.

So where is mankind predicted to be a mere one hundred years from now?

In one hundred years time futurism predicts that mankind will have made drastic and significant advances in a whole range of fields. It will be by 2100 that mankind will have significantly improved its own human based intelligence by augmenting the human brain with Artificial Intelligence (AI). By this point AI will occupy almost every level of business, government, the military, manufacturing and service sectors.

AI, in just one hundred years time is not anticipated to be a separate entity from individual human beings. AI at this point will have been merged with humanity meaning that the human mind has been vastly expanded allowing for the opportunity to simply download vast amounts of information directly into our brains. A person could potentially learn to drive in simply a matter of seconds. Humanity and AI will be well on the way to full integration.

This significant implantation of AI into human beings will have created a trans-human race. Humans who are unwilling or unable to have these implants will be left behind in every sense, unable to comprehend the world in the same way as their “improved” brothers and sisters. This would inevitably lead to vast splits within society.

By 2100-2150, terraforming on Mars is well under way and there are vast floating cities all over the oceans of the world to accommodate the increased population. Cities will commonly see immense buildings and structures more than a kilometer high and these buildings and cities are completely automated.

The military is actively using force fields and the moon is well on the way to being inhabited and settled. “Holo-deck” style environments are now a reality providing individuals wealthy enough with the opportunity to enjoy full immersion virtual reality for the first time, meaning any fantasy imaginable has now become a reality.

This period will see the first bicentenarians and antimatter power plants will be commonplace providing huge amounts of energy to supply a vast human world-wide population. Interestingly, asteroid terrorism is viewed as being possible at this time.

Beyond two hundred years into the future things get really amazing and increasingly difficult for us to conceptualize. After 2200, just two hundred years away from today, employment will be a thing of the past with the majority of citizens spending much of their time in some sort of virtual reality world.

Although the real world will still exist most will chose to spend their time on-line as a consequence of the almost god-like powers it will bring them, especially those already augmented by AI. At this point full mind uploading will be possible to a whole variety of platforms.

Men and women who have been augmented, it is believed, will have become virtually immortal.

Antimatter star-ships have been developed so that the solar system can be successfully explored, but only those trans-humans appropriately augmented will be able to exploit this opportunity as only they will be intellectually and physically able to handle to demands of interstellar travel. The latter part of this period, up to 2300 AD, should witness the rapid colonization of the solar system.

Beyond this point predictions become even more amazing, if that were possible. Human beings become super humans via a combination of nanotechnology and AI. These trans-humans, compared to those living in 2000 AD, have god-like capabilities with the ability to manipulate their own DNA to suite the environment in which they find themselves; unbelievable intelligence and speed of thinking as well as amazing physical abilities, gained through enhancement. Trans-humans of this time would more resemble a super hero or video game character from today.

Mars and Venus have been terraformed and are being settled and the exploration of the rest of the galaxy through the exploitation of worm-holes is underway.

This all sounds so fantastic doesn’t it. Consider that the time frames used for the developments described above are only the same as a human being today going back in time to 1700.

Technological development is going to become an exponential one in the near future due to something called the singularity; the point at which AI becomes superior to human intelligence. When this point is reached, and it is commonly believed that it will happen any time now, human intelligence is removed from the design and development process and technological innovation and progress just gets faster and faster until progress and technological development becomes exponential.

There is, however, one flaw in all these predictions. All these predictions, even if they are based on trends that we can anticipate and technology we know will be developed, are flawed. These predictions are not going to happen.

These future technologies far exceed the technology predicted in the book of Revelation.

We already have the technology necessary to fulfill the technological requirements for Revelation and the Tribulation period. If humanity were to continue along its present rate of technological development then the technology we would have in just twenty years would begin to far exceed the technology necessary for the tribulation period to occur.

We already have the technology necessary to implement a Mark of the Beast system. We just do not yet have the will to enforce it, yet.

We already have the technology necessary to restrict the buying and selling capacity of each and every human being on this earth, just not the will to enforce it.

We already have the technology required to destroy all of the earth, and we have had this capability for quite some time now.

We are now entering the time when, for the first time, it will become necessary to have a one world currency system, due to a complete systemic breakdown of our current economic systems. With this one world economic system will come a one world governing system and the necessary judicial systems to back this up. The technology for the implementation of this is already here. Indeed, do a quick Google search, the calls for a one world government are now loud and proud, with the most vocal being the current Pontiff, Francis I.

Many writers I respect are openly voicing the possibility that this man may actually be the biblical False Prophet. He is certainly fulfilling that role well up to this point.

We already have the technology necessary to be able to kill by execution the vast numbers of people martyred in the Tribulation period, and the necessary expertise to identify them, round them up, hold them and then kill them. This Christian target group is also being actively alienated in our own cultures today. This is in preparation for the final persecution to come under the Antichrist. The satanically inspired Zeitgeist of the age, the spirit of the age, is positioning the general public’s consciousness, readying them for the horrific persecution that will soon come.

We have the technology necessary for the kings and rulers of the earth to flee deep in the caves of the earth to “hide themselves from the face of the Lamb” (Revelation 6:16) It has even become common knowledge that our governments and elites are actually moving vital equipment and stores deep into these deep mountain bases right now.

We have the technology necessary to destroy our atmosphere so that, “the skies were rolled up like a scroll…” (Revelation 6:14). When the Large Hadron Collider comes to full power in mid-September the magnetic field it will produce will be 100,000 times stronger than the earth’s magnetic field. (The Earth’s magnetic field shields us from harmful solar radiation, without this magnetic shield our atmosphere would be completely destroyed) Scientists at CERN openly admit they have “no idea” what effect this will have on the Earth’s magnetic field.

We have the necessary technology for “every eye to see Him,” (Revelation 1:7). Equally, we have the technology now for the whole world to witness the preaching of the Two Witnesses and for the whole world to see the Beast confront them and kill them, and then leave them lying in the streets, whilst the whole world looks on in celebration.

For two thousand years believers looked at these prophecies and wondered how? Now we look at them and wonder, when?

The technology revealed in Revelation is the technology of 2015. It is not the technology of circa 2040.

The Tribulation isn’t going to be in twenty years time. The Tribulation is going to be soon. Really soon.

Jesus must literally be standing right at the door.