Given, Just for Asking – Part 2 :: by Don Twobears

Ever since man has been on this earth, there has been a war going on. Few are able to realize this war is taking place even though it is obvious to everyone, if one takes the time to view it as it truly is. It is a war between our own body and the soul and spirit inside. All of us are aware of the need for the bodies we have, though frail they are, just living on this planet shows the need for these bodies.

You think to yourself, I want to go into the kitchen and get a glass of water; your mind thinks this automatically when thirst occurs. All processes of your body, come together to allow you to rise and walk, to enter the kitchen, grab a glass and fill it with water at the sink and then drink it. Thus a necessary function for survival of this body has been accomplished, water is necessary for life.

Think for one moment, how accuracy of function by every part of your body comes together to accomplish this simple task. Comparatively, build a robot to do the exact same function and you will get an idea of how difficult it really is. Now look at all the different functions that we make every hour, that require such exacting coordination and you may be able to see how wonderfully our bodies truly are. God HAD to make this possible for us otherwise we would cease to exist, rather quickly.

As I have said before, I worked in the medical field for almost 50 years and from the Vietnam War and the advanced schools, there is not a part of the body that I have not seen. As of now, I have never gone to any part of the body, looked at it, to see anything pop up and say, “Hi…I’m the soul or spirit!” Having stated that, I understand (I did NOT say I agree with it!) why many scholars and physicians, say there is a “mind” instead of calling it what it is, our “soul or spirit.”

Because of this, many of them choose to believe there is no such thing as a “soul or spirit”. Thereby, they neither believe in God or a supreme being of any kind and hold to the idea of evolution. If they were able to understand things as we born-again Christians do, they would still not find a “soul or spirit” but…they would know the Lord and understand the soul and spirit are there…by faith.

As of today, they are able to see the smallest details of every body through genetics, DNA and RNA. They understand how the body works yet they are not able to find where the first electrical impulse comes from to animate the body, and then keep it operating. They understand the chemical responses in living tissue and yet that same first electrical impulse eludes them; they are not able to duplicate a single body and keep it working. In essence, they have never found that most important and integral part, the “On Switch”.

Back at the Bar “S” now, we know how fragile these bodies of ours really are, if not, spend an hour in an emergency room some time. A person walks in, that has damaged their body and they are bleeding, talk about revolting, the experience causes many to faint and why? Blood was meant to stay inside our bodies…NEVER…outside the body, thus the revulsion to the spectacle. The situation for the person is simple: plug the hole and stop the bleeding, otherwise her or she may die.

This is essence of an emergency. All those around them, that see this, are of the same mindset and they will shy away from the presence of blood. For most it is a harrowing thing to see! Thus we see the significance of blood and as the Bible states, it is the “Lifeline of the body.” But…never once has anyone ever seen the “soul or spirit” in the blood, right? Somehow we have been conditioned to believe it is in our head, that thing that sits on your shoulders. Are you sure of that?

If we play the guitar or the piano or any other sort of instrument, we believe that ability comes from our head, yet…science has been able to show, the ability is in our neck, just below the skull called the pons and medulla oblongetta. These are truly part of the brain, called the brain stem, yet we know this is not in our head proper. We have a spinal cord, same material as the brain, yet it is not in our head, it is in our spine and the exact same thing goes with all the nerves throughout our body. So the question is, “Why do we believe we THINK with only that which is in our head?” Why do we not point at our pinky toe when we have an idea there are brain nerves there too?

Back about 150 years ago, people that did something heinous were placed in an insane asylum and there they were subjected to some very real and horrible actions. If all treatment back then, failed, the person was given a lobotomy. This action messed up the frontal cortex of the brain and rendered the person incapable of doing anything, short of dying. So, how do we know the heinous act was conceived in the brain, between the person’s two ears? Why mess up the frontal cortex? Maybe, you’re beginning to get the idea here. Even today, everyone is missing the most important part, the one thing that makes the difference in all of us.

Jeremiah 17.9: “The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?”

I have worked in Cath labs and Electrophysiology labs since their inception, from the very beginning and I have yet to find a single heart that expresses any sort of emotion or thought process. And yet, people everywhere grab their chest when they are hurt emotionally, as if that emotion was created in their heart. So there must be something else going on here, something else must be causing us to touch parts of our body, that have nothing to do with the action that has taken place.

