An Unpredictable Life – Part 3 :: by Don Twobears

As we take a serious look at ourselves, we know we are responsible and accountable for what we do in this life. Because of this and what we believe and whom we wish to follow, our destination is set. There are many who will balk at this in disbelief, simply saying it is easier to blame others. But the Lord God Almighty is all about absolute Truth. One day each of us will stand before HIM and we will be either one of HIS children or a foreign adversary.

I remember my mom once told me that the angels of heaven would be willing to give up their celestial existence to be human like us, to live and die and be a child of God. I know at the time, I was thinking to myself, “Yeah…right!” I was also wondering why they would be willing to do such a thing, considering how awful this life can be.

I know this life can be tough, but we often ask for it to be tough. We resolve in our minds that we are in charge, that we are in control and therefore we make our lives what we want them to be; even though we know we are fallen. We say and think what we want and we choose to do things that are against the Lord God, and when it all caves in on us, we wonder what went wrong.

Why is it so difficult for you and me to realize we are the ones that are so short-sighted? We live this life according to “hunches” or to what we “think” is going on, never once able to actually know for sure. That sort of thinking is very much akin to navigating a new place, when we are blind.

You’re in trouble, having a problem, so what do you do? You choose to solve it for yourself, when we have a Lord and Father that already know what needs to be done. The question is this: Why do you not ask your Lord and Savior what to do next? Most of us, have no idea that “pride” is our worst enemy and yet we fall for that ploy of pride, each and every time. And in that same time frame, we think we are so intelligent, so wise.

We take one step and fall all over ourselves and even then, you won’t go to the Lord God for help; it’s too much for you to ask for help. “Me? Humble myself…Yeah, right!” See what I mean about pride? And if we take a moment and consider what pride actually is, we would see that it is a LIE…and who was it that told us that LIE? Yuppers…the father of lies—Satan!

To live on this little planet we must have bodies made of bones, floating in water. That makes us nothing more than bags of bone and water. Having stated that, and you knowing it, why do you wonder about disease processes? If you think about it, we are two-legged, walking, petri dishes, just waiting for the next virus or bacteria to attach itself to us.

Lately we have heard or rather been frightened by Vibro vulnoificus (another form of necrotizing fasciitis) the flesh eating bacteria. The mosquitoes of the Caribbean are spreading Chichikungunya virus and yet we do not have a cure for the common cold, We suffer from allergies and the like. Have you ever wondered how these things came to be?

We have people governing over us and they are always talking about war, of how they abhor the thought of war; yet they are the exact people who are starting the wars that claim the lives of our sons and daughters. I thought we didn’t want any more wars, so why are we constantly looking for a fight? The exact same thing applies to the crime in all of our states and yet we continue to push God out of our schools, what kind of children are we rearing?

The Word of God tells us that homosexuality is an abomination, so what do we do? We have our government and the courts enact laws that help this abomination to flourish! This is called SIN and we are an oxymoron in every step we take. And so now everyone is sitting around and trying to figure out where we have gone wrong. Could it be that far too many people are listening to Satan and his ilk…tell us LIES?

What is even worse is that when these things happen to us we turn and shake our fists at God. Did it ever occur to you, that it was never God that made these things happen to you in the first place? Being that we are bags of bones and waste, has it ever occurred to you that we do nothing more than pass fluids back and forth among ourselves? And then you wring your hands for an answer and a plausible reason for things like STDs, viruses and bacterial infections.

If we took a few minutes and read Genesis 3, we would see that the source of all these disease processes, death and many other bad things are prevalent because of SIN. And who was it that sought to confuse Eve to commit the first sin on earth? Satan, once again. So do not shake your fist at God, shake it at those responsible: Satan and YOU!

We are responsible for our SINS, Satan is responsible for telling you LIES. But again, it is you believing these LIES. How many suicides must occur before we realize there are literal holes in the lives of everyone who does not know Jesus Christ as Lord. Jesus Christ, the One who died for you and me on that horrible Roman Cross, shed HIS blood to cover our SINS. Askyourself, how would this world be if everyone followed Jesus Christ? Life would never be “unpredictable!”

I hate hearing about how wonderful and effervescent everyone thinks they are; you are no big deal unless you follow Jesus Christ. Without Jesus Christ you are nothing of any real worth, because it is Jesus Christ in you…that gives you real worth. Without Jesus Christ, we are filthy, dirty rags, deserving to be thrown away, discarded and burned.

Those who walk that wide and broad highway to destruction look like the zombie apocalypse trudging along; no real thoughts, no real direction and simply footsteps toward eternal damnation. The thing is, it doesn’t need to stay that way. Jesus Christ is always there, waiting for you to come to HIM.

All you must do is to ask HIM to forgive you of your sins, to cover your sins with HIS blood from the Cross and save you! He will pluck you from that highway to destruction and place you on a soft and sweet narrow path, where HE will walk with you!