The Destruction of the Afro-American :: by Robert Campbell

Hello, my fellow Christians and Americans! It’s been awhile since I’ve written any articles. I didn’t stop writing, I just decided to go back to school. I’ve written several articles before and by now, most folks know that I’m a black man. I’m not an African-American; just a plain old black American. I’m not from Africa. I was born and bred right here in “the good ‘ol U.S. of A.” To be specific, I’m actually a Christian American who happens to be black.
My first article was called, Sounding the Alarm. It described how I was living with one foot in church, and one foot in the world. When I realized I could not serve both, I decided to put both feet on the solid ground of the Gospel. God gave me discernment and insight to see truth, along with the ability to get the message out to anyone who would listen.

So, let me cut to the chase.

My people, the blacks of America, are being destroyed. In less than 7 years, our President has turned this entire nation into a cesspool of evil and influenced other world leaders to do the same. Unfortunately, my fellow blacks have assisted him all the way by listening to and following false preachers and leaders like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and even Hillary Clinton, while the liberal media adds fuel to the angry fire! It should now be clear to everyone that our President is not what he appears to be.

When the Supreme Court handed down the decision to allow same sex marriage, they sealed America’s doom, yet most black folks fell right in line with it, mostly because Obama is all for it. Do you need to see evidence that they’ll pretty much agree with anything he says?

Look around you! Blacks lead the nation in the number of abortions they undergo, with approximately 1800 black babies murdered every day. Eighty percent of black fathers don’t live in the home and 78% of all black babies are born out of wedlock. Naturally this leads to a never-ending cycle of poverty, black-on-black crime and an ever simmering rage within the black community.

Let’s not forget the ridiculous police shootings of thugs which led blacks to believe their own twisted version of the truth, despite what the evidence clearly proved. These incidents led to riots, property damage and more lives lost. I could go on and on, but the list is just too long. I lay these things at the feet of our President, Barack Obama. He and his cronies have turned this country into what he wanted from the beginning; a Godless, socialist society.

We might as well start calling him Reverend-President Barack Obama now. If any of you watched the eulogy he gave for Reverend Pinckney in Charleston, SC, you were once again witness that Obama is a gifted speaker. This man, who stands against everything that is good, entered a black church and mesmerized an entire congregation, city, state, country and possibly even the world. And, as usual, black folks fell for it, hook, line and sinker!

He fed those people everything they wanted to hear; he gave the congregation all the hate he could throw at them. He even made them believe the white men and women sitting right next to them, should be ashamed of themselves for their ancestors past. And black folks just kept on clapping, and praising God, all in the name of Jesus! He even sang to them, entertaining folks that are mesmerized by music. Of course, after the service, the liberal media fell into fawning adoration, covering the event as if Obama was God Himself.

However, Christians saw him for what he truly is: an evil man. We listened as he deceived many.

It’s sad to see so many blacks mindlessly following this guy. How did this happen to us? Did we lose our ability to discern truth from lies when Lyndon Johnson, the 36th President of the United States, passed the Welfare Act, some 50 years ago? Was that law, presented to the American people as a way to lift up blacks, what started the slow and insidious destruction of African-American society?

The Welfare Act supposedly took care of the family. It fed you, clothed you and housed you. BUT, it stated that “no man must be in the home.” This one law is responsible for the decline of the black man we once knew; the proud hardworking man who showed up at his job every day, who took care of his family and fathered all his children from only one woman–his wife.

There is no more black family. It’s been destroyed. It’s been replaced by a new breed of so-called “black man.” This one doesn’t believe in having a family–just being a baby daddy who is too sorry to keep a job to support the many children he’s fathered with various women. This breed of black man enjoys looking like a woman, wearing dreadlocks and earrings, with his pants hanging off his rear end, showing his boxers like some idiot. This is our modern day black man. Let me be clear, this isn’t ALL black men, but it sure describes most of them.

To see blacks used as political tools at that funeral, after a major tragedy, should show you what kind of man Barack Obama really is. What made me the saddest was watching his adoring audience worship him like he’s a god. My people, what do you do now? Your President has changed the course of America, driving us to our doom, yet you stood around, shaking hands and hugging as if some victory had been accomplished. Do you actually believe removing the Confederate flag will ease your pain?

There is not a channel, cable network, TV show, movie or secular song that doesn’t shove evil down our throats and that of our children. Oh, but you can hear a pin drop in the black churches! They’ve been very quiet. I sure haven’t heard anything from the pastors. I wonder what they’ll teach next Sunday. Will it be business as usual, as they reach for your money while preaching equality? Pastors need to get their priorities in order and speak the truth!

I heard somewhere that God has his limits, and there really is a point of no return. I believe we have come to that point in time. One of the major sins we have committed is abortion. We have killed nearly 60 million babies in this country alone. That’s got to be one sin that’s difficult for God to forgive, but I know He will.

Another national sin is turning our back on Israel, which this President and Congress have done. Finally, we’ve slapped God in the face by insisting that marriage between one man and one woman is not enough. America has committed all three abominations and has betrayed God. It’s obvious that Satan is forcing us to decide which team we’re on.

These days remind me of what must have been happening when Hitler was rising to power. I wonder what was going through the minds of some of the Jews. Did some flee because they saw the handwriting on the wall? Were some forced to stay because they didn’t have the means to flee? What about the others? Were they like present day Americans, burying their head in the sand because they couldn’t believe what was really happening, so they did their best to explain it all away?

That is where I believe we are at, here in America. We don’t believe our demise is really happening. We’re repeating history, except this time, it won’t be Nazis. It will be the United Nations New World Order soldiers kicking in your door at midnight. Looking to the church now for answers will not help you. Oh sure, there are churches out there that are preaching Biblical truth and warning of the days ahead, but they are few in number.

Christians should be aware of these perilous times, but not be alarmed. We know these things must happen for the Kingdom of God to come. What’s next on the agenda? The flood gates have been opened and it appears that it’s taken my people, black folks, along for the ride. Yes, I know I will be ridiculed, called an “Uncle Tom,” etc., but at least I know those who criticize are reading and might just learn something.

Satan has duped a lot of people from all races and eras. It’s clear to me that the return of Christ is upon us. Biblical prophecy is being fulfilled right before our eyes and we are truly living in a time that is like the days of Noah. Jesus warned us what the last days would entail, and things appear to be right on schedule. He will receive all the glory, that’s for sure! I thank Him for the grace that allows me to see these things.

It is obvious that America now looks like Sodom and Gomorrah. As a watchman on the wall, all I have to offer is God’s truth, no matter what it may cost me. There are times things appear hopeless and I feel like my hands are tied, but we’re not finished quite yet. There are still many who need to come to Jesus.

Even out of this dark hour in America, God will bring in a mighty harvest of souls. We Christians must be ready to give the lost the truth at a moment’s notice. It’s our duty. Dear Jesus, please forgive them, for they know not what they do.

My people, my black brothers and sisters, have lost their way, but with your help Lord, you’ll lead us to those who are searching for you. Despite the darkness, we can be confident God is in control. This message is for all people, regardless of race, creed or color. I just personally focus on my kindred. Don’t forget to pray for the peace of Israel.