Satan’s Post-Rapture Deception Planning :: by Joe Southerland

My article, “What? The Good Guys are Left Behind?” struck a nerve with a number of Christian readers, who pointed out a big hole in the apostate church’s explanation. Here are two such queries:

Are the tens of millions of babies, and children who are taken in the Rapture considered the bad guys? It will be hard to explain when the babies disappear from homes, and hospital baby wards, when toddlers disappear from all over the world-when the millions of bodies of dead babies, and dead children disappear from their graves. How will the wonderful apostate church explain this. Are the innocent babies and children also the bad guys?

No one seems to talk about how it will be explained that all the babies and young children, even those in the womb will be raptured, too. What is the world going to be like…what is this world going to think when there are no babies and children and all previously expecting wombs of non believers are now no longer pregnant.

Great questions and comments, and thanks for provoking my thoughts further on this topic.

In an earlier article I discussed, that watchers were given a glimpse behind the curtains to see a small piece of Satan’s deception plan he is preparing in case the Rapture occurs.

I say “in case the Rapture occurs” because we must remember Satan is not omniscient, and while he is fully aware of the Rapture doctrine, he is not really sure the event will occur. However, being the wisest of God’s creatures, he has fully prepared an elaborate contingency plan which he will rapidly execute if needed.

His plan will not only account for the disappearances of all born-again believers, the children, the babies and the unborn, but he will shape this deception to accomplish far, far more than that. Satan’s false Rapture message will present one of his grandest lies, a true masterpiece of evil, and potentially the greatest fraud ever perpetrated against mankind as it will lay the groundwork for his entire end-time evil cabal.

And the core basis of that deception has been in plain sight before us to see for decades gaining momentum year after year.

What a Difference a Year Makes

Last year I posted a Rapture Ready article which discussed the potential lies the Antichrist and False Prophet would present to the masses as he rises to power; echoing Satan’s previous poster boy and antichrist trial balloon Adolf Hitler.

At that time I could not conceive how anyone, even Satan, could convincingly wrap a viable deception around a global event the size and magnitude of the Rapture. So I just moved past Satan’s Rapture deception and discussed the potential propaganda lies of the coming world leader, the Antichrist.

But what a difference a year makes. Based upon a flood of recent news, press releases and coalescing secular and religious world views, I believe there is sufficient evidence to speculate on the Satan-inspired deception that the left behind religious, political and even scientific leaders will swallow hook, line and sinker to explain away the Rapture…babies and all.

Before I go further…let me fully clarify upfront that this is not a spiritual revelation on my part, but solely speculation based upon what Scriptures the Lord God provides, and the light that it sheds upon global social, religious, economic, and political trends in these closing days of the Church Age.

The Post Rapture World Stage

Satan has fully forecasted the global conditions of a post-Rapture world, and has formulated, and in fact is already working on his deception to take advantage of the confusion and chaos. Satan knows that the post-Rapture world will provide a unique opportunity like none other to shape global economics, spirituality, and politics.

Economically: The financial disruptions will vary by region, with the greatest impacts in the previously blessed strongholds of the Lord God. America hedged and blessed by the Lord God for so long, with its relatively high percentage of Believers making up a large chunk of its labor force, will likely collapse. As America, the leading economy in the world, implodes she will likely drag the rest of the globe’s modern economies with her in the greatest financial depression in history. An economic recovery plan will be demanded by the world, and Satan’s plan will offer global stability, though at a sacrifice.

Spiritually: The entire post-Rapture population will be composed of people who are in rebellion against God, be it active or passive. Those left behind will be false god worshipers, fence-sitters or god deniers without any spiritual discernment. They will be biblically mistaken, misguided or illiterate and critical for Satan’s deception (emotionally and intellectually vulnerable), having just experienced the most unbelievable supernatural event the world has collectively experienced since Noah’s flood. A spiritual answer will be demanded, and Satan’s plan will provide something to believe in.

Politically: The Holy Spirit will no longer hold back Satan’s actions, and his minion’s dark influences will rapidly descend upon or solidify their positions in every town hall and courthouse at the city, state, federal and global level. In the West the born-again Christians who represented the more conservative elements in society will be gone, and the liberal elements within politics will hold sway like never before. Citizens will demand a new political vision and ideas, and Satan’s plan will provide that leadership.

The Demands of the Rapture Deception

Satan has anticipated that to successfully carry out his deception message he must at a minimum deal with following issues:

– Explain why everyone who remained on the earth stayed, while the Believers in Christ to include all the children and unborn babies disappeared in an instant.

– Soothe and mollify the frantic, near inconsolable parents of all the millions of babies and children from every races and religion on the face of the earth.

– Provide an explanation which is palatable world-wide and transcends multi-cultural, multi-ethnic, and multi-religious boundaries.

– Provide a supernatural explanation to a clearly supernatural event witnessed and digitally recorded by hundreds of millions of people across the globe.

– Lastly and most important for Satan, this deception must serve to solidify the morale high-ground needed to form/unite his one world apostate church, and grant global governing authority to a one world government which the Antichrist will soon inherit.

The Delivery of the Rapture Deception

For his Rapture deception mouthpieces, Satan will use the worthless shepherds of the world’s apostate and false religions who led their flocks astray. Yet the spiritually blind people of earth will be groping in dark desperation, and return to the same spiritually blind guides to explain this extraordinary, supernatural event.

