Is There Peace for the Worrywarts? :: by Don Twobears

Recently I had this…sort of…revelation, concerning how we live each and every day. Obviously, we are concerned about the Ebola virus which scares everyone, right? We are also concerned with the Avian flu of varying types and even the measles, mumps and rubella. We worry so much about heart disease and strokes, then we worry about diabetes and even early onset of Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

It would seem that the news of today, is continually remarking how bad everything is. Don’t barbecue anything because of the carbon, don’t drink sodas because of the sugar factor and the resulting obesity. Oh My!

I am a diabetic, and I am so because I am an American Indian and we have had little time since eating meat that we derived from wild animals. But those in medicine think we should be eating what they deem necessary; processed foods. Then we have the “experts” telling us we should rid ourselves of these “processed foods” because of all the toxins. Huh?

Of course we should eat this and not that, do this but don’t do that, this can be risky to eat, but it’s good for you…IF?! For every confirmation is one area, there’s an “expert” telling you there is a deficit or risk in another, so…what should we do? Oh wow…I’m running in circles here.

How do I get off this vicious cycle? And then we look in the mirror and new have barely aged past 25. You still have all those years to what 65..maybe 80…IF. I hate that word…IF. Those are two letters put together that make the world cringe in horror.

It’s true. There are others things as well. Fall out of a window from a high rise building, get bitten by a snake or get spread out down about a mile of highway by an 18 wheeler! Oh horrors. And so now we run around like chickens with their heads cutoff, Oh horrors…what a thing to say.

The fact is we will eventually meet our end. I know, we should all just fall asleep, having lived an extremely long and filled life, right? Well if you think that, let me pop that balloon for you and tell you, that is not how life works.

James 4:13-15 “Go to now, ye that say, ‘Today or tomorrow we will go into such a city, and continue there a year, and buy and sell, and get gain: Whereas ye know not what shall be on the morrow. For what is your life? It is even a vapour, that appeareth for a little time, and then vanisheth away. For that ye ought to say, If the Lord will, we shall live, and do this, or that.’”

As I have stated before, we all sort of  slide right into life and then we slide right out of it. Few ever knew us before we were ever born and there will be few that will remember us after we are gone, right? And so we keep wondering why we must live with all these pitfalls, why is it that we have such a short life, or we must die such horrible ways, under such grim prospects.

Could it be…that the majority do not understand why we are here in the first place?

Where did everyone get the idea that this life is meant to run around and do whatever you want and just have a great time? If you think this way you are in for a big surprise. The Bible tells us that Adam was created to take care of the Garden of Eden. Then God took a rib from Adam and created the woman, Eve, and told them to conceive and bear children. Taking care of the Garden of Eden, would be work.

Oops! There’s that other word that brings great fear and foreboding to each of us…WORK.

If we take a closer look, we will find that Adam and Eve would have it “made in the shade” if they had simply done what the Lord God asked…which we know…they didn’t. God created all the trees and everything, all they would have had to do was to collect it all and then walk and talk with God in the cool of the evening.

How much more simple could that be? Think on it for a moment. All Adam and Eve would have had to do to reap all the benefits of the work God had done for them. Wow. What a concept, right? BUT…NO…they had to mess it all up…with sin!

So now we get to work and sweat and fall asleep with sore muscles and a tired mind every night. We get to watch as our bodies grow old and infirmed after so many years of toil. Arthritis attacks some at every turn, our minds grow feeble to the point that many of us become unable to take care of ourselves.

We watch as children, as well as many adults across the world die of hunger. Disease is rampant across the world, war is a constant problem everywhere. We moan and groan as we take our children to the doctor’s office, place our elderly in nursing institutions and later we must bury them. And at many times in life, we wonder, “How can a loving God…be so cruel?”

Again, I am going to ask, “Could it be…that the majority do not understand why we are here in the first place?” Why is it that we pursue so many things in this life and then find they just don’t satisfy us like we thought they would?

Let’s back up for a moment and remember that Adam and Eve committed the first sin for humanity by listening to the first one who committed a sin in the first place! Do ya think this is a “duh moment?”

Satan and his ilk sinned against God and were thrown out of heaven. Satan then becomes “prince of the air.” So what do Adam and Eve do? They listen to what Satan says to them and believe him?

Now we listen to politicians and other such knowledgeable experts on how we are going to bring about peace.. Have you lost your mind? We are the descendants of Adam and Eve, we are a fallen species and WE are going to bring about PEACE? Yeah…right! Hey, I have ocean front property in Montana and it’s a real deal for ya. We are listening to the WRONG people here. Get it?

I know used car sales people that will sell you a lemon and have you praising them, as the parts fall off the vehicle while you drive down the road. The Bible is full of circumstances that prove beyond shadow of doubt, that we need to follow Jesus Christ…who is God and do as HE created us be. God wanted a people that HE could love and give a wonderful life to, and that we would be His people and follow HIM.

The Lord God still provides this for us today. The problem is who is paying any attention to that fact? Looking around, we see the majority of humanity isn’t paying any attention at all to God…or reading His Word. So now you’re sitting there all worried about this disease or that occurrence; that tragedy or another, wringing your hands continuously, when the answer has been right in front of your nose the entire time.

You want peace and joy…see Jesus Christ. You want a full and enjoyable life…See Jesus Christ. The rest of this life does not mean a thing, even death as a human…see Jesus Christ. Once you see the problem, it should be elementary as to what the answer is: Jesus Christ.

Once you live for Jesus Christ, you’re going to see everything differently. You’re going to see that this life is to make a single decision…for Jesus Christ. Anything and everything in this life, other than for Jesus Christ, is temporary, it stays right here on earth. Our goal is to get to heaven for eternity! And the entire time, it keeps coming back to the exact same answer…see Jesus Christ!

You can surely go a different route, but then you must be willing to accept the consequence, eternal death in the lake of fire…with Satan and his ilk! if you want to listen to his lies every time you turn around, be my guest. You don’t want to believe in a God, be my guest. You don’t believe in eternity…anywhere? Again, be my guest.

And God says in His Word…it’s YOUR choice to make. I would suggest, that you find out the facts before you decide, know what you NEED to know and then choose for yourself. Just like everything else in this life, it’s always a choice you must make. The question then becomes: Are you willing to accept…the END RESULT?

Are you willing to put your worries to rest…are you willing to turn these problems over to the Lord God? You must know that one day you will have to answer to God for your choice and how you lived.