Given, Just for Asking – Part 3 :: by Don Twobears

We have spent some time looking at SIN and then moving on to looking at how our bodies are and why. We have also talked about our spirit as well. I have decided that I want to continue in this direction, about the spirit. In this you will see how interesting our spirit truly is, how we refer to it and act with it. It is so important that we understand this phenomenon; that we have come to label so incorrectly.

In Part Two, we talked about our bodies and asked questions of why we hold our chest when the heart is hurts, or why we think thoughts come from our head. We also looked at how we see our nervous system, how we are able to play an instrument and so forth. The real truth is that our entire body is an actual part of our spirit, an extension of our spirit, if you will. We now know that our human brain does not produce or interact with the ideas or thoughts we have, because our brain is a “physical” mass and yet, our “spirit” is never seen.

In all actuality, we often give our “spirit” the wrong name, especially after the death of our body. We THINK there are ghosts, because we know inherently, we have a spirit in us. We have thought we are able to see the ghosts of those that have passed on, yet according to the Bible, we are either in heaven or we are in hell, at the very second of our death here on earth. So…what exactly are we experiencing, when we think we are witnessing a ghost?

To find this out we must do one of two things, look in the Word of God or accept the ideas of other men. Lets be clear here, other than Jesus Christ, no man or woman has ever died (completely medically died and stayed dead) and returned some time later to tell us what there is on the other side of death. Therefore, we can either believe the Word of God or disbelieve it and again, that is in accordance with Scripture as well, according to our chosen final destination in eternity.

Luke 10.18: “And he said unto them, I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven.”

This passage of Scripture is easy to read and understand and yet none of us, you or me, have ever seen Satan or his ilk. Yet…we have proof every day that Satan and his ilk do indeed exist! Simply knowing that evil does exist in this world, we can also know that righteousness exists as well, if there is SIN in the world, there is forgiveness for SIN as well, through Jesus Christ. Having said that, with some who are not saved accepting it as well, we KNOW there is a GOD.

We need only to take a deep breath of sweet air or drink a glass of clean water to know the wonders of  our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, it’s that simple. We already see the murders, thefts and any other SIN in the world to see Satan’s handiwork. For the life of me, I am not able to understand how anyone is not able to make sense of this!

Now, we are able to see that Satan and his ilk are spiritual beings. What is better is that Jesus Christ was a human at one time, HE died for you and m, was resurrected and is now in heaven, waiting on you and me to arrive at HIS will or when HE comes for us in the Rapture. Herein lies the biggest problem for us humans, we have only had these bodies for a short while and we think that this is all there is, we don’t know any better.

We have “finite minds” therefore we are only able to know so much and that’s it, see so much and nothing more. The Bible says so. Yet we have people that “choose” NOT to believe the Bible. Evidently they don’t understand─that makes them dumber than  believers, weird, right?

Back to my earlier point, I want you to understand that God does NOT need to prove HIMSELF to you and me, it is enough for the Bible to state, HE is, who HE says HE is! It is also enough that Satan and his ilk must abide by God’s rules as a well, the Lord God Almighty is sufficient for all. We know from the Bible that demons do exist and they have some abilities in this world.

Do you remember the story of Jesus Christ casting the demons from a man into a herd of pigs? We know there are such things as possessions of people, the stories abound of this, in our world. We also know that Satan and his demonis forces are able to seduce people into committing horrible actions and still as yet, no one has ever seen him or his ilk. They are spirits and they are definitely against everything dealing with our Lord and Savior!

Looking at all the evidence, we are able to see that we are in a life and death struggle, between our God Almighty and Satan and his demons. The one SIN that Satan loves to use against us, is deception! It is also known through the Bible, that Satan is the father of lies and flies and deceiving you and me, is what he loves to use to cripple us and keep us from our Lord and Savior.

Our bodies are very weak and very susceptible to many, many, things; diseases, thirst, hunger, pain and the list goes on and on. We must understand that it is our spirit, that gives us life in these bodies, not the other way around. Seventy to eighty years is not very long! In that time frame though, we go through many changes, from the beginning as young and vibrant, to old age and our senses are dulled.

