It’s the Time When Wannabes Swarm :: by Gene Lawley

Back in the old days, the days of David, king of Israel, this time of the year was the time kings go out to battle (1 Chronicles 20:1).  (But David stayed in Jerusalem that year, and got into trouble for it!) Thus comes the warning from Peter: “Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour” (1 Peter 5:8).

In these days the “Wannabes” are swarming, and it bears upon believers in Christ to be wary of those glorious plans we are told will be for the benefit of the American people. Most will agree that the beneficial results of the “swarming” of the last few years have not been to the benefit of anyone but the agendas of the “beekeepers.”

When I was a kid years ago, I was over at my grandparents’ farm one summer day when my Uncle Frank, who worked the farmland, showed up for lunch-time a bit earlier than normal. He was all disheveled, his straw hat in tatters. “What happened to you?” was the abrupt question. He said, “I was plowing and turned over a nest of bumblebees and had to fight them off!”

Those days were before any tractors were found on a small homestead, and he was plowing behind a team of horses. The plow was between him and the horses, so when it hit the bumblebee nest, they swarmed toward him and the horses, stinging them and him while the frightened horses pulled the plow and  him through the disturbed nest and very mad bumblebees!

Some of these “Wannabes” now coming out in this season may be like those bumblebees who did not like it when their agenda was interrupted and exposed.

There are at least three “Wannabes” on the left side of the political arena whose agendas may not be as beneficial to the American people as some would like the people to think:

·         Hillary Clinton – Wannabe president;

·         John Kerry – Wannabe Nobel Peace Prize winner;

·         Barack Obama – Wannabe dictator.

There may be others, now or later, and who knows what shadowy promotion and deal-making will shape up in those back rooms of the global elite who play both sides of the political field. We can review some of the potential agendas of these, however.Mrs. Clinton is gearing up, and has been for some time, to be the first woman president of the United States, and it does not appear that it makes a lot of difference how she gets there. Their track record—the Clinton one that is hand-in-glove with the tactics of the left—works on the premise that the end justifies the means.

With the question Jeremiah asked (Jeremiah 13:23) lingering in our minds, “Can a leopard change its spots?,” we can look at her roots of political philosophy and find some interesting revelations. Like Obama, Hillary Rodham Clinton was steeped in the philosophies of one Saul Alinsky in the 1960s and 1970s. Alinsky, who died in 1972, came to America from Russia in the early 1930s and settled in Chicago. He wrote two books, Rules for Radicals and  Reveille for Radicals.

Alinsky’s dedication for the first one is worth noting for its subject and what it tells of his own roots of mindset, as well as what his teachings were all about:

Lest we forget at least an over-the-shoulder acknowledgment to the very first radical: from all our legends, mythology, and history… the first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom — Lucifer.

Clinton—Hillary Rodham—wrote her Political Science class term paper in 1969 that she titled, “There Is Only the Fight….” (An analysis of the Alinsky Model). You can find links to much information on the Alinsky influence on both Clinton and Obama at this endnote: [1]

Clinton’s title seems to say that Alinsky has laid out the model for revolution (the modus operandi of radicals) and all that is left is to fight for its emplacement. Given the content of his book’s dedication, that model does not bode well for those who lean to righteousness and godliness. Or, maybe it does not bode well for those who will subscribe to her leadership when the sovereign God of the universe steps into the ring. It is still too early to assay her efforts, however.

In another arena, John Kerry, whom Rush Limbaugh often reminds us, “also served in Viet Nam,” still smarts from undesirable stories of that era of his life, of how he got his Purple Heart medal and other incidents. The urge to gain that Nobel Peace Prize, seemingly at any cost, may have a price tag that America cannot pay and survive. One fully committed cohort in the cause, though, is the president, Barack Obama.

The president seems to be fully committed, also, to the principle that the end justifies the means, as all radical leftists tend to embrace. He seems to be playing both ends toward the middle, however, in that he is to lead the United States into a New World Order for the purposes of the global elite, but on the other hand, he is a dedicated Muslim who would do all he can to establish an Islamic world order.

Of course, he doesn’t know this, but that cannot happen, according to God’s foretelling of end-time events. The beast of seven heads that John sees (Revelation 13) will, in the form of its seventh head, the restored Roman Empire, become the One World Government. Then, it will be a front for the Antichrist until the time when he is indwelt by Satan and steps forward to become the eighth head, the lone ruler of the world (Revelation 17).

But to continue on Obama’s divided loyalties, why did the president send Secretaries Hagel and Kerry to Egypt after the military coup there to try to get the coup leaders to allow the Muslim Brotherhood to have a part in the new government? The coup came about in order to rid the nation of that faction.

Why the subtle movement to get rid of those dictators of small Muslim countries such as Libya and Tunisia? For the same reason there cannot be any independently sovereign nations if there is to be a One World Government…or a One World Islamic State, in Obama’s dreams.

John Kerry may get his longed-for Nobel Peace Prize, but it is of a certainty if Obama gets his targeted goal—president of the world—Hillary Clinton will not get her desires fulfilled. No one wants to mention that semi-secret meeting she and Obama had at her place in New York in late summer of 2008.

She had seemed to be winning over him in her campaign for the Democratic nomination, yet they came out of that meeting with her shutting down in favor of his nomination and to her, a promise of Secretary of State in his administration. It was not her time, and I predict it will never be, for his puppeteers have their sights set for a New World Order that will spring out of the restored Roman Empire, and not of any Islamic heritage.