One and Impossible :: by Daymond Duck

This article contains two lists that I sometimes present when God allows me to speak at a church or a prophecy conference. It seemed to me that some might want to read these lists.

First, here is a list of what I call “End-of-the-Age Prophecies of One thing.”

The Word of God mentions one thing that will happen and guess what?:

It is happening.

The Word of God identifies these relevant points:

One nation that will come back into being in one day—Israel (May 14, 1948).

One nation that will be divided—Israel (the two-state solution will divide  Israel).

One nation that cannot be defeated—Israel (several nations have tried and failed).

One nation that will be hated by all nations—Israel (there have been more UN resolutions against Israel than any other nation on earth).

One nation that will have trees again—Israel (it has them).

One nation that vultures will return to—Israel (they have returned).

One nation that the animals will return to—Israel (they have returned).

One nation that will have an increase in rain—Israel (it has).

One nation that will abide many days without a king and a sacrifice—Israel (it has).

One nation that will return in unbelief—Israel (the Jews have been blinded).

One nation that will have a pure language—Israel (all of the citizens are required to learn Hebrew).

One nation where the plowman will overtake the reaper—Israel (the farmers are double cropping).

One nation that will dominate the descendants of Esau—Israel (it is dominating the Palestinians).

One thing that the Gates of  hell cannot prevail against—The Church (true believers still exist).

One  that will be rebuilt—Babylon (there has been some construction, but not much).

One city that will be a cup of trembling and a burdensome stone for the whole world—Jerusalem (it is).

One gate that won’t be opened until Jesus returns—the Eastern Gate (it is closed).

One river that will dry up: the Euphrates (seven dams have been built on it).

One thing that will go all over the world—the gospel (it is, but there is more to come with the Two Witnesses, the 144,000 and an angel).

One building that will be rebuilt—the Temple (the architectural plans and materials list are complete).

One group of nations that will come back into being—the old Roman Empire (that’s the EU).

One group that will be wild—the descendants of Ishmael (and many are).

One treaty that will be signed—a covenant with the Antichrist (world leaders are working on it).

One person that cannot be revealed while the Church is here—the Antichrist (he hasn’t been revealed).

One thing that will increase—iniquity (it has).

One thing that will decrease—the love of many (it has).

Second, here is a list of things that were impossible when the particular prophecy was written, but these things are coming on the scene now.

Everyone on earth will be tracked. Man has invented eye scans, face scans, hand scans, DNA, etc to identify everyone.

Everything that is bought and sold will be tracked. Man has invented bar

codes and bar code scanners to track everything. God has the whole world using the same bar code system; companies all over the world putting standard bar codes on all of the products they make, and most of the stores on earth using the same kind of bar code scanner.

Information on everything that is bought and sold will be sent to one location. Man has invented computers and the Internet.

The whole world will see the bodies of the Two Witnesses lying in the street of Jerusalem. Man has invented electricity, rockets, satellites, TV cameras and TV sets.

Those who attack Jerusalem at the end of the Tribulation period will have their flesh, eyes and tongues melt while they stand on their feet. Man has invented nuclear bombs.

Perhaps some readers can help me add to these lists.


Prophecy Plus Ministries
Daymond & Rachel Duck