Have you ever wondered why we may feel 20 something years of age inside, even though our bodies are old and run down, why is that? The question is, does our spirit age? I believe that our spirit does not age, that God does not age! As the Bible truthfully states, We are created in HIS Image.

This will show that we do indeed have an expiration date! In other words, Satan and his minions do not have a lot of time to convince us that God does not exist. He must pull every trick in the book to keep your eyes off Jesus Christ and on everything else, therefore they are demons that we “THINK” we see, in terms of ghosts. We have already discussed that for believers, “to be absent from the body, is to be present with the Lord.” At death, we humans simply drop off this cumbersome body and continue to move forward into eternity.

Therefore, we now understand, that it is our spirit that feels and senses everything, that aches when our heart is hurt and it is this, that continues on into eternity. Our spirit is constantly awake and aware of everything and at death, we remember the past, know what is going on right now and what awaits us in the future. How crazy is that, right? And the Bible tells us this, or do you not remember the “story not a parable” about the Rich man and Lazarus?

Can you imagine for a moment, what the people listening to Jesus were thinking, when Jesus told them that story? Jaws in the dust, for sure! “The intent of the heart” means what your spirit was thinking, NOT your brain or your beating heart in your chest! That is what is counted by our Lord and Savior, as we live here on this earth and it would be more simple to say, “The intent of our spirit”. It is either SIN or it is not! So…what have we learned thus far?

Our bodies are animated because of our spirit! God Breathed!

The sense we feel, like love and sorrow, etc., are a component of our spirit!

The “Tug of War” between God and Satan, is about our spirit, not our bodies!

Our “thinking” is of our spirit…NOT our brain!

Without the spirit…our bodies will not live!

We are already living a “spiritual life”…the “ball-n-chain” are our bodies! (While on earth.)

Our “spiritual life” is either for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ…or Satan! (YOU choose!)

All of a sudden, my life here on earth, has taken on an entirely different point of view, than what it did before, not because of this article but because of the Holy Word of God Almighty! Our “spirit” is who we truly are, not our earthly bodies, but what we think and do, while we are in these bodies here on earth, makes all the difference for our spiritual lives in eternity! That is the reason, that we believers are out there talking to everyone that will listen, about Jesus Christ who IS God Almighty!

If you go out and ask everyone who will answer, “Where would you like to go when you die? Heaven or hell?” I can safely say 95% will want heaven! Now ask those same people, “Do you know anything about Jesus Christ?” The majority will want to stop talking with you and walk away. Stop for a moment and reread the above, make a serious note of it, read your Bible and then ask yourself, “Why did they want to stop talking with you and walk away?” Do you think that maybe Satan and his demons just stepped in and made them feel uncomfortable…ya think? Wow! Now that’s deception!

To think for one moment, everyone wants to be loved and loved unconditionally, right? Everyone wants to be taken care of; no disease or hunger, whatever…and never have to worry ever again, right? Everyone wants to be happy, truly happy, everyone wants to be rich beyond comparison, yet, when you tell them they can have all of this, there’s that same old cynicism “How do I get that? What do I have to do? There ain’t no way I can have all that!”

All you have to say is the name Jesus Christ…they’ll just blow you off and walk away! That’s Satan! And in the end, if they never believe and accept Jesus Christ, they get everything they have ever been afraid of in spades and for eternity! Now THAT is crazy “spirtual thinking!” Odd isn’t it, to want it all, to know it can be just that way and then they say, “NO!”


You want to scream at them and ask them “Are you a loon-a-tick or what?”

We read our Bible and the words come to life…we see the possibilities and the promises of Jesus Christ, how could it be any better? We don’t know because we take it by FAITH, because we have a FINITE SPIRIT. We TRUST in Jesus Christ and HIS Holy Spirit assures us every hour of every day! Our job is to get people to look past their “discomfort” and listen to the Bible and accept Jesus Christ!