Satan’s Temper Tantrum :: by Donna Wasson

I’m overwhelmed these days. I feel as if I’m standing in the middle of a field without a weapon, while continuously being fired upon by enemies I can’t see. I know the general direction of their hiding places and I know they mean to do me great harm, but there’s nowhere to run or hide. I’m exposed and vulnerable, and that makes me very, very angry!

So, who’s the enemy and what are they shooting? Ephesians 6:12 pretty much says it all. “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” That’s who we’re battling, but I’d still like to slap the ever-living snot out of the human beings they currently employ.

I’ve never been a big fan of temper tantrums. When I see anyone, whether adult or child, giving in to their base, immature nature and spilling the toxic sewage of their rage on the rest of us, I have an overwhelming urge to blister their fanny. And, right now, satan is throwing one hellacious temper tantrum that’s getting louder and more violent and obnoxious by the day.

He’s had approximately 6000 years or so since the fall of Adam and Eve, to rule this earth and his time is quickly running out; after all, he’s read the Bible too. He’s well aware that his playdate is about to end with a long sojourn in the Bottomless Pit and, because he’s a spoiled brat with a massive entitlement chip on his shoulder, he’s going to go out with a bang, wreaking all the havoc possible and taking as many human beings down to the pit with him.

At the moment, he’s pitching a royal fit on the floor of the cosmic grocery store, kicking and screaming, because he can’t ascend to the heights of heaven and be like the Most High. Poor baby. Quite frankly, he’s so out of control at this point that his machinations have progressed past causing alarm and terror in my heart, to inspiring a yawning boredom and disdain. If I hear about one more beheading, I’m tempted to buy a ticket to Syria, find one of those filthy camel urine drinkers (No, I’m not kidding) and stick a pencil in them!

You do realize that ISIS was created by our government, don’t you? Just like the CIA created, trained and equipped Al Qaida in the 1980’s to battle the Soviets in Afghanistan during the cold war, we have a new, improved version, courtesy of our twisted, wicked, Globalist serving government.

Remember back in 2013 when Bashar al-Assad supposedly used chemical weapons against his own people? The Occupant went into convulsions of humanitarian sympathy, announced that the United States needed to invade Syria to depose Assad as the United Nations inspectors were called in to investigate.

While this inspection was occurring, the Occupant was doing his dead-level best to persuade the American people that we needed to start yet another war against a Middle Eastern nation that posed no direct threat to us, and he didn’t need the permission of Congress to proceed either. The American people put their collective foot down with a resounding “NO!” No more of our blood and treasure would be wasted.

Besides, Russia and China had wagged their fingers in the Occupant’s face and dared him to step one toe into Syrian territory. They threatened ‘If you do, America might just go boom!’

Suddenly, the Occupant decided he might need to check in with Congress after all, knowing they wouldn’t back him, and he’d be able to back out of his pitch for war and save face at the same time. It would be all Congress’ fault for not giving him permission. That is, until the United Nations inspectors report showed it was the rebels who used the chemical weapons—not Assad. Whoops! Our bad!

The Globalist’s directive that the Occupant continue the ‘Arab Spring’ regime change in Syria would have to wait for another opportunity, so it was put on the back burner. Hmmm. What could they come up with as a reasonable excuse to bomb the patooty out of Syria and get rid of Assad? Oooo, ooooh, I got it! Let’s create a new boogeyman; one SO big and bad and scary that the American people would freak out and demand action be taken to stop it.

Introducing: ISIS.

It’s pretty much common knowledge that Ambassador Stevens was a CIA operative in Benghazi, whose mission it was to procure weapons for the Syrian ‘rebels.’ Those rebels were members of Al Qaida, who were secretly trained by the U.S. in Jordan, and supplied with weapons so they could pose as ‘freedom fighters’ in Syria in their quest to overthrow the ‘oppressive Assad regime.’

They were more than happy to learn the best of America’s combat secrets, as well as receive billions of our tax dollars in backing and weaponry. Heck yeah, they’d take it! They’re not stupid—they just seem to avoid bathing.

Some of the ‘freedom fighters’ apparently got tired of fighting Assad’s forces, set up shop inside Syria where they knew Russia and China would have their back and under the leadership of the ever charming Abu Bakr al Baghdadi, decided to take it upon themselves to establish a Middle Eastern caliphate. In other words, the Frankenstein-monster freedom fighters the U.S. government created are now out of control, and cutting a bloody swath across Iraq and Syria.

So, only one year after the Occupant pulled all troops out of Iraq, against the advice of his military advisors, ISIS has conquered almost every major city our nation fought to free from Saddam Hussein. America spent 10 years in Iraq. We lost 4,500 precious men and women, had 32,000 wounded, some severely, and spent 3 trillion dollars of our treasure. Great. Isn’t that special.

When ISIS reared its ugly head in Iraq, the Iraqi army we spent the last several years arming and training to take over the security of their own country, screamed like little French girls, threw down the weapons, tanks, personnel carriers, etc., we left behind for their use, and ran for the hills, giving ISIS state-of-the-art American equipment to use against anyone who looks at them funny.

Again, the ISIS monster is not minding its creator. They have their own agenda which must be stopped, and soon! Russia and China are still wagging their finger, warning the U.S. against invading or even bombing inside Syria for any reason. So…what’s the plan, Mr. Occupant? What’s that? We’re going to conduct airstrikes inside Syria anyway?

Airstrikes which ISIS can scatter and hide from? Airstrikes which are all but useless according to our military leaders? Airstrikes which might just hack off Russia and China enough to lob a few nukes our way? Our current and retired military leaders are all over the talking head shows, pointing out the obvious: ISIS cannot be stopped by airstrikes alone. Oh, but the Occupant has promised that America will NOT have boots on the ground in the fight against these horrible people.

And if we like our doctor, we can keep our doctor.

Now, Congress has just approved giving $500 million MORE of our tax dollars to train and equip “moderate Syrian rebels” to fight ISIS on the ground. OK, so let me get this straight. We’re gonna give more money, training and weapons to Syrian rebels so they can fight former Syrian rebels? The same “moderate Syrian rebels” who just signed a non-aggression pact with ISIS? The “moderate Syrian rebels” who will most likely join the very ISIS that we’re trusting them to fight?

Am I missing something? Who’s the President of the United States? Forrest Gump? After all, “Stupid is as stupid does.”

I think it’s time I change the Occupant’s name to “Obomb-ya,” because he apparently thinks that’s the answer to everything. Hey, we have to use those drones for something! And, don’t forget he boasted that he’s very good at killing people. Unless, of course, he’s on the golf course. I’m so proud to be an American. Aren’t you?

I’ll address the nightmare that is ISIS in part 2 of Satan’s Temper Tantrum. By the way, are you saved? I highly advise you get right with the Lord because the U.S. government created Frankenstein plans to come to America. God promises tomorrow to no man. Think about it.