In reference to this strange anomaly of ours, why do we think we are able to see a ghost? Is this really possible? Are we seeing a manifestation of a person, with the appearance of a body or parts it or are we fooling ourselves? Well, ask a person that is blind. They hear a footstep or they have a smell and they are able to call us by name. Does a ghost have any smell to them or a familiar walking sound?

I would like for you to Read 1 Samuel Chapter 28, the Witch of Endor counsels King Saul. Think in terms of King Sauls eternal position with the Lord, was he or was he not saved to Jesus Christ? Now, if the spirit of Samuel “came up” then Samuel was in the grave, right? That would contradict the verse 2 Corinthians 5:8:

“We are confident, I say, and willing rather to be absent from the body, and to be present with the Lord.”

Samuel was definitely with the Lord in heaven, therefore He would not be able to “come up” from the grave as the Witch of Endor stated. The same thing goes with us, if a we see a ghost, it is a demon that has changed itself to deceive us, the Bible is truth!

So, where is our soul or spirit? Good question, right? Now…what about our dreams? Are they only a manifestation in the extension of our bodies (think brain here) or is this something our soul or spirit experiences? Are you able to perceive a distinction here, between what is the body and what is soul and spirit? Which is more important for us…the dody…or the soul and spirit?

Evidently, the body is most important if we are simply looking at living here on earth, but then we must consider the soul and spirit, if the body is to work, right? So…the “On Switch” must be of the soul and spirit! If we look in the context of the Word of God, the soul and spirit are more important, here’s a bit of reference to that end:

Matthew 10.28: “And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.”

It is then evident to all, no souls…no life of the body! Then in terms of “true life” we must notice that without a body, we are “Soul and Spirit”. We then see that “who” we “truly are” is our soul and spirit and that God is the only one that can destroy that part of us. This does nothing more than to define for us, that our soul and spirit are who we really are and that this physical body is nothing more than the extension of our soul and spirit.

Ah Oh! I sense some trouble bubbling up here. All those thoughts, all that thinking, was actually our spirit! Then why can’t we see it? It is not ours, that’s why! It belongs to God! Now that we understand this, suddenly we have a better understanding of how our bodies are the temple to the Lord. We now understand how “ALL” the commandments in the Bible apply to each of us on a personal level. Physically and spiritually they are one in the same thing, but still separate. Maybe now you understand why going to church is one thing (physically) and yet you could never know the Lord personally! We see this in a verse like:

John 15.5: “I am the vine, ye are the branches: He that abideth in me, and I in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit: for without me ye can do nothing.”

Suddenly, we see the Bible is more than just looking at our physical existence and yet the use of our bodies by us becomes more relevant, because we now see the body is to be the temple of the Lord. Now we’re in trouble! How many SINS have been committed in the body for pleasure or otherwise, and we never thought of the body and the spirit being involved together, in other words the spirit and the temple of the Lord!

How many times have we used our bodies, never once against the laws of Man, but we have decimated all the Laws of God? We used to talk about having a “finite mind,” now we know it is actually having a “finite spirit.” What does this say about all our psychological problems, you know, OCD, Bi-Polar disorder, deviant mindsets and actions? And we are going to other humans, just like you and me and thinking they can cure this? I beg to differ! These are for the Lord God Almighty to correct, not us!

Salvation…alone takes on a different color, the blood of Jesus Christ on the Cross…takes on more importance and a different color as well! We are not being saved to heaven with the bodies we have now, “We will be changed, in an instant and be ‘caught up’ with the Lord in the clouds!”

When we look at the Bible and we read, “We were made in the Image of God,” we are not talking about our physical body! God is Spirit, therefore our spirit is in HIS Image, therefore it is our spirit that we should be more concerned with, that is the part of us that will live on into eternity! Someday we all, that’s everyone ever born on this earth, will have new and “incorruptible” bodies!

So the question then is, “Where will our new body and spirit be…in heaven? Or in the depths of hell and the Lake of Fire? It is remarkable, that we are given the “free will” gift to follow Jesus Christ or not and that…in and of itself…will determine where we go eternally. New body, soul and spirit! THINK ya’ll…!!