Zippidy Doo Da :: by Jim Torres

We did it! We kicked out of office a massive number of demonically influenced politicians. But wait, the “occupier” is still in power and who knows what this charlatan still has up his sleeve. He undoubtedly will continue to persecute Christians at home and ignore the Christians’ cry for help abroad. He instead will try to eradicate them and the Jewish people as well, on a worldwide scale.

True, we are striking overseas at ISIS, not ISIL. The L stands for the Levant, which encompasses Israel and is used by some to confuse the issue. But did you ever consider that there are many factions of radical Muslims, two of which are the dominant strain Shiite and Sunni’s. Their ideology is subversive and evil; if it takes a few lives to achieve their goal, then so be it.

Lying is also allowed in their religion to make inroads into the host culture; and we all know who the father of lies is. In spite of all the evidence against those in power in our country, they continue to hoodwink so-called Christian and political leaders. These uninformed zombies act as if they are dealing with honest men and women—not so. The way I understand it, the mother of all radical Muslims is the Muslim Brotherhood.

Surprisingly, the Holy Scriptures paint a clear picture of the aforementioned people. They will be wild men, wild as wild donkeys and in the later days they will even fight among themselves (Genesis 16:12).

This is actually happening even as we speak. This too, is a clear indication that prophecy is being fulfilled. Someone recently said, “Let them kill one another. That’s the best thing that could happen in the world.” The Australians and Brits are finally realizing their mistake in welcoming them into their once Christian countries.

On the other hand, as hard as it is to believe, God loves these people too. Consider, that a human father who loves his children would never disown a child no matter how bad the child turns out. Unwarranted love will usually win out. As hard as it is to understand, among these wild and violent people, God is finding some of them who are seeking Him out.

So my advice to God fearing Americans who feel that everything is going to revert back to the good old days of our once Christian nation, forget about it. Those days are over. Life here will never be the same again—now that the seeds of corruption have taken root. Not only has corruption taken root—it is thriving. A chilling incident took place recently at a university where a prominent theologian was to give a speech. The student body in attendance called out to sodomize the poor bewildered man. We live in a sick society.

Our society is sick because of apathy on the part of our spiritual and political hacks who want to be politically correct and not say anything to offend anyone. Some of them are indifferent and couldn’t care less that our country is going to you know where in a hand basket. If you’ve been a Christian for any length of time you’ve seen them even in the church, I’m sure.

Yes, these self- righteous modern day Pharisees exist yet today. They’re the guys in the upper echelon of the church, the stuffy highly educated high brows who act as if you don’t exist. They don’t seem to have an ounce of love in their bodies and won’t even acknowledge you. After all, they went to seminary. They seem to be oblivious to the state of the nation and go on with life as though they will escape judgment. To these, I say, if the shoe fits put it on and repent!

By the way, here are my latest movie picks – except for the last one.


Son of Hamas was the name of the book, the name of the movie is, The Green Prince. Why that was done is a mystery to me since the title of the bestselling book would have been instant recognition for the movie. Not only that, but with Hamas in the title it would have dominated the box office. The son of a Hamas leader becomes an Israeli informant and ends up becoming a Christian in the United States with a bounty on his head.

Then there is a new release titled, The Good Lie about a small group of Sudanese young men who walk over a thousand miles to a refugee camp. These young Christian men have been displaced by Muslim extremists and eventually end up in the U.S.

A funny thing happened last night, without anything to do, I watched theFast and Furious 6 movie. After all the crashes, fights, mayhem and foolishness, the movie ends with a picnic at which the team bows and says grace…and then the exhaustingly mindless and chaotic film finally ends!

(The first two films will soon be on DVD.)


Jim Torres “Towers”