In their arrogance, the apostate, false religious leaders will be in complete denial of the Bible’s Rapture scriptures which the born-again Believers pointed to predicting this exact event. We already know from an apostate churches priest’s own words [1] they already believe the “good guys” will stay, while the “bad guys,” the intolerant, bigoted, inerrant Bible believers will be taken away by a god.

However, they will be perplexed why would a loving “god” remove babies and children from the planet? What compelling compassionate reason would their many-paths-to-god, universal-grace-to-all-god have to perform such an act?

Amidst their anguish, Satan will shoot his fiery darts into the minds of these blind guides, which they in turn will pass as spiritual guidance and redirection to the confused and godless world masses. The answers Satan will give these apostate leaders will be wrapped around a core issue which Satan has been tracking behind the scenes; an issue which is now being pushed to the forefront as we draw near to the Rapture.

So what is the core issue which Satan will build his post-Rapture “Big Lie” deception around? Here is one very plausible possibility:

A Core Issue on Which to Build

Here it is: “Mankind’s activities have overheated the earth to the extent that unless the human race acts collectively and dramatically the earth will become uninhabitable and the human race will cease to exist as a species.”

I know what some you are thinking. “What? Man-made global warming? Climate change? That is the core issue Satan can build his post-Rapture deception upon? Really?”

At first read this seems rather tame, but you need to remember the audience Satan is addressing will be desperate for an explanation, and many of those who remain have already solidified this into their core set of beliefs. Man-made global warming fits the bill.

I will not argue whether it is the truth or a hoax, nor its origins, nor its politics, nor who is pushing the agenda. That is not germane to this specific discussion. What is important is that it is a mature concept which is perceived as a critical issue by many across the globe, and is at Satan’s disposal to manipulate for his purposes.

For decades manmade global warming has placed man at the center of his universe and presents to him an issue he believes he can fix. Man-made global warming also pre-judges everyone on the planet as guilty, and then demands everyone make immediate personal sacrifices in order to “Save the planet!”

Despite being built on admittedly, partially manipulated data that resulted in a public relations nightmare which demanded a name change to Climate Change, it has not only survived, it has thrived. Many people worldwide now accept it as a fact, and the manmade global warming agenda has spread among all the nations, religions and creeds of the earth through the education systems, news outlets, entertainment industries, our science institutions, and our governments.

It has also generated a nearly religious following which generates animosity to those who do not follow similar beliefs, and labels them “Global-Warming deniers.”

It has become a primary policy driver in many national governments (now including the United States due to Obama), of the United Nations, and of many main stream religions (to include the Catholic Church due to Pope Francis), all of whom urge the passing of global legislation to deal with this pending crisis.

Manmade global warming is primed and sets ready for Satan to exploit.

Feeding the Big Lie to a Post Rapture World

On the heels of the Rapture, with the core beliefs of the big lie already firmly established across the globe, Satan is prepared to seamlessly dovetail in his post-Rapture deception. Behind the scenes he will work to have the global religious leaders and the United Nations and national politicians work hand in hand to introduce and then promote his deceptive, “last best hope for mankind” ploy.

With unequalled anticipation and fanfare, unknowingly or not, Satan’s inspired religious and political leaders will conduct an official global release of their message, broadcasting it live and translating it into every language through every media outlet across the entire globe. Piously and soberly they will stand before rows of flags, dressed in their finest vestments and tailored suites, while their spokesman reads a message which will sound something akin to this:

In light of the recent miraculous events and the ensuing crisis, the Global Council of Religions of the United Nations unanimously proclaims:

God who is known by many names, has clearly provided us a warning to make it known mankind’s activities have abused, exhausted, and overheated the earth to the extent that unless the human race acts collectively and dramatically, humans will make the earth uninhabitable and the human race will cease to exist as a species.

God’s infinite mercy and compassion have temporarily removed the earth’s innocents to a place of protection so they will not face the near term consequences of mankind’s crime against mother earth. Once mankind returns the earth to harmony, God will miraculously return the children to a cleaner, safer and more sustainable earth. Know that your children are safe with God.

God’s infinite mercy and wisdom have removed some of the earth’s most intolerant people who judged others and who would stand in the way of bringing harmony with mother earth. In this act, God has confirmed love for all by condemning hatred, bigotry, or intolerance of any kind against any race, religion, color, ethnicity, creed, sexual orientation, or gender orientation.

God has placed upon mankind a moral obligation to work as one people, to set aside national and personal agendas so together we can make the necessary changes and sacrifices to save mother earth, our species, and secure the safe return of our innocents. May God provide you strength and peace of mind as we work in unity to mend and remove those things which have offended God and Mother Earth.”

Hmmm…so there you have it.

Will manmade global warming be the backdrop issue Satan will use, or will it be one of the many other brands Satan has in the fire? Regardless what lie he weaves, Satan is working behind the scenes preparing his lies, which he will use to launch his one world religion and government.

As time draws closer Satan will show more glimpses of his plans, which will be evident for those who watch with the Bible open and the council of the Holy Spirits in their hearts.

A final quote for thought:

“Everything is related, and we human beings are united as brothers and sisters on a wonderful pilgrimage, woven together by the love God has for each of His creatures and which also unites us in fond affection with brother sun, sister moon, brother river, and mother earth.” (Pope Francis, 2015)

Come Lord Jesus, Come!

P.S. For full disclosure purposes, I am a hard-line man made global warming denier. It is going to take the Lord God and His Son Jesus Christ to clean up the mess Man is making, and I am not just talking about the